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TalkTalk mobile retention deal: 4GB Data, 950 mins, Unlimited Texts £7.75 / 12 mths
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Posted 1st Mar 2017Posted 1st Mar 2017
TalkTalk mobile retention deal: 4GB Data, 950 mins, Unlimited Texts £7.75 / 12 mths£93
I was going to move from TalkTalk to Talk Mobile as they have some very good deals. When I requested the PAC and quoted Talk Mobile I was offered 4GB Data, 950 mins and unlimited t… Read more

And still voda lol they keep banging on about o2 but o2 4g isn't quick! Don't know why they don't pay extra and get voda 4g even plusnet and virgin are 4g


No they are not 4G yet.


Are TalkTalk 4G data yet?


​But it's a crap network.... that's the trade off


That's a wicked deal

Huawei P8 Lite Black | Talk talk Huawei p9 lite half price line rental 6 months and double data - £262.50 @ TalkTalk Mobile
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Posted 22nd Oct 2016Posted 22nd Oct 2016
Huawei P8 Lite Black | Talk talk Huawei p9 lite half price line rental 6 months and double data - £262.50 @ TalkTalk Mobile£262.50
Small plan   Was £12.50 £6.25  per month for 6 months 300 minutes250 texts 300MB data Built-in savings features 24 month contract Medium plan   Was £15 £7.50  per month f… Read more
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​Sorry, my bad. Was searching p9 lite and this came up, but is actually the P8 Lite


where is the p9 lite?

TalkTalk Mobile Sim Only 2GB, 700mins, unlimited text £93 12m £3.59pm after quidco - existing customers only
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Posted 2nd Sep 2016Posted 2nd Sep 2016
TalkTalk Mobile Sim Only 2GB, 700mins, unlimited text £93 12m £3.59pm after quidco - existing customers only£93
TalkTalk are offering half price on 12 month Sim only contracts. 2GB, 700mins, unlimited text for £7.75 pm. Quidco are giving £50 cashback. Net cost is £3.59pm. not bad in my o… Read more

just talkmobile is carphones warehouse brand and its not same to talk talk mobile :)


DO NOT BUY FROM TALK Mobile...they will easily sign you up but make it impossible to leave. The company is a joke and about time it went bust! my experience: had a sim only deal and vroadband with them, when I wanted to leave them, I did the thing everyone does, call customer service! upon calling them, I was told to send an email to to let them know I want to leave with all the relevant details... did that... no reply for 2 weeks. called them again, told the same ****... had to escalate the process and scream on the phone... I mean ryanair gives better customer service! Speaking to a manager and I got my PAC code in a matter of minutes. f**ckers... :)


Trying to cancel my contract from 2014 which has been renewed twice. It's a pain in the ass to leave. It ends in 5th December. I got a sim from 3 with more data. They are asking 4 months charges as "TERMINATION FEE" which is a lie. It's not a fee. It's just the 4 months added together. It's a head ache. They are not budging. I'm not either. Refuse to pay them when they will rip me off like this. "Source Date Time Volume Cost Mobile Internet 06/09/16 11:00 944.40 Kb £1.00 Mobile Internet 31/08/16 13:33 2.86 Mb £1.00"


Have a look on MoneySuperMarket. They provide an honest comparison


I got the £80 quidco deal with 3gb, 1000mins,unlimited txts for £5.50pm. They actually pay me £17 a year to be with them. also got the same deal for two other sims but only £45 quidco each but still a great deal and good uk coverage. Had no problems with them and i have used customer services(indian call centres) a few times with no issues

TalkTalk SIMO Plan 250 min, Unlimited Text, 300MB Data. £47.40 Potential of £2.60 Profit after CB
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Posted 1st Sep 2016Posted 1st Sep 2016
TalkTalk SIMO Plan 250 min, Unlimited Text, 300MB Data. £47.40 Potential of £2.60 Profit after CB£47.40
ONLY FOR TALK TALK CUSTOMER 250 minutes, Unlimited Text, 300MB Data 12 months contact = 12 .x £3.95 = £47.40 Qudco cashback is £50 is included in this plan. http://www.quidco.… Read more

who is an existing customer? do you just need to sign up without any card details?


