Mobile Cybersecurity Awareness - free @ Udemy

Mobile Cybersecurity Awareness - free @ Udemy

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Mobile Cybersecurity Awareness - free @ Udemy
Posted 29th May 2021
Bit of a common sense tutorial this one but worth sharing and please feel free to add your own tips in the comments.

Mobile Cybersecurity Awarenes
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Learn How to Prevent Data Breaches, Identity Theft and Fraud via Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets

What you will learn
  • Lesser known data security risks of free apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, paid apps and mobile malware
  • The riskiest class of metadata you should know about when it comes to mobile security
  • Safest way to access public wireless internet hotspots via laptop, iPhone or Android devices
  • How to use multi-factor authentication to prevent hackers from hijacking your Facebook, Twitter and Google
  • Best practices for safely disposing of handheld other mobile data storage devices
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