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Google Daydream VR headset £37.18 delivered @ Mobile fun
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
nice vr headset, has been posted before from other sites, but thought I would post again. Galaxy S9 compatible

Ok, so the 6p and mix2s aren't daydream ready. That's not good enough!


Ah right yes, I must have mis remembered then, guess it was actually my current phone of note 8 I tried with daydream which I use now with newest gearvr. I used to have S7 edge and original gearvr which was also good.


I use a moto z force, performance is great and is very immersion.


S7 isnt a native Daydream phone so you must have rooted it or done something to get it to work. That "may" have affected your experience I have a GearVR and love it. Also have a Daydream and am in the process of trying to get my S7 edge working with it


Err, Pixels are.

10% off your order at Mobile Fun with no minimum spend - how to get it
Found 9th Dec 2018Found 9th Dec 2018
Okay so I was looking to buy a phone case, tried to use a few discount codes from a different website which all seem to be invalid or expired. As I was about to give up and click p… Read more
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If that's a link to a comment it isn't loading but thanks for the heads up I'll try and update here what happens in the comments if anything goes wrong


They may have changed their ways, but this happened to a lot of us a few years back


Say what? They don't pay enough postage? It's my first time using them... but the reviews look okay and persuaded me to use them. Safe to say if they don't put on enough postage I will be complaining! I'd better have some cash in hand anyway in case so I don't have to go to the post office thanks for the heads up


COLD! These are the clowns who don’t put enough postage on their mailings and have customers pay for their incompetence

Olixar note 9 cases 99p @ Mobile Fun
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Anyone looking for a new case for the note 9 deal that was posted earlier today prices start at 0.99p which I believe to be a bit of a bargain plenty of other phone cases available… Read more

plus £2.19 shipping


a very warm welcome to hukd newbie.have some heat :)

AKG Y50BT Bluetooth Headphones (Black) £52.18 @ Mobile Fun
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Always popular on here... best price I've seen in a while.

Looks like we've cleaned them out. Expired.


Now showing as "Discontinued - no longer available for purchase".


I bought some. I have tried so many headphones from Sony, Bang and Olufsen, B+W, Grado, Powerbeats 3 and these are the first Bluetooth headphones that actually really exceptional. They sound like a wired (wireless) pair. I can see why What Hi-Fi gave them 5 stars. Bass is deep and punchy (rather than slow and lumpy). Midrange is clear, treble is superb. They are a superb pair of headphones. By default they use AptX in OS X. I switched to AAC and the sound was pretty much the same but there was lag. Delay test: Turn enable or disable AAC or AptX try (OS X only): Terminal commands for enabling AAC and aptX CodecsTo enable aptX, input the following command, press Enter, and type your user password if prompted: sudo defaults write bluetoothaudiod "Enable AptX codec" -bool true Alternatively, to enable AAC, input the following and press Enter: sudo defaults write bluetoothaudiod "Enable AAC codec" -bool true To disable either codec via Terminal, simply replace -bool true with -bool false at the end of the command.


£59.99 now


Debating on these or the Sennheiser HD4.40 BT refurbs at £49!

Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch £32.18 (Inc. P&P) at mobilefun
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
75% off the original RRP. More commonly available around £35 in sales these days, so this is still a good price and probably worth a punt despite the mixed reviews. Was 'Shark Gr… Read more
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I'd say worse. I had in mind to possibly get a light brown strap when I thought I was getting the grey watch. I don't think there's a good alternative colour strap that will go with the blue face. :(


Trying to figure out wether changing the strap to black would look better, or (probably) worse as the the face is completely blue


Yeah, me too. I'm I two minds about sending it back tbh. I've already got a Garmin Smart Watch so buying this was all about the look... (annoyed)


No worries! I went for a blue, but really, really would prefer the shark grey!


Yeah, and when mine arrived at the weekend it was blue as well! Interestingly, the image was always blue but the website did originally say shark grey when I posted the deal. Thanks for the reminder, I've updated the description.

Google chrome cast ultra 4k £42.17 delivered Mobile Fun
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Stream media in 4K Ultra HD or HDR from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your TV with the Chromecast Ultra from Google.
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Yes you can use your phone for other things at same time. Basically your phone is a controller for Chromecast rather than a streaming source


Can you use your phone like normal (calleding/browsing instagram etc...) . While this thing casts an app from Your phone on tv? Or is it just like casting direcyly feom yiur phone to tv, where you have to keep the movie playing on your phone screen too while watching it simultaneously on tv? I dont know what to buy i have a android tv box which is. So slow on browsing and gives me green screen when i fullscreen a movie from a stream site, i also bought nvidia shield but also had problem as no chrome browser or no tv chanel apps like android box, should i nuy one of those chromecast or get a pc tower?


