Mobile Broadband, just £5.11 a month for 500mb, 30 day contract @ O2

Mobile Broadband, just £5.11 a month for 500mb, 30 day contract @ O2

Found 22nd Jan 2011
a nice cheap monthly contract that is only a 30 day rolling contract, considering some charge £2 a day this is just £5 a month.
It of course is at the lower end of 500mb a month, but that is plenty for lite users.
one off cost of £10.20 to buy the dongle, choice of either black or white.


not a bad price considering you can buy the dongle for a tenner. I already had a spare dongle and bought one the three sim cards that is 3gb over 3mths (£2.60 for 1gb a mth), £7.80 from well known auction site.

was the t-mobile the one that is cheap on argos outlet

i thought of this option for the 3 offer

number sites offer to unlock this or advise how to do if want to try

Seems quite expensive for what amounts to an average of only 30 minutes web surfing a day (i.e. 36.5p per hour). However £10.20 for the dongle is a good price, it's just a shame it's locked to O2.

As already said if you can find a cheap '3' dongle then it is much better value to use PAYG SIMs of eBay. I've bought several now which are working out to be 7p per hour of web surfing.

For power-browsing and heavy downloading nothing currently beats a vodafone payg phone sim in a dongle. It costs £1 per day but I use it to download 16+ GIGABYTES of bittorrent data per DAY. Very good value for power users away from home. Until recently it was only 50p per day but £1 is still amazing value for this volume of daily data.

I've got a t mobile dongle which,when the 'limit' has been reached,still allows unlimited downloads at times which suit me,and if I remember correctly costs £15 a month,so around 50p a day. When you reach the limit on o2 they stop you altogether and you have to top up again,hence a cold vote for 02.
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