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iPhone Xs Gold - £66PM - no upfront cost - 24months £1584 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 15 h, 8 m agoFound 15 h, 8 m ago
iPhone Xs Gold - £66PM - no upfront cost - 24months contract Vodafone 26gb 4g data Unlimited calls and text Original price £66 per month £76 automatic cash back which brings t… Read more
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Sky Mobile for iPhones all day


credit goes to Bullwinker, s/he posted it the other day:


Fantastic deal have u posted this on here

sinxa Sorry it’s 40GB for £168 or 50GB for £210. I went for 50GB because it comes with red entertainment where you can choose one of 4 packages including sky sports, Spotify , now tv etc that doesn’t come out of your data. Also international roaming free to 70+ locations


I cannot find this sim plan plz post link

Samsung s9 with 100gb data £45 month 24 months O2 £1080 (£216 cashback) @ Mobile phones direct
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Saw this mega deal with loads of data cheaper than my iPhone 8 10gb deal 🙈🙈. May be good for some. If you follow the link it is on the second page, it wasn’t that p… Read more

What I did to save effort with my contract I got talking to a live chat with EE and told them my deal, so they just reduced my monthly to suit the deal. Saving the invoicing mobile phones direct every few month


This isnt a quidco style cashback though. You are guaranteed cashback as long as you send in the necessary details every 3 months or whenever.


Same rules for all deals, but some get hot? Cashback is not guaranteed.


It’s good getting frozen out as the admins are insistent on putting £45 a month and 1080. When realistically it’s like £819 after all cash back


Makes phone £384. Considering 100GB is £20 a month at Three.

256GB iPhone Xs 100GB on O2 - £0 up front, £69.50pm for 24 months, (via cash back). £75pm before cashback - £1,800 @ Mobile phones direct
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Mobile phones direct have got some fab pre order deals available on this model... It's not one for the apple haters, I know... but if you want the Xs, these are the best prices I … Read more

This has expired now but I can't edit it


They all make you upgrade, none last forever. I'm simply saying that i wont upgrade until I have to, rather than because the new model offers me something worth updating early for.


So your admitting you buy phones from Apple that deliberately make you upgrade that's funny and typical a fool and his money


For iclowns an imortgage. Kelvin's zero


wtf !!!! its just a phone and yep mugs will buy it outragious !!!

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Sony Xperia XZ1 black £279 at mobile phones direct with free next day delivery
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Brand new Sony Xperia XZ1 for £279 Experience an immersive world of entertainment powered by Sony innovation. The Xperia XZ1 is the richest Sony experience yet. A smartphone that … Read more

It's single SIM as Sony don't make a UK variant of this model in dual SIM and mobile phones direct at a very large company


Good price but not sure about the seller, little detail on the handset if it is the dual sim model. But argos are out of stock so not much choice now where to buy.


Why would Sony put the same size 2700 mAh battery in XZ1 Compact(4'6" 720p screen ) and this one ?


I've got this phone and paid a lot more, honestly had no problems with it. Great camara, responsive just very good for this price.

Samsung galaxy S8 15gb data £22.50/month £540 @ MobilePhonesDirect
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Samsung galaxy S8 on O2 with 15gb of data unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for £22.50/ month after £10.50 cashback redemption on months 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18. Also possible £44.… Read more
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yea I hate it, I will go back to iphone after my contract finishes.


I'll expire the thread


Not there any more?


for 50p more (£23 p/m - £33 pre cash back) you can go with EE with 30gb of data link


Really. Do you regret buying the phone then?

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Samsung Galaxy S9 at Mobile Phones Direct for £33pm (24m) £792
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Free Samsung Galaxy S9 handset with 64Gb memory on EE. 30Gb data, unlimited texts and calls. £33 per month.
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Go onto uswitch and showing 30gb for £33 per month on ee. No upfront cost.


Yeah looks like expired showing £158 upfront.


Has this expired? Phone cost now £158.99


1 year warranty, at least that's what you can do at my store


How can they return it? It's passed 30 days. They CAN send it for repair however. Source: I work in Technology sales.

Huawei P20 Pro on EE no upfront, 30 gb of data, plus £25 auto-cashback £36pm from Mobile Phones Direct
Found 30th AugFound 30th Aug
I just bought this deal for my wife. It seems like a good deal without any upfront costs. If you're willing to spend more you can even get quite a large amount of cash back plus da… Read more
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I can only guess it's a EE network kind of thing. As far as I know it's only EE doing the Twilight edition unlocked. EE told me on chat before I ordered my phone that it come unlocked


It's been on and off for months (I got that deal in May). You could cancel the order and buy again but it could affect your credit rating. I don't think they will be able to just change which tariff you're on as they create the order with EE. As you say, worth a chat.


That deal, literally appeared straight after I posted it, I wonder if its worth calling and getting them to price match - its basically the same deal without the cashback.


Because this deal is cheaper per month and overall


I posted similar deal. £31 for 20GB. Voted pretty hot. EE do charge more for Thier network as they generally have the best signal. Your deal is £5 more but you get additional 10GB. So it's not massively different to my deal Think for a lot of people £30 a month us the maximum they are willing to go up to. Have some heat.


