Mobile Internet with '3' 30 day contract 15gb for £15

Mobile Internet with '3' 30 day contract 15gb for £15

Found 26th Oct 2010
'3' are doing 30 day contracts £15 for 5gb of downloads on a 30 day contract. I bought this last month and phoned up asking them if I could extend the usage if I pay extra. They told me they are allowed to give me an extra 10gb for free per month. So basically now I have the same deal as I would if I was on a 2 year contract. £15 for 15gb and no long contract.!!!


seems like a good deal but i had a poor experience with signal problems and two broken dongles on 3
might of been unlucky though .

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I guess it depends on the area. Ive never had a problem yet and Im downloading at around 3mbps. Even so this is far the best deal without a long contract.

Signal downstairs not great for me but a three sim in a mifi unit upstairs is perfect for whole house, the three new mifi unit really is excellent.

i had a problem cancellin my order, they 1st tricked me delayed my 14day peace of mind guarantee, because i wanted to cancel. then they tried charging me money for not using it.. took a month n half to finally wave off all the charges and finally cancel the package. Crap customer serivce, jus t like orange

I just contacted 3 and asked if I could extend my useage but all they would offer me was a £10 voucher. How did you manage to egt yours extended.

iv only just joined so i doubt they'll give me anything but i'll try next month
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