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ASDA PAYG (EE) boost data bundles AND double data promotion 28th May until 28th August
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
ASDA PAYG (EE) boost data bundles AND double data promotion 28th May until 28th August
ASDA today announce more data in bundles And from today 23rd June a double data promo: Pay by a reoccurri… Read more

Do they do retention deals


Makes a good roaming sim for the holidays!


Maybe they are trying to compete with giffgaff's new bundles. Good for anyone who uses Asda Mobile.

Samsung Galaxy J3 white at Asda instore £60 on Asda (Unlocked)
LocalLocalFound 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Been into asda and found they have the Samsung Galaxy J3 16 in white for just £60. On Asda network so Unlocked to all networks. No Top up needed

I’ve got the 2017 J3 & it’s a lovely job


Checked in my local today... only had £129.99 one there :(


Milton Keynes, but you need to check for white ones as black are still 129.99


£129.99 full price at Asda Clydebank


which store

Nokia 130 reduced from £15 to £7.50 at Asda instore
LocalLocalFound 20th Dec 2017Found 20th Dec 2017
Nokia 130 reduced from £15 to £7.50 at Asda instore
Spotted a shelf full of these at ASDA Armadale going for £7.50 instead of £15. Good little back up or emergency phone, or those less tech-savvy. Might be store specific, but worth … Read more
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@petersanchez27 Thank you for posting - I managed to get the last two at this very store as its local. Although I think that means the deal is now expired!


Got an old Nokia that i have kept as a back up when i go cycling or people from abroad comes to visit and wants to keep in touch while they visit London, the battery last about 10 days, the signal is always strong not matter what, the ringtone is as loud as a fire engine. Can't beat them


It could still be that one 'locked' phone will work, while another will not. Very frustrating though, like when Asda moved from Voda to EE & told folk your handset may stop accepting our SIM, even if you bought it from us (limited cases; they must have sold a few Voda locked phones)!!! You have the added insult that VM didn't even tell you (maybe didn't know).


Virgin have now split from EE for their billing, now just use EE for signal. Now Virgin have introduced their Upgraded sims, these will NOT work on any EE locked handset. They must be fully unlocked to be able to use them. I've had two weeks of them talking utter rubbish, then finally admitted this was the case. Supposedly are unlocking my iphone on them because they understand this is going to be a big problem. I'm sick to the back teeth of their utter bull that comes out of their operators mouths. It's going to effect an awful lot of people who are using EE locked phones that would usually be compatable. Be aware that if they offer you a newer sim, you may have the same issues. They don't appear give one ... Last night they put the phone down 3 times, So rang back with gritted teeth.


That is not actually true. Generally an Asda SIM will work in an EE phone, but not the other way around. That said there are 4 lock types - the phone can be locked down to a specific SIM card if the manufacturer desires (I have never heard of this actually being used). Some phones are locked to a specific network (i.e. EE & an ASDA sim will not work). NCK & SPK I seem to recall are two of the names (Network Lock & Service Provider Lock) IIRC - you may wish to google it. I do agree best to check in store. EDIT: See

12GB DATA (1st month only then 2GB), unltd mins & texts - ASDA MOBILE £10/month
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
12GB DATA (1st month only then 2GB), unltd mins & texts - ASDA MOBILE £10/month
Runs on EE network & 30-day sim only deal. After first month, it's 2GB.
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because it was already posted by someone else and i made the mistake of assuming it was 12GB every month...can't delete it so expired it


Why has this expired its still valid till the 9th Jan?


No problem. Asda should be looking for customers for longterm not one off month deals, who's going to stop with this sort of deal after they finish, surely in the interest of Asda better long term deals with 12 month contracts would be better, look at Tesco's deals far more appetizing.


Thanks, that's a lot fairer. Though, in the real world, doubt it would actually tempt anyone to transfer their number and use them as a long-term PAYG provider. (3, O2, and even TPO if you never need their abysmal CS, are far better options, as long as you have the coverage) Hang on to the SIM after it expires though; they reactivated the one I'd kept over from last year's offer without any difficulty.


"Scam" may have been the wrong word to use, Sales "gimmick" yes.

Asda 30 day mobile bundle - £10 instore - Romford
Found 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
Asda 30 day mobile bundle - £10 instore - Romford
Asda 30 day mobile bundle. Just saw it advertised in Romford branch
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is it just a one-off bundle or if I sign up its a continuous thing? also what network do Asda run on? many thanks. Nevermind its just one month


Plusnet have an offer for a tenner for 6.5gb at the mo. Might be worth checking if they do a higher usage tariff?