This is of great concern.


Just check it my cash on Quidco has tracked. Fingers cross it will get paid later ...


For TCB you will only get £31.50 at the momen with TCBt. But Normally TCB will update their rate to match Quidco , so good to check later ...


Is this offer on TCB or just quidco?

Talktalk Mobile 1000 mns, ultd txt, 2.1 gb £7.75 (£3.60 a month with quidco)
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Posted 14th Jul 2016Posted 14th Jul 2016
Talktalk Mobile 1000 mns, ultd txt, 2.1 gb £7.75 (£3.60 a month with quidco)£93
It's originally £7.75 but if you go through quidco you can get £50 cashback. £7.75 x 12 = £93 £93 - 50 = £43 £43 / 12 = £3.58333333333 The only thing bad is they run on Vodafone… Read more
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With talktalk?


im getting the same deal but 4.5gb net and £7.75 a month


I've got 2 contracts and very pleased with service.


wouldn't deal with these jokers if if was free tbh . want to experience the worst customer service in the world, try talktalk. so bad it's almost amusing.


Talkmobile may be worth cosidering as they are owned by Vodafone we just got nearly £50 from topcashback for their £10 a month x 12 months deal. (so £5.83 a month) -

100 minutes, 200 MB internet, 250 Text Messages per month - Free for life!
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Posted 14th Jun 2016Posted 14th Jun 2016
100 minutes, 200 MB internet, 250 Text Messages per month - Free for life!
It seems like I managed to bag a free talk talk sim for life (confirmed by talktalk representative)- Zero cost per month. Great for a backup sim. This is the procedure I followed … Read more
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yep, it's only free if you are a customer, it's £5 otherwise. calls and everything else out of the bundled mins/txt/mbs are very expensive. I think they are giving this to customers in the hope they will go over the bundle and it will be another cash cow for TT. BEWARE.


I am a TalkTalk customer and have a 'free' SIM card. When I cancelled the contract a few months ago they started charging me £5 a month.


Trick Don't go over your allowance...!


I really would not like to try that. I would be worried of a bill of some sort from talktalk landing on the the mat. From what I have read in the op it appears to be free if you take out fibre from talk talk, but if you have canceled the fiber are you really entitled to this freebie? OK it may not be your fault if talk talk didn't cancel the sim at the same time as canceling the fibre, but if they later discover this later and it is as I suspect only free if you have another service with them there could be a lot of hassle trying to get it sorted out with talk talk. Therefore in the words of the dragons....................... I'm out


and they will be sending you bills for months even after you have terminated your contract

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Existing Customers: TalkTalk Mobile SIM only - 2.1gb (triple data), 1000 mins, Unlimited Texts (12mth Contract) £7.75 per month
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Posted 10th Jun 2016Posted 10th Jun 2016
Existing Customers: TalkTalk Mobile SIM only - 2.1gb (triple data), 1000 mins, Unlimited Texts (12mth Contract) £7.75 per month£93
12 month contract, possible £55 thru Topcashback (mine tracked)

Ah yes, I'd forgotten about that scheme. Thanks.


£50 cashback at quidco (says valid for days) but if u are a TCB user I think they have a scheme to match other cashback sites.


The 4g switchover is been constantly delayed, and I don't trust with them with the charging structure to use 4g on a exisitng 3g contract.At the moment the company is not investing enough in its infrastructure and people to worth considering them as a good company to worth taking a contract with, my personal thoughts.


I have 5 contracts with them and can't wait to leave them. Just been offered £3.95 for 250mins and 1.3gb data on a 12 months contract


It's still £50 with quidco if you need one desperately. They seem to alternate between offers.