Mine arrived today sealed etc. Cheers op (highfive)


That's nice. I said Samsung


My P20 Pro seals were completely intact. Bought last week.


This is a really good deal, I think the title is misleading as it is guaranteed cashback, I've used these a number of times and never had a problem. You also get 6 months of apple music and 3 months of bt sport with this


Exactly. The cashback isn't exactly a hassle either, you just send them a screenshot of your last bill :{

Samsung Galaxy S8 on 02 £23 per Month for 24 months @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
Samsung Galaxy S8 on O2. Free Handset. £23 per Month for 24 months. 64Gb internal storage 3Gb data 1000mins Unlimited Texts
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Thats because phone prices have increased and become very expensive so it has to be spread over longer to make the price reasonable each month, would you rather pay as an example £40 for 24 months or £70 for 12 months



It’s better to get s9 on Vodafone. Just £100 upfront.


Personally I love my S8 on all fronts - power, screen, form, storage, etc (just not the Samsung bloatware). I've had Notes before but didn't get much out of the stylus and wouldn't go back to a larger phone. Again - just personal feedback, others will differ.


Yep an extra 100 pound gets you the s9. But s8 supposedly has better battery life which is a major advantage. Only hear say though I don't own an s8 or s9. I have a j5 2017 !


£54 for note 9 with this contract best i can find. id prefer a note 9 obviously.


thats what i was thinking its definitely a note 8 with the note 9 price


lol i swear the note 9 was out at this price?


Seems like a good deal for the price.



iPhone 8 64gb EE 30gb data  - £36 a month 24 months £864 with EE @ Mobile phones direct
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
iPhone 8 64GB Unlimited calls, Unlimited Texts, 30GB Data - £36 a month 24 months £864 with EE @ Mobile phones direct

Plenty of cold votes, but I haven't seen any evidence of a better deal? Weird


Is EE good?


I am awaiting for the announcement before changing


Good deal, expect for cold votes as its iPhone, im sure if this was an Galaxy S9 it would gain massive heat



Big O2 data deal for Samsung's Note 9 for £60 p/m 24 months with free phone upfront £1440 @ Mobile phones direct
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Pretty good 50gb deal with free Note 9. Even better if you trade in your note 8 and the including of cash back can bring it down to around £38pm.

£1,120 30gb data, unlimited minutes and texts for £38 per month. £259 uproot (£240with QUIDCO10 code) and £32 cashback.


Even better if you trade in your note 8 and the including of cash back can bring it down to around £38 pm


Gonna get cold in 'ere.

Sony Xperia XZ2 64GB on EE - unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 8GB 4G £28PM w/ ZERO Upfront (24mo contract - £672 - 6mo Apple Music / 3mo free BT Sport) @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Thought this was a great deal for the latest and greatest from Sony, the Xperia ZX2. EE themselves offer nowhere near this in terms of total contract duration cost, so if you are a… Read more

Thank you.


Sorry had the phone for 16 months not 18


Had the xz for 18 months, never experienced any problems, good phone overall and has snapdragon 810, it's also has oreo os. I paid £400 for mine in 2016 so at £239 it's bargain, camera and videos are above average, the screen is a ips lcd very bright and clear, build quality is excellent has metal back and frame.


What's the a What's the xz like plz? Argos selling it for £239


voting hot on the deal but have been let down with no cashback through top cashback by this firm twice so if counting on it be careful (annoyed)

The  Huawei P20 Pro With FreeBud Headphones £33/24mths 30gb data on EE £792 at Mobile Phones Direct + TCB
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
The Huawei P20 Pro including the headphones comes to a total of £792 for 2 years minus Topcashback which is £44.10 for new contracts it comes down to £747.90 which ain't a bad dea… Read more
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Thanks mate....I ordered mine on the 10th and received it on 16th .so I'll wait 14 days now...cheers again


Got mine on Vodafone today for £34.30 free phone 20gb data. Went via retentions and they sorted it out fine.


Click Make sure you are buying from an 'approved' retailer. Give your IMEI to Huawei directly via the promo site 14+ days after you order your P20. Provide proof of purchase. Then wait for the buds to be posted to you. Today is the last day. A P20 bought tomorrow won't be eligible for the free buds.


What's the process on claiming the free ear buds?


You can get this for the same price at EE for the MAX plan 20GB data with freebuds without faffing about with mobile phones direct. Just ring them up or go instore

Galaxy S9 64GB no upfront cost 30gb £30 a month by redemption, £720 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Hi guys, this is a deal i actually got out myself on the mobile phones direct website. Galaxy S9 in black on o2 30GB (double data) unltd minutes unltd texts Quidco cash… Read more

It may just be me being stupid here or is this deal no longer available?


free netflix deal expired 8th of august...


Thanks i had no idea about the Netflix with o2! Should have mine delivered sometime today.


Also; EE -Apple Music and bt sports for 6 months o2-priority and Netflix both crackikg deals


You really should add by redemption to the title - surprised this has not been iced - people hate redemption on here (at least MPD allow redemption by online submission).