Just checked, and it was 20gb for a tenner last year, so does that mean they will do an increased offer nearer 25th, or is this the reduced limit due to inflation or something ? Will be keeping an eye on it, but am happy with giffgaff for now, £20 for 9gb but after that it's reduced speed so can continue to use it for full 30 days, and often use around 30gb so not worth me moving to asda yet.



This ends on the 9th january. As posted here

12GB Data - Unlimited Minutes - Unlimited texts - 30 day Xmas bundle -  £10 - Valid for period 1st November - 9th January @ Asda Mobile
Found 31st Oct 2017Found 31st Oct 2017
12GB Data - Unlimited Minutes - Unlimited texts - 30 day Xmas bundle - £10 - Valid for period 1st November - 9th January @ Asda Mobile
New seasonal offer - 12GB data, unlimited minutes and texts for £10 (30 day bundle). Offer is valid 1st November to 9th January , so would suit someone looking for a disposab… Read more
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Hmm well I did vote hot but since seeing this hidden in the pull down I wouldn't have done, I know its good for a short period but rubbish after. "*Please note the £10 bundle with 12GB is our festive bundle and is a promotional bundle for everyone, this cannot be auto-renewed. To get this bundle text 'FESTIVE' to 2732."


CS has confirmed to me you can activate right up to 8th January (assuming you've loaded up another £10, of course, and any previous one's expired or you have a new, empty SIM) and still receive the full advertised allowance, so in effect the deal can last until 7th February.


No Asda Sims in Asda store, they day they ran out. Ordered by email. As I understand it, the date runs from when you activste with the bundle after putting £10 credit on it.


The deal is you get the offer for 1 month from date of purchase .


2 questions; 1. Does Asda mobile support visual voicemail under EE? 2. Does the network icon display as EE or Asda? I don’t know why but I don’t want to see bloody Asda at the top of my screen 😁

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New PAYG 30 day bundles from as little as £5 at Asda Mobile
LocalLocalFound 8th Jul 2017Found 8th Jul 2017
New PAYG 30 day bundles from as little as £5 at Asda Mobile
Pay As You Go, No contract or credit checks required. 48 European destinations no roaming charges. 4G network powered by EE. You can pick up a free SIM from the Handsworth ASDA She… Read more
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​How do you top up with the sim? I mean it's a data sim and not the "3,2,1" I have one in an old handset that is used for a satnav. Did the whole online chat thing with customer service saying how I wanted to top up and use the 3,2,1tarrif and they said I had the wrong sim as it was a data sim that I had.


I pay £5 for unlimited mins text and 12gb data I've been with orange for 14 years


I've been on and signed my dad upto the ID package for £5 /month, 30 day rolling contract, excellent service, 1.5gb data, 500mins and 5000 texts.


I didn't think it was possible for the signal to actually get worse!!


I'm with asda payg and so are my family speeds are the best I've had ..up to 16mbps download on 3g ..I've been with Vodafone , o2, Tesco and 3 and asda beat them all ..Benn with asda for near a year and coverage not a problem ..N.Ireland

Lumia 550 vodafone £4 instore @ Asda
LocalLocalFound 3rd Jul 2017Found 3rd Jul 2017
Lumia 550 vodafone £4 instore @ Asda
I work at asda and just purchased one of these. I'm not sure whether the price is network specific . in store only
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Any pics of you carrying the TV on your bike? ;)


Tell that to my Asda haul this past few weeks. £239 4k TV, a bunch of £17 hard drives, £5 blu ray player, over £100 worth of Lego at 75% off, a pile of games at less than half their trade-in value, headphones, razors, flash drives, stationery... For the effort of 3 minutes extra on my bike going there instead of Morrisons.


Actually Rubisco, I completed my PhD in retail psychology and as part of this research I determined that there was a 76% correlation between geese deals (i.e instore deals ostensibly confined to one store) being voted hot and those who play the lottery. But only a 21% correlation against those who don't. Now if you think playing the lottery is a useful way to spend £2 I rest my case... My personal opinion is that the "basement dweller" attitude makes far more sense from a risk(effort)/reward perspective.


Actually, in the old old days members used to appreciate these type of posts. The basement-dwellers posting geese images because they preferred the instant gratification of getting 5% off online to getting off their backsides for real deals came later.