Sim Only - 1000 mins - unlimited texts - 3 gb data £10.50 p/m (£5.92 after poss TCB) - 12 months Talktalk (existing TT customers only) £126
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Posted 9th Jun 2016Posted 9th Jun 2016
Sim Only - 1000 mins - unlimited texts - 3 gb data £10.50 p/m (£5.92 after poss TCB) - 12 months Talktalk (existing TT customers only) £126£126
My contract is only ending next month so I missed out on this deal when it was £5.50pm a couple of months back Still a great deal and TCB tracked within a couple of hours After c… Read more

They had a half price offer :D


How did you manage to get this price directly?


TCB cashback has now reduced to £33 but Quidco is offering £50 cashback on this large plan which is only £5 less than the deal i posted My experience with TalkTalk hasnt been bad and the vodafone network is the best in my area For existing talktalk customers Im not sure where you would find a better deal currently and in my opinion certainly better than the ID mobile deal which has gone mega hot if people are voting this cold as it is only available to talktalk customers than i think it misses the point - its a bit like a store specific deal anyway hope it helps someone


Talktalk uses Vodafone


Are talktalk on 02 now or still running on Vodaphone?

12 month contract £66 1000mins 5000txt 3GB @ TalkTalk
-194° Expired
Posted 5th May 2016Posted 5th May 2016
12 month contract £66 1000mins 5000txt 3GB @ TalkTalk£66
Sim free mobile deal. I was going for a Life Mobile deal and was put through to customer retention to get my PAC code. I stated I wanted the cheapest deal possible and mentioned th… Read more

avoid Talktalk, any company that happily charges their customers near £400 when their kids exceed the allowances by mere minutes is not one I'd ever trust again, they deserve to go down heavily


This is a great deal regardless, I got the offer when it was out in March as am currently coming to an end on my EE sim. Not a clue why anyone voted cold other than because it's for existing customers only. Also looking forward to them going over to O2!


Sorry for not making retention clear. I'm not otherwise a TalkTalk account holder (I used to be). They did also offer me other sims with this deal. The quidco deal sounds great. It was just so much better than the deal I had with them before, or indeed than the iD or Life Mobile deals I have been researching, that I thought someone else might benefit.


I got this free (actually I made a profit) when Quidco had a huge cashback offer. Always wait for a Quidco or Topcashback offer and then buy. TalkTalk also allow an internal port, so there is no point in retention deals. Leave and buy a new sim. Sims are always effectively free. 5 sims per account.


they switch to o2 shortly

Huawei P8 Lite White FREE - £6.25 12mths & then £12.50 12mths contract - 24 months , 300 minutes , 250 texts , 300mb data total £150 @ talktalk
-130° Expired
Posted 19th Apr 2016Posted 19th Apr 2016
Huawei P8 Lite White FREE - £6.25 12mths & then £12.50 12mths contract - 24 months , 300 minutes , 250 texts , 300mb data total £150 @ talktalk£225
Huawei P8 Lite White FREE/£6.25 pm contract/talktalk customers deal £6.25 per month for 12 months 300 minutes 250 texts 150MB 300MB data Built-in savings features 24 month contr… Read more
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not more than £20 PM?


are there any good deals for a contract phone right now? three have ended my contract so looking to move and might get a new phone to my LG G3 keeps turning off.


Terrible deal Ice cold


cold cold cold no a good deal


300mb lolol

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 32GB Green Emerald @ TalkTalk Mobile
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Posted 3rd Mar 2016Posted 3rd Mar 2016
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 32GB Green Emerald @ TalkTalk Mobile£388.50
Price starts from... Small plan £27.50 per month 300 minutes 250 texts 150MB300MB data Built-in savings features 24 month contract ---------------------------------- Medium p… Read more
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​Top Cashback are, £10 a month!


just joined Vodafone got the s6 edge + 15gb free Spotify free min text ect £28.50 but only because i was new customer and they had sent me out a broken phone sony z5 to start with was going to walk


so you have to already be a Talk Talk customer to get the headline deal, thats not really a deal is it, not one that we can all get sorry but cold because it basically exclusive


you have to pay me to be customer of TalkTalk


He's right...Top cashback got some offer on...reduces line rental by £10 per month for life on the S6 edge.Haven't got time to delve further.Somebody take over...

