Mobile Computer Magazine - three issues free, no card necessary
Mobile Computer Magazine - three issues free, no card necessary

Mobile Computer Magazine - three issues free, no card necessary

Not one of those 'sign up and first issues free' jobbies, but genuine no commitment deal - just give them the address and they'll mail you the next three issues, even postage is free. The three qualifying questions are pretty simple:
Do you plan to use a laptop for work in next 12 months,
Do you have any say in which laptop is bought,
What month of the year were you born in(!?)

Limited availibility, just use the form on the link and away ya go! (If I've screwed up at all, be kind - its my first deal submitted here )


Many thanks for the re-post travellers!

Thanks for your first deal post It's quite a good magazine and even better for free ;-)

Hmmm free

Signed up - lets see how it goes.


i posted this a couple of days ago … i posted this a couple of days ago ???]http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58367

The links seem to have slightly different codes at the end... so I wonder should we leave this one... ?

Looks interesting, I hope I get them.

thanks :thumbsup:

Nice one!! Just ordered mine. Voted hot. :thumbsup:

Received my first issue today
Three £2.20 mags for free is a great deal. Thanks.

Recieved my first issue today too - good deal .voted hot and the same for the curry offer .

[SIZE=2]Mine also arrived today. Looks good.[/SIZE]

Recieved mine today, looks like a good read :thumbsup:


Recieved mine today too

Thanks poster

Got mine today too....thanks OP!!

Cheers OP :thumbsup:

Arrived today, 'tis a good read.

mine arrived today. nice mag i like that laptop with weird moving screen.

Thanks! Mine arrived yesterday and yes it is a good mag!

recieved mine yesterday. cheers :-D

Got mine yesterday, fantastic freebie!


:thumbsup: Cheers ]travellers, HOT!!

Thanks for that

I've now had email confirmation of FREE subscription until December 2008!! This is a decent mag and what a deal for a full free subscription!!


just ordered my copies - Just have to wait and see

Many :whistling: thanks

2nd Free Issue came this morning. :thumbsup: :-D

we are new to hukd. just registered. thanks for this offer, received our 2nd free issue this morning. great magazine, even better for free, we will try our best to post any hot deals if we manage to see one first !:thumbsup:

This has been the best freebie I have ever signed up for, signed up the day this was posted, and I have got every issue ever since! Just checked my account online for this and it says:

The last order was for a complimentary subscription on 02/04/2007.
Next Payment Due/Subscription Ends 02/12/2008

Brilliant! :santa: :santa: :thumbsup:

Thanks - Just ordered. Hot !

Fantastic magazine, i have really been enjoying reading it. Better than a lot of the more expensive computer magazines imo.

Just ordered mine... hope it comes, thanks!

:-(must have filled the form in at least 4 times over the past few months but never recieved a copy, but i will keep trying;-)
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