Mobile Broadband & Sim Only Offer, Upgrading Customer.

Mobile Broadband & Sim Only Offer, Upgrading Customer.

Found 11th Sep 2009
Vodafone were doing this offer in store the other day when I upgraded my phone, apparently it is available to existing customers.

I was offered mobile broadband stick 1GB for £7.50pm and 3GB for £9.99 a month 18 mnths. I was also offered a sim only only price plan £10 100 min & 500 text or £15 300 min & unlimited text with the first 2 months free.

Hot if you need any of these I think


Got a one meg per month with virgin for a fiver, only 12 month contract as well. Not sure this is a good offer. Its about time people became wise to 18 month contracts, it is a long time and soon it will be 2 years then 3. should only be 12 months, a lot can happen during the length of 18 month contracts.


SIm £10 on 3 = 100 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited 3-to-3 calls, free msn, free skype, free voicemail
Best 3g coverage in the uk.

OP,i just got my son a W595 on the £10 plan you mention this week - with £90 Quidco already tracked.That one & the £15 plan you mention are not upgrades - they are standard deals on the site - available to everyone.
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