Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Deathscythe) - Volume 4 (3 DVD Boxset) £2.85 (or £1.85 with voucher) @ The Hut

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (Deathscythe) - Volume 4 (3 DVD Boxset) £2.85 (or £1.85 with voucher) @ The Hut

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Found 28th Jan 2010
Despite Heero and Quatre in the Sanc Kingdom helping Relena promote her goals of pacifism, the pressures are too much and it looks like the Romefeller foundation is going to win. But there are now many forces moving against them. Duo continues his lonely fight in space, and Zechs once again steps onto the battlefield. The Trieze faction gets a helping hand from a surprising source, and Treize is now ready to unveil his masterwork: the Gundam Epyon. Equipped with the same Zero system as the Wing Zero, it is even more powerful. And the pilot is...

Episodes include:
The Glass Kingdom
The God Of Death Meets Zero
The Lonely Battlefield
And Its Name Is Epyon
The Return Of Wufei

The Sundown of a Dream
Relena's hopes for world peace seem to be at an end as the Romefeller Foundation launches the final attack against her homeland. To prevent more senseless violence, Relena surrenders to the Romefeller Foundation and is given a surprising choice. Meanwhile, a new player enters the stage as a group of rebel colony citizens calling themselves the White Fang begins attacking Oz bases. The Gundam pilots are scattered, Relena is working for the Romefeller Foundation. What else can go wrong?

Episodes include:
Sanc Kingdom's Collapse
Zero Vs Epyon
The Birth Of Queen Relena
Trowa's Return To The Battlefield
A New Leader


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