Talktalk Sim Only 3gb Data, 1000 Minutes, Unlimited texts £5.50 p/m total £66 @ Talk Talk (existing customers only)
503° Expired
Posted 29th Feb 2016Posted 29th Feb 2016
Talktalk Sim Only 3gb Data, 1000 Minutes, Unlimited texts £5.50 p/m total £66 @ Talk Talk (existing customers only)£66
Talktalk Sim Only 12 months, £5.50/Month £40 Quidco Cashback Vodafone Network Existing talktalk home phone & Broadband Customers.

Yes offer ended last week.


Looked like a good deal. I've just become eligible for an upgrade with EE and already have a TalkTalk broadband account so was looking to move. Deal appears to be over now as I can only see this deal for 10.50 p/m unless I'm looking in the wrong places. The next best deal seems to be 7.75 p/m with 2.1 GB data.


Obviously you can cancel it without any charge after 12 months if they don't offer you better or atleast the same deal


It's automatically renewed after 12 months


But its 12 months contract

Talk talk mobile, (existing customers) Sim only 1000 mins, unlimited sms, 2.1gb 3G data £7.75 per month with possible £60 quidco
-118° Expired
Posted 6th Feb 2016Posted 6th Feb 2016
Talk talk mobile, (existing customers) Sim only 1000 mins, unlimited sms, 2.1gb 3G data £7.75 per month with possible £60 quidco£93
Talk talk currently have 50% off sim only plans for existing customers. The network piggy backs on the Vodafone network. Deal is a 12 month contract and the 50% runs for the enti… Read more

You only have to be a talktalk customer! So no for new customers but if you left the broadband you can still renew your sim and get the discount! They didn't even ask me if i take broadband! On the £3.95 for unlimited texts 450 mins and 300mb data cracking deal! And never had any problems with voda may i suggest that people check their chinese phones with tinfoil for an antenna first before complaining it amazes me how modern crap androids have no signal but use an old nokia and you get three out of five bars! Cheap chinese rubbish!



there really should not be any contract these days that doesn't give 4g data.


ive not heard of them sharing masts.....


I thought vodafone and o2 shared masts so wouldnt the signal be same for both companys

Talktalk Existing Customer Sim Only technically earns you money!!!
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Posted 27th Jan 2016Posted 27th Jan 2016
Talktalk Existing Customer Sim Only technically earns you money!!!£3.95
I needed to sorted my backup mobile and I went compering different sim only deals. Talk talk offers one with 300mins unlimited texts and 250mb of data for £3.95/mth for 12mth for e… Read more
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What is the obsession with 4g why don't they just pay vodadone for 4g! Giffgaff 4g speeds are slower than ee and voda 3g speeds where i live! Asda's move backfired i can see this being an absolute shambles and the 4g will be so slow people will leave in their droves! Another talktalk disaster brewing!


I had a conversation with Talk talk and it turns out that they've not even signed any agreement with O2, their still negotiating. This means to me that people believing they would get 4g as a result of the move from Vodafone to O2 have been mis-sold.


Still hasn't happened! Two years now! Don't know why thwy don't just oay vodafone extra to get 4g all hassle for nothing! Wit giffgaff crappy speeds and sky mobile launching soon o2 will be very slow tbh


Talktalk customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, automated computer generated crap, I would not recommend this company to anyone, their main function is to totally rip off their customers anyway possible.


Hey did you try changing the options that is when they ask for options after calling this number 0870 444 1820 pick the phone and broadband option and they will ask why are you calling and say renewing the contract I am sure you will be put through to the sales team and they can sort it out. I recently did this and surprisingly I talked to someone from Britain and when I mentioned my mobile problem she actually took the effort to go through my account and sort it out. May be you can try this route as well

Talktalk Sim only 12 months £5.50/Month Contract cost £66 (£14 profit after poss quidco cashback) Existing customers only
270° Expired
Posted 6th Jan 2016Posted 6th Jan 2016
Talktalk Sim only 12 months £5.50/Month Contract cost £66 (£14 profit after poss quidco cashback) Existing customers only£66
Talktalk mobile sim only 12 month £5.50/Month Plus £80 Quidco Cashback 1000 minutes Unlimited texts 3gb data Talktalk uses Vodafone Network moving to O2 soon also talktalk sim can… Read more

And on the plus side quidco has just paid me £45!


I don't know what happened but they have just credited me £60 for the whole year so don't think it was an issue with direct debit but them trying their luck as usual!!!


Did you check your bill to make sure you are set up to pay by direct debit, otherwise there will be a charge for £4.50, happened to me.


I've just received my bill and they have charged me £10.50. On the phone right now but they told me to call back tomorrow morning. Not happy!!!!


Do check, they've cocked mine up. Off to to demand escalation to the CEOs office.

Talk talk mobile 50% off smart phones
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Posted 3rd Jan 2016Posted 3rd Jan 2016
Talk talk mobile 50% off smart phones
Talk talk 50% smart phones and sims for 12 months. Sims staring from £3.95 and phones from £5. Cheapest Sony Z5 compact starts at £15 and HTC one A9 from £13.75

Wouldn't deal with this company if the phones were free. If you value your time and data security don't bother imo, cold!


Never had a problem with the mobile service as its vodafone just hope they don't move to o2 too soon as my phone is locked to vodafone! Just renewed and i don't use broadband i got out when they raised prices! They still renewed my mobile phone gave me another 100 mins so 350 mins 250 texts and 300 mb data for £3.95 is fairly good. But agree CS is shocking but i thonk their system is to blame more than the reps! They use south africans now but at least they are more understandable than the indians they used! But whatever they say their system seems to do something else! Best to record the convo the agent was happy with repeating what i get with it being recorded so if they change it just ring again!


not forgetting they don't encrypt (or didn't) your vital personal data. hence being hacked more times than my undies...


I grabbed one of the landline and fibre deals that was posted here. It works out at £26 a month when you add in the discounts and love2shop vouchers. It has been great... Still would give their mobiles a miss though as no one has anything good to say about them.


Just in case they ever change it, as the network, bundle size and cost would be perfect for me.

Talktalk Sim Only £3.95 / month - 12 months contract and £73.50 topcashback (TalkTalk customers Only)
70° Expired
Posted 17th Dec 2015Posted 17th Dec 2015
Talktalk Sim Only £3.95 / month - 12 months contract and £73.50 topcashback (TalkTalk customers Only)£47.40
New higher cashback rate on a cheap SIM only plan. 250 minutes, unlimited texts and 650mb data. It's better than free if cashback pays, and cheap enough not to worry if it doesn't.… Read more
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problem with setting data limits on the phone is that that can easily be turned off :-(


same happened to me - currently in contact with moneysavingexpert site who are addressing this with Talktalk as they charged by £360 for exceeding the data allowance by 60 mins, despite having a "£15 limit" clearly written on their statements. Suggest you contact MSE to say same happened as I suspect talktalk make all their money from these penal charges. Please, do yourself a favour, avoid being lured by Talktalk, they are a bad business


I got stung with this day before xmas on my daughters phone,received a text saying the phone/sim has been suspended or whatever term they used...apparently,they had stopped their unlimited £12 per month plan yet I haven't received any notification of this? Really don't know what to do,will have to be paid,but be careful. Tried to reason with customer services..nightmare problem could do without.


That's why we set data limits on the phone - that way we never get charged ;)


be really careful with their mobile service (TalkTalk). We just got billed an extra 160.00 this month for running over data bundle for 1 day. Search online for 2.86mb talk talk and you will see lots of people have had problems and the online billing website is terrible and doesn't reflect true usage. Note they wont cap as they say they are an MVNO and therefore don't know you have blown your cap until they receive call data records 24-48 hours after the calls have taken place.