​wrong quote lol

3 Three Mobile Wifi Dongle 1GB £4 instore @ Asda (Liverpool)
LocalLocalFound 23rd May 2017Found 23rd May 2017
3 Three Mobile Wifi Dongle 1GB £4 instore @ Asda (Liverpool)
Was in the clearance section with 1gb data sim aswell shows down from £14 but think its around £30 liverpool Brook road asda think its great value for £4
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21 mbps as it says in the box


Bear in mind they are the older 3G standard not 4G, so speed will be somewhat limited.


its all about grabbing if its there, there could be more,


So you've posted a deal knowing that there is no stock, Very helpful


yes, breck road

Mobile phones at asda instore from £2
LocalLocalFound 16th May 2017Found 16th May 2017
Mobile phones at asda instore from £2
I know it started yesterday and many of you couldn't find anything. but is still worth to check your local asdas. Today in my local it was aloods of mobiles from £2
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​hiya sorry to bother you however are you up for selling me one of the £6 ones for my father in law atal? thank you in advance xx


​hiya sorry to bother you however did u buy them all? if so would u look at selling one for the father in law atal? he lost his yesterday. thanks x


hi guys is anyone on here selling any of the phones they have? just my missus father lost his phone on the bus yesterday on his way to his other daughters. however he cannot work aw the up to date phones and just prefers a simple one with a camera. so anyone able to offer me any of there's for a fab price please? thank you all in advance xx


Which stores have these been picked up from? Can anyone confirm I there is anything in Dunstable?


Just picked up 2 x lg Leon £21 each 3 x smart 6 vodaphone £6 each Cheers op!

ASDA Mobile - Free Additional 2GB Data Monthly With Any Bundle From £5
Found 15th May 2017Found 15th May 2017
ASDA Mobile - Free Additional 2GB Data Monthly With Any Bundle From £5
To celebrate 4G coming to Asda Mobile, they are giving an additional 2GB data each month on any 30-day SIM bundle, starting at £5 per month. Must sign up by 27th June.
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It is actually for two months. You can sign up now and get a month, then pay again before June 27 and get another month.


you are a bit late with this...


ADSA's got 4G data at last! Bless.


Thanks thought it was too good to be true


After the 27th June the offer ends and you will not get anymore free data so basically if you join now it's for a month only.

Vodafone smart mini 7 and smart first 7 £25 @ Asda instore
LocalLocalFound 18th Apr 2017Found 18th Apr 2017
Vodafone smart mini 7 and smart first 7 £25 @ Asda instore
Cheap little spare phone in asda the Vodafone smart mini 7 £25 from £35 and the Vodafone smart first 7 £17 from £20 seems decent to keep as a spare

Cheaper instore at Sainsburys .... Smart Mini £24 / Smart First £15


it is online as well:


The screen resolution is very poor on the smart mini to the point it was hurting my eyes to use it. Fortunately, I only needed it whilst my phone was in for repair.


wich branch

Huawei P8 Lite on Voda down to £80 @ Asda Instore
LocalLocalFound 11th Apr 2017Found 11th Apr 2017
Huawei P8 Lite on Voda down to £80 @ Asda Instore
Asda has a number of reduced phones in stock, best I saw was the Huawei P8 Lite reduced to £80 on voda and lumia 550 down to £40

Very slow 35k antutu.Cold


For £80 this is a decent phone for a non techie person. I had this phone for about 15 months and it served me well. Nippy little thing and good looking phone. Screen is not the brightest but it's perfectly fine - 720 resolution is more than good enough for a 5 inch phone screen in my opinion.


£120 in Asda Chandlers Ford, waste of a trip that was!


its the old version not the 2017 version..


Which phone would you recommend plz? Not a p9 lite?

Asda mobile 4G launched, 2GB data with all 30 day bundles - Cheapest 30 day bundle is £5
Found 3rd Apr 2017Found 3rd Apr 2017
Asda mobile 4G launched, 2GB data with all 30 day bundles - Cheapest 30 day bundle is £5
Asda mobile just launched 4G and to celebrate the launch they're giving away 2GB of data with every 30 day bundle purchased until 27th June. To redeem simply apply a bundle  to yo… Read more

Pain in the Ass. They keep sending text remining me of phone credit. Three times day one. One just after midnight. Then next day three times in one hour. They say they cant turn them off they are automatic. This is just harrasment.


may be better to go with delight same network "EE" slightly less data but i use wifi as so many stores offer free wifi, and my home phone is BT so get access to their wifi (bit patchy) I haven't tried this service but looking around for a good deal. and £15 for unlimited calls texts, and 4GB of data looks quite good


From the website * Talk and text only bundles and data only bundles excluded. The extra data lasts 30 days from purchase of the bundle. This can be recurring until 27th June 2017 when the offer will end.