You can even turn your phone off completely. When you cast the Chromecast takes over the playback direct from the internet, it doesn't stream from your phone.


Great. If you lock the phone will it continue to play or do you need to keep the phone screen on to cast the content?


Connected it to a usb port and still worked fine. No Ethernet though.

Olixar Toughbeats Outdoor Bluetooth speaker ipx4 £12.18 delivered at Mobile Fun
Found 21st Mar 2018Found 21st Mar 2018
Olixar Toughbeats Outdoor Bluetooth speaker ipx4 £12.18 delivered at Mobile Fun
Just had an email about this, £9.99 plus £2.19shipping and the reviews seem decent. Also on amazon for £12.49

Looks like a george foreman grill


3 watt speaker output... thats not much at all :(

Onkyo X3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker & Power Bank - Black £41.98 Mobile Fun
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Onkyo X3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker & Power Bank - Black £41.98 Mobile Fun
Just seen this on an email, looks good for 39.99 + 1.99 shipping Providing huge sound in a compact, portable package, this Bluetooth speaker from Onkyo features dual 44.5mm driver… Read more

I ended up caving and going for this. Arrived yesterday. Oddly, they've sent the silver version but not really fussed colour-wise. In terms of sound it's a really nice little speaker. It's certainly not gonna pump out huge bass but the sound is nicely balanced and perfect for round the house. Overall, impressed for the money but think at RRP it would have been a push. Oh, and the fact it charges by USB is the reason i went for it. My Sony speaker has a huge power brick and a barrel connector.


Funny that isn't it ;)


Perhaps Onkyo haven't paid What Hifi for a while? They don't seem to have reviewed any Onkyo home cinema gear for years.


The Loughborough legend indeed!


I think these are brand licensed by Gibson Innovations and not designed/manufactured by Onkyo directly.

2 x Olixar Extra Long Lightning Charge and Sync Cable - 3m £11.98 Del with code @ Mobile Fun
Found 14th May 2017Found 14th May 2017
2 x Olixar Extra Long Lightning Charge and Sync Cable - 3m £11.98 Del with code @ Mobile Fun
This extra long 3 metre Lightning cable by Olixar connects your Apple Lightning device, including iPhones, iPads and iPods using its built-in Lightning connector for efficient sync… Read more

Not Made For iPhone certified so I wouldn't touch this with a bargepole as it isn't using certified parts - could damage your phone or (more likely) just stop working and say 'unsupported accessory'


Is this brand any good or Chinese

Samsung Gear 360 new 2017 model - £199 pre order @ Mobile Fun
Found 4th Apr 2017Found 4th Apr 2017
Samsung Gear 360 new 2017 model - £199 pre order @ Mobile Fun
The new Samsung Gear 360 (2017 model) has been announced Looks like Mobilefun is the only place to pre-order the new model in the UK at this price at the moment - couldn't find i… Read more
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Thanks a lot guys - now £219 from Carphone Warehouse ! And £260 at Amazon Due in a week Should've ignored the complainers and pre ordered it to save £20!


I've read that this is being released in UK on 18th April. At RRP of £199.00 it looks to be slightly more portable and capable than last years model which had an RRP of £349.00 Even if you order it here earlier it's not guaranteed you'll get it sooner. I bet there are going to be some decent bargains on the 2016 model pretty shortly.


bloody expensive sex toy.


if its available at only one retailer, its not going to be a deal, they will leverage as much cash as they can for a preorder. cold for me.


If it's the only place the how is this a deal that can be marked hot or cold?

Mobile Fun: Free iPhone 7 Case
Found 10th Feb 2017Found 10th Feb 2017
Mobile Fun: Free iPhone 7 Case
Claim 1 of 10,000 FREE iPhone 7 or 7 plus Cases (worth £9.99) being given away

in fairness it does look like a decent TPU case - nice and smooth without any horrible 'S Wave' nonsense ruining the lines. Are you not signing up for their 'reward club' in claiming this though? Seems like a bit of a faff if so.


Yeah same here, and I made sure they refunded me for wasting my time collecting it from the post office!


Yup, I had the same last time with a £1.50 charge for unpaid postage. I refused delivery and had it returned to sender. Avoid!


