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Galaxy S8 - 30GB data - Unlimited minutes/text - £29.50 / 24 months contract - £708 @ Mobile phones direct - £156 cashback
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Galaxy S8 - 30GB data - Unlimited minutes/text - £29.50 / 24 months contract
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Love the S8 to bits - I've had mine nearly two weeks now thanks to Samsung offering a ridiculous £200 for my old S6. However this feels like S9 territory for pricing.


The correct price is £708. Admin has edited wrong.


OP was feeling hot hence why they posted this deal, to cool down.


This is £6.50 monthly cheaper than the one posted a few days ago. That one was 70°


might be okay for an S9 Plus

Huawei Mate 10 Pro 15Gb O2 - £34.50/month (£588 for 24 months) £24.50 after redemption @ MobilePhones Direct
Found 15th JulFound 15th Jul
I think this is a good price for this phone and decent amount of data. £24.50 per month with Redemption. £34 without. £44.10 TopCashback - so could be as low as £543.90
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Most people will.


There’s also an EE Max 8gb deal(includes BT Sport and 90mb/s 4G) for £25.50.


This is a great deal for people with more money then sense.


Should really be £816 in the title, then the amount after cashback in the description.


Why the need for putting the claim every month? Are they banking on the fact that people may forget?

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Samsung galaxy s9 £41 per month, 24 months, 50gb data, 02 unlimited mins & texts - £984 @ Mobile phones direct - £144 cashback
Found 10th JulFound 10th Jul
35 per month after cash back No up front cost Unlimited texts Unlimited calls 50gb data O2 Seems good to me...
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About £480 for the sim, plus ur £144 cashback, so the fone is under £400. Good deal if u use that amount of data, plus its a uk fone with 2yrs samsung warranty. Heat.


Holