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Onkyo X3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker & Power Bank - Black £41.98 Mobile Fun
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Just seen this on an email, looks good for 39.99 + 1.99 shipping Providing huge sound in a compact, portable package, this Bluetooth speaker from Onkyo features dual 44.5mm driver… Read more

I ended up caving and going for this. Arrived yesterday. Oddly, they've sent the silver version but not really fussed colour-wise. In terms of sound it's a really nice little speaker. It's certainly not gonna pump out huge bass but the sound is nicely balanced and perfect for round the house. Overall, impressed for the money but think at RRP it would have been a push. Oh, and the fact it charges by USB is the reason i went for it. My Sony speaker has a huge power brick and a barrel connector.


Funny that isn't it ;)


Perhaps Onkyo haven't paid What Hifi for a while? They don't seem to have reviewed any Onkyo home cinema gear for years.


The Loughborough legend indeed!


I think these are brand licensed by Gibson Innovations and not designed/manufactured by Onkyo directly.

2 x Olixar Extra Long Lightning Charge and Sync Cable - 3m £11.98 Del with code @ Mobile Fun
Found 14th May 2017Found 14th May 2017
This extra long 3 metre Lightning cable by Olixar connects your Apple Lightning device, including iPhones, iPads and iPods using its built-in Lightning connector for efficient sync… Read more

Not Made For iPhone certified so I wouldn't touch this with a bargepole as it isn't using certified parts - could damage your phone or (more likely) just stop working and say 'unsupported accessory'


Is this brand any good or Chinese

Samsung Gear 360 new 2017 model - £199 pre order @ Mobile Fun
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
The new Samsung Gear 360 (2017 model) has been announced Looks like Mobilefun is the only place to pre-order the new model in the UK at this price at the moment - couldn't find i… Read more
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Thanks a lot guys - now £219 from Carphone Warehouse ! And £260 at Amazon Due in a week Should've ignored the complainers and pre ordered it to save £20!


I've read that this is being released in UK on 18th April. At RRP of £199.00 it looks to be slightly more portable and capable than last years model which had an RRP of £349.00 Even if you order it here earlier it's not guaranteed you'll get it sooner. I bet there are going to be some decent bargains on the 2016 model pretty shortly.


bloody expensive sex toy.


if its available at only one retailer, its not going to be a deal, they will leverage as much cash as they can for a preorder. cold for me.


If it's the only place the how is this a deal that can be marked hot or cold?

Mobile Fun: Free iPhone 7 Case
Found 10th Feb 2017Found 10th Feb 2017
Claim 1 of 10,000 FREE iPhone 7 or 7 plus Cases (worth £9.99) being given away

in fairness it does look like a decent TPU case - nice and smooth without any horrible 'S Wave' nonsense ruining the lines. Are you not signing up for their 'reward club' in claiming this though? Seems like a bit of a faff if so.


Yeah same here, and I made sure they refunded me for wasting my time collecting it from the post office!


Yup, I had the same last time with a £1.50 charge for unpaid postage. I refused delivery and had it returned to sender. Avoid!


Same! Second class stamp on what was blatantly thicker than a letter! Avoid...


Avoid. They don't put the correct postage on the package, so you'll pay £1.50 for a piece of utter tat which is no good for anything but to throw in the nearest bin.

Free iPhone 7 / 7 Plus case @ Mobile Fun
Found 5th Dec 2016Found 5th Dec 2016
Enter your details, you'll get a link to download the app (iOS only) - download the app, enter your details and a free case is yours! Voila.
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ordered 3 weeks ago heard nothing so far not even an email.


Received case today. No issue with postage. Really was free.


They've sent it out and I've not received no bill or anything


Also stung on the postage. £1.50 bill from royal mail. Dodgy company.


What's a 'Window app'?

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Kit: premium universal power bank - 3 pack £14.99 @
Found 23rd Nov 2016Found 23rd Nov 2016
Got an email with this deal Kit: Premium Universal Power Bank 2,000mAh - Three Pack Micro USB cable included or can use your own USB one. ------ Technical Specifications Capaci… Read more

You're welcome :)


Thanks for posting. Code worked for me too, another couple of stocking fillers sorted xx


Nice one. Glad it worked :). I wasn't sure if it was just for my account. I think it's good price for 3 individual power banks plus a cable but obviously other people don't agree lol


Your code worked....then add £1.98 ive got 3 power banks for £11.98... brilliant stocking fillers. ..many thanks.

FREE iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus case at mobilefun
Found 16th Sep 2016Found 16th Sep 2016
Free delivery too. Clear case for either the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus.
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Mine arrived today had a 2nd class stamp, no note that I have to pay anything


Mine is at the Post Office too, hopefully they will return to sender and they will have to pay the additional £1.50.


Had the same thing. Leaving it.


Good job i now know what that unpaid postage card is for, I won't bother paying and collecting it now. They're going to get a bad review. Scam of a company who have done it on purpose.


Mobilefun ignore the emails, I had no reply at all. I've put a negative comment on their Facebook page

Olixar Jack Up Smartphone Screen Magnifier £11.98 Delivered @ mobilefun
Found 13th Apr 2016Found 13th Apr 2016
Project your smartphone onto a bigger screen with the Olixar Jack Up Smartphone Screen Magnifier. It's portable, easy to assemble, lightweight and compact. The magnifier can be tak… Read more

I bet this looks horrendous in real life.


£1 shop sell these almost the same.


Remember when they sold these for tvs? Who buys this stuff?


3 pound off ebay


Magnified full HD internet boobs! Can I buy two and magnify the magnifyer (?)

Masterplug Surge Protected 1A USB and Mains Charger - White £10.99 or Twin pack £18.99
Found 11th Apr 2016Found 11th Apr 2016
Simultaneously charge two mobile devices as well as using your existing power socket with this pass through-enabled USB mains charger by Masterplug in white with built-in surge pro… Read more

sounds like you have not tried to charge an Ipad air/iphone 6 with one on this to see how long it takes


Your devices don't likely require 2 amp ports. They may charge quicker but that's rarely an advantage.


These are avbl at Sainsburys for £7.50 but are useless at 1 Amp output shared by Two USB. Plus the two glowing lights are a nuisance. Need 2 amp at least for the new tabs and phones These are being cleared at Sainsburys.


​Where can you get them? I have these but was looking for exactly what you just said you have.


I bought a few of these some time ago when they were £1 each at sainsburys courtesy of HUKD. I have just binned them all now that most of my devices require 2amp charging ports A pretty useless product nowadays considering you can get 2.4 x 2AMP for le than £10

SoundMAGIC E10S In-Ear Headphones with Hands-Freeat £29.99 plus £1.99 P&P (£31.98) @ Mobile Fun
Found 15th Mar 2016Found 15th Mar 2016
£40 most places so great price. Free delivery if you spend over £30. Note these are the E10S and not the cheaper E10. Great reviews for these earphones if you look around.
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I have these and not impressed as they crackle with my handset (Z3-compact). Other earphones work fine it's just the combo of these and my phone.


E10 is not a good choice. Sound ok, not good quality, easily broken. I had high hope in it because it is popular, and bought one over Christmas. Really disappointed with its over quality, returned straight away. I prefer sony ex650, build quality, sound quality all better.


Hot - the non s models are usually this price, with the S models being almost a tenner more.


Free delivery code when you spend over £30 is RMSGABT7

Bodyguardz Ultratough Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protector IN STOCK £14.99 @ Mobile Fun
Found 8th Mar 2016Found 8th Mar 2016
A decent screen protector is now in stock at Mobile Fun for all my fellow early adopters expecting delivery today.

Full coverage which is pretty rare for S7 protectors...


​cheaper than the £200 i paid for a new screen 6 weeks after getting the phone smashed on the curve easily


18-32 days shipping for $6? Hmm pass!


Use the link below to purchase front and back screen protectors for £1!! Use code great88 to get 88% off. I'm currently using the tempered glass from them on my LG g3 and it's amazing. Absolutely no issues with it.. They even sent me a replacement for free. There is no glass screen protectors for the s7 edge but I'm just getting the plastic film protector mainly for the back. The back on the s7 edge is not gorilla glass and scratches easier than the front, even tho I'm going to get a case, dust often gets in the back of the case and scratches it!! I've used their plastic screen protectors before.. They are rubbery to the touch which some will hate but for the back its perfect as it adds grip. Il end up getting a glass screen protector for the front at a later date but will use this for now.]


had the phone 24hrs it's the best phone I've held. The new touchwiz look is a complement to android and not a burden.

Mozo covers for Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL (Cognac) @ MobileFun
Found 27th Dec 2015Found 27th Dec 2015
These have been out of stock for a long while; just checked MobileFun and they are back in stock and dispatching today - no doubt will run out very soon so get your order in fast.

Arrived today. I've got my Mozo working :) Happy New Year.


I've got a 950XL, and to be honest, I haven't had many problems with it at all. There are a few odd things that aren't quite right, but they don't make it unusable or anything. It's SO over-powered it's ridiculous - the processor/RAM are more than capable of powering an external display, and effectively running as a desktop. I've used the Continuum feature a bit, and it's not bad at all (apart from the lack of Flash, but hey). For a day-to-day phone, it's fine. The camera is great, it's got all the apps I've needed (banking, office, travel etc). I bought the Microsoft wireless Miracast adapter, even though I've got the free Continuum dock. To be honest, the Miracast is fine - no noticeable lag. Over all, it's a great phone even with the odd software flaw, and once those are sorted it's going to be exceptional.


Coming from a Lumia 1020 the thing that I love the most about my 950 XL is the beautiful display; it really is wonderful. The OS is nice but not dramatically different from Windows Phone. I've not suffered any battery issues (it charges very fast too) or many bugs that others seem to have in the forums but the OS is a work-in-progress and MS seem to be updating frequently. If you're a WP user and are OK with the limitations re 'app gap' then it's a nice upgrade. If you're coming from Android/iOS and expect all the latest apps then I would steer clear. I have all the apps I need for my smartphone and have an Android tablet if I wish to game etc; I love my 950 XL. I do think the price will fall quickly though so if you're in no rush then hold on until after the Mobile World Congress next year.


​Great phone let down by an unfinished OS at the moment. Give it till February then get it cheaper and more feature complete.


So whose got a 950(xl) and can give a review of how they find it? :)

Kitvision Escape HD5 - £29.99 -
Found 14th Dec 2015Found 14th Dec 2015
Decent reviews and a great price for this action camera. Judging by the YouTube videos; it's a much better quality of picture vs the Intempo Action camera currently 24.99/29.99 at … Read more

Also I B&M Bargains


I agree, the Splash has better specs, but for those on a budget this is a good buy for a cheap action camera. And it's a lot better quality than the Intempo camera posted earlier.


Still a good buy though, i voted hot.


The Splash was posted last week with better specs and compared well with GoPro for not much more.

Official Samsung Avengers Qi Wireless Charger Pad - Captain America - Mobile Fun
Found 3rd Dec 2015Found 3rd Dec 2015
best price for a while.

yep I would go for the black one too but some like there merchandise!!


£17.99 for black one on amazon


Quick look on ebay and there's lot's of knock off's - various other similar designs too.


Very cool charging pad, £40 is ridiculous though.


40 notes for a qi charger! even if it is branded to a franchise is taking the Michael, much! cold from me

Moto 360 2nd Gen 46mm £220 @ Mobile Fun
Found 29th Nov 2015Found 29th Nov 2015
Lowest price anywhere for the 46mm
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If the watch was about £170 I would of got it


Huawei Smartwatch is worth a look too


Sexy looking watch, plus it's not an Apple which makes it even better.


The deal for £130 was for the smaller 42mm watch


Good watch, and the only real alternative to the Samsung gear s2. But this was £130 on Italian amazon last week.