Same! Second class stamp on what was blatantly thicker than a letter! Avoid...


Avoid. They don't put the correct postage on the package, so you'll pay £1.50 for a piece of utter tat which is no good for anything but to throw in the nearest bin.

Free iPhone 7 / 7 Plus case @ Mobile Fun
Found 5th Dec 2016Found 5th Dec 2016
Free iPhone 7 / 7 Plus case @ Mobile Fun
Enter your details, you'll get a link to download the app (iOS only) - download the app, enter your details and a free case is yours! Voila.
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ordered 3 weeks ago heard nothing so far not even an email.


Received case today. No issue with postage. Really was free.


They've sent it out and I've not received no bill or anything


Also stung on the postage. £1.50 bill from royal mail. Dodgy company.


What's a 'Window app'?

Kit: premium universal power bank - 3 pack £14.99 @
Found 23rd Nov 2016Found 23rd Nov 2016
Kit: premium universal power bank - 3 pack £14.99 @
Got an email with this deal Kit: Premium Universal Power Bank 2,000mAh - Three Pack Micro USB cable included or can use your own USB one. ------ Technical Specifications Capaci… Read more

You're welcome :)


Thanks for posting. Code worked for me too, another couple of stocking fillers sorted xx


Nice one. Glad it worked :). I wasn't sure if it was just for my account. I think it's good price for 3 individual power banks plus a cable but obviously other people don't agree lol


Your code worked....then add £1.98 ive got 3 power banks for £11.98... brilliant stocking fillers. ..many thanks.

Olixar Ultimate Mains Universal Fast Charger & Travel Adapters (2 for 19.99 With Code) £21.98 delivered Mobilefun
Found 20th Oct 2016Found 20th Oct 2016
Olixar Ultimate Mains Universal Fast Charger & Travel Adapters (2 for 19.99 With Code) £21.98 delivered Mobilefun
BOGOF OLIXAR FAST CHARGING MAINS USING CODE: 2FAST Get 2 fantastic chargers and keep your devices fully charged in over 150 countries! Charge your devices at rapid speed with the… Read more
FREE iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus case at mobilefun
Found 16th Sep 2016Found 16th Sep 2016
Free delivery too. Clear case for either the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus.
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Mine arrived today had a 2nd class stamp, no note that I have to pay anything


Mine is at the Post Office too, hopefully they will return to sender and they will have to pay the additional £1.50.


Had the same thing. Leaving it.


Good job i now know what that unpaid postage card is for, I won't bother paying and collecting it now. They're going to get a bad review. Scam of a company who have done it on purpose.


Mobilefun ignore the emails, I had no reply at all. I've put a negative comment on their Facebook page

Sonic Boom Portable Vibration Speaker - Black £9.99 + £1.99 del @ Mobile fum
Found 5th Aug 2016Found 5th Aug 2016
Sonic Boom Portable Vibration Speaker - Black £9.99 + £1.99 del @ Mobile fum
50% off original price, Pocket-sized Sonic Boom Portable Vibration Speaker. No promo code

Got one of these , fun for novelty value but that's about it , for a fiver maybe but plenty better speakers for £11.98 around.


I was expecting this to have blue spiky hair and be wearing white gloves :{


Good times ;)

JBL Synchros S500 Stereo Headphones With Controls & Mic - Black £49.99 mobilefun
Found 14th Apr 2016Found 14th Apr 2016
JBL Synchros S500 Stereo Headphones With Controls & Mic - Black £49.99 mobilefun
Introducing the powered yet lightweight and durable JBL Synchros S500 headphones. Complete with a built-in remote control and microphone, these headphones produce a balanced audio … Read more

It says £99.99 when I click through. Am I missing something?


great, i have got a similar one

Olixar Jack Up Smartphone Screen Magnifier £11.98 Delivered @ mobilefun
Found 13th Apr 2016Found 13th Apr 2016
Olixar Jack Up Smartphone Screen Magnifier £11.98 Delivered @ mobilefun
Project your smartphone onto a bigger screen with the Olixar Jack Up Smartphone Screen Magnifier. It's portable, easy to assemble, lightweight and compact. The magnifier can be tak… Read more

I bet this looks horrendous in real life.


£1 shop sell these almost the same.


Remember when they sold these for tvs? Who buys this stuff?


3 pound off ebay


Magnified full HD internet boobs! Can I buy two and magnify the magnifyer (?)