LG G7 ThinQ 30GB Data on O2 24 Month - £30.50 per month (£732) @ Mobile phones direct
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Note this is a cashback by redemption system On O2 with International roaming extra 27 countries inc the USA plus Euro data FREE (was £74.99) 30GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited… Read more

I hear you about the demo, I just feel guilty asking them to show me something I have no intention of buying in store. Instead I reckon I can sell the P20 Pro plus earbuds for £500 if I don't like it. I got it free on 30GB for £33 tariff, £44 cashback has tracked, so £792 less £500 less £44 is £248 or £13ish a month which is pretty good for 30GB.


Cheers mate, yeah think I need to hold one, I love most things about it, then watch a review that moans about it, then it kinda puts me off. It's a toss up between Lg G7, S9 or P20 pro.....


I would just go and demo one in a shop and compare it to others on your list and don't listen to the sales pitch. I did that after I decided to send the S9 back and before I got the P20 pro. The problem with technical reviews are they tend to be too technical and may not be relevant to the individual. All the tech reviews for my phone say turn the AI off for the camera. I leave mine on and pictures look perfect to me. I bought the G4 a few years back when the S6 was supposed to have the best camera but I beg to differ. I had no issues with my G4 on quality for pictures. If the G7 is as good or better quality, coupled with the speed of the S7 you will be well pleased. Individuals can also be too picky or not wanting to slag off their £600/£700 investment. I demoed the p20 pro, like it and bought it.


No problem. I always go for a phone that has a good camera. Even my old Samsung S4 took pictures that were good enough to have as wallpaper on my works monitor. I am really pleased with my P20 pro and sometimes it's nice to have something that is not Samsung or an iPhone. I don't like IOS and not too keen on the Samsung edge range and their apatation of android. LG had it spot on in their G4 in my opinion. It always take me a while to get used to a new phone to fully appreciate it and I wasn't overkeen on Huawei's EMUI so I just downloaded a different launcher from the play store. I tried a few but the one I like is Microsoft launcher as it does what I needed it to do. I am sure you will be very pleased with the P20 pro.


I'm due for an upgrade next month, and I'm seriously considering getting the G7. Does anyone have any feedback from owning one? For me, the Google assistant button is a plus for me, but I have watched numerous videos on YouTube about the camera quality compared to other flagships, and they have conflicting opinions. I currently have S7 edge, and want to know if the camera will be a big upgrade or not. Thanks.

Samsung Note 9 128GB - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 50GB Data on o2 £55pm ZERO upfront with code (24mo contract - £1320 total) @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
Got your eyes on the new hotness that is the Note 9. Have to say I watched the unveiling and a few early impressions, and it impressed me. MPD seem to be first out the gate with so… Read more

Aah bummer.. only just sent mine back this week.. for a full refund.


Nah took it off me at airport.. Sent from my iPhone....


Do you really still have your note 7?


In theory you're right, of course. But when a theoretically good deal like this goes as cold as this it's often an indication that a company has got its pricing wrong. I'm very much a target Note buyer, but even I think this is way over the top pricewise, and I'll be looking for a substantially cheaper replacement for mine. That sort of money for something that really only lasts for an absolute maximum of 3 years is just crazy.


How is this so cold, it’s literally much cheaper than most other places, yes it’s expensive for a phone but then so is every other premium device posted here. Judge the deal on its on merit

Iphone X 24 month phone contract with EE at £53 a month. No upfront cost. £44.10 TCB @ MOBILEPHONESDIRECT
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Unlimited mins, unlimited texts, 4gb data £44.10 topcashback Cheapest iPhone x contract with no upfront cost out there.
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I did have my Samsung S8 in mind when I wrote that.


Get dissent branded device and you will be fine. Many people buying cheap Chinese models and start complain about.


Of course is not about how many devices, Look at this article - the only person who fight for ios was you, rest of forumers staid calm. Generally you do support ios and see yours benefits in it - i don't. Reason why i answered in short because i can see your full enthusiastic in ios... I let you satisfy with it but it didn't worked for me. ... And be honest, we at work place cisco engineers, mostly do not support ios. Nothing against unix, only against iOS restricted functions.


Six months to a year later and by then your manufacturer and carrier have stuck their dirty fingers in it.


It's not about who has the most phones. Your comment was "who likes ios???", the answer is over 1.3 Billion. An interesting asside, however, note how Android has an install base of just over 2 Billion active users, which is indeed far greater than 1.3 Billion and means that Android is live on about 35% more devices overall. However, that does give an interesting dynamic. Android outsell iOS devices approximately 86 devices to every 15 (worldwide), but despite this they only have a 35% swing in active users. That's one hell of a lot more Android devices chucked in the bin every year than Apple devices and highlights the value of the Apple proposition. You do indeed spend more buying an Apple iPhone, and some of that pricing is indeed high level profits for Apple. But on the flip side you iDevice will, statistically, last far longer and end up saving you money over time. It's the same with their line of computers, they cost more upfront, but add in the years of software support and resale value and you will usually end up saving over time.