So, for anyone who takes this before June - the extra data ends come June? I originally read it that you would keep the extra data indefinitely as long as you took it out before June. Help! <3


Moved to PlusNet 2 months ago on the £5 1gb 250mins 500text deal. No issues. Number ported from O2 without any problems on the day specified in their email. Kept up to date throughout process from buying the sim, to when the sim was despatch, to when the sim would be activated, to having the number ported. Was really impressed with them. Customer service was brilliant when I rang to have the cap limited to just £2 as it's my son's phone. Can't recommend them enough.

Sim Free Phones - Reductions at Asda Phone Shops (Stock Dependant)
LocalLocalFound 1st Mar 2017Found 1st Mar 2017
Sim Free Phones - Reductions at Asda Phone Shops (Stock Dependant)
ASDA Phone Shop @ Minworth have sim free reductions!! Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) - £159.00 Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) - £189.00 iPhone 5s (*Certified pre-owned, with 1 year apple w… Read more

Thank you


A3 gold or white brand new: samsung


my locals are colindale park royal wembkey


It is only the ASDA Phone Shop's that have these.. where is local to you? I will try to assist..


Where can you get an A5 for £189 online?​

EE Nokia 108 Black PAYG Phone £5 at ASDA
LocalLocalFound 5th Feb 2017Found 5th Feb 2017
EE Nokia 108 Black PAYG Phone £5 at ASDA
Great backup phone. About 20 on the shelf at ASDA Living in Leeds.

£10 at my local asda in Farnworth, Bolton


Cant replace something it it fails to exsist.. world full of dummies Get a Life: Cant replace something it it fails to exsist.. world full of dummies


find me a big provider that doesn't have people complaining about customer service! they're all fairly bad, although Vodafone sticks out as a notoriously bad one. I've had a decent experience with Three so far, but then again i hear complaints about them too.


Same here - seemed to be when they did the EE thing and broke the 2G and 3G networks while rushing for 4G. I've been with Vodafone since and no real complaints.


Good deal .... CeX Buy for cash £10.00 or Buy for voucher £14.00

Asda Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 £112.50 instore
Found 19th Jan 2017Found 19th Jan 2017
Asda Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 £112.50 instore
Reduced from £130. Good price point to consider this handset. Had plenty in stock at Straiton store Edinburgh at time of posting.
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​Marshmallow for smart ultra 6 released last week


Same price in argos


Bought one last week and unlocked on eBay for £1. Code came through within approx 20 mins and worked without issue. Unbeatable for the price. Also have Moto G4 in household but the Smart Ultra 7 has NFC for Android Pay so just edges it (for me at least).


​i wouldn't hold your breath. one of the reasons I'd think twice about getting another smart ultra, they say it will, but nothing official ever comes...


​Is it not obsolete now?

Doro phone easy - asda- no top up - in store for £14.99
LocalLocalFound 13th Jan 2017Found 13th Jan 2017
Doro phone easy - asda- no top up - in store for £14.99
Seems good
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What is the cheapest mobile phone that uses Asda sim card Stockport area


​in store I found it.. hence the "in store" in title....:-S


If it's instore it'll more than likely be store specific so helps if you mention which ASDA you've seen this deal.


Cannot find this deal on Asda website

Pixie - Alcatel - asda - in store - no top up - £14.99
Found 13th Jan 2017Found 13th Jan 2017
Pixie - Alcatel - asda - in store - no top up - £14.99
Seems good
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Sorry was a while ago. It was £29 from o2 at one point. Think the Pixi 3 was £40 at the time.


£29 from where mate ?


I've become a bit of a fan of cheap smartphones with UK warranties from brands like LG lateley. Bought an LG Leon and been quite impressed by it. Very well built device, has NFC. The only downside is 8GB storage is so little these days. You can put up with 1GB of ram fine though I find, as long as the CPU is okay. It's just got me questioning why i'd really want to buy some Chinese knock off when the LG I got only cost £29 and seems to do the job.


Nice thanks, but was late for LG G2 its out of stock !!!


What a great price!

Alcatel pixie 3 - asda - 19.99 - no top up
Found 13th Jan 2017Found 13th Jan 2017
Alcatel pixie 3 - asda - 19.99 - no top up
Seems good
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Cold can't find this deal


Link does not go to deal