SIMO 12 month contract talktalk £47.40 with £60 Quidco
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Posted 25th Nov 2015Posted 25th Nov 2015
SIMO 12 month contract talktalk £47.40 with £60 Quidco£47.40
For existing customers only, data allowance has been increased 12 month SIMO contract for 12 months at £3.95 includes; 250 minutes Unlimited texts 650mb data 5 hours left appar… Read more

Is this for an additional TT SIM, given to an existing customer. or can it be used to extend an existing Talktalk number which has reached the end of its 12 month deal. ? So if I have 2 existing TT SIMS, can I extend them both, and get Topcashback twice? Its very confusing on the TT website.


quidco offer expired.


I too have had lots of issues with pricing. The retention team agree a price for renewing contracts and then fail to honour it. I put in complaints, they agree to recredit the overcharge and to charge correctly in the future and when the next bill arrives, its the same all over again. The necessay call that then ensues is rarely less than two hours and on many occasions has been much longer. Each agent promises to resolve the problem, but never does and the complaints escalation process is so ineffective its unbelievable .


They wont allow that. They dont care if your father takes out a sim for you, but they will insist the sim is paid for by talktalk account holder, as liability for payment will remain with him, regardless of whether the sim he takes out is for his personal use or for the use of a family member.


You might be able to have it ordered to your address but you won't be able to pay for it with your own account. I'm a TT phone/broadband customer and when I placed my TT Mobile orders it wouldn't let me use other peoples bank accounts. I'd also agree with the comment about rubbish customer service. I requested PAC's for two of my contracts yesterday and the person I dealt with was idiotic. When I first ordered two contracts, my browser crashed as I pressed the confirm button so I placed another order thinking the last one didn't work. I ended up having to call up to cancel the one that didn't get tracked by TopCashback but TT couldn't do it because they didn't have order numbers on their systems, only the mobile numbers which don't come attached with the order number, spent nearly 2 hrs being passed onto 6 different agents who all failed to help me. Worst support I've ever experienced.

talk talk unlimted deal for only £24
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Posted 15th Sep 2015Posted 15th Sep 2015
talk talk unlimted deal for only £24£24
Talk talk sim only 30 day rolling contract. includes unlimited data, unlimited calls and text. unsure if it includes tethering but if it does it would be good.

Talk Talk.....*shudder


YES i called to get it when it was £12 but NO TETHERING ALLOWED


​Surely you mean the Cowboys?


​Same here. Thieves


Yes I was tempted by this when it was £12. To double it in a few weeks is awful. I have just cancelled by landline and broadband with them as they keep putting the prices up

Cheap SIM only TalkTalk mobile - £3.95 per month but possible £60 cashback from Quidco
-5° Expired
Posted 24th Aug 2015Posted 24th Aug 2015
Cheap SIM only TalkTalk mobile - £3.95 per month but possible £60 cashback from Quidco£47.40
Sim only TalkTalk 12mth contract - 250 minutes, 300MB data, unlimited texts. Cheap away, but possible £60 Quidco so profit of £12.60... EDIT: Only available to existing TalkTalk c… Read more
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Not at all. A little more tolerance would do the world good (including you).


If the customer cannot understand the company's agent its the company's fault, you will struggle in life with that sort of outlook


DO NOT BE TEMPTED ! IF YOU GO OVER THEIR DATA LIMITS THEY WILL CHARGE YOU HUNDREDS OF POUNDS BEFORE THEY WARN YOU my phone tripped over to data without me knowing when my WiFi signal dropped, woke in the morning to a £230 charge before I received a text saying I'd gone over my limit, looking online there are loads of people being stung, they refuse to accept its unacceptable practice


​That £3 is 3 million rupees though :D


I don't know about TalkTalk but the big problem with many Indian call centres are that the workers there are no empowered to help you - I was once told by call centre worker in India at 3 Mobile that the most they are allowed to refund you without getting permission from a manager is just £3 But have to say I've had excellent experience with T-Mobile's call centers in the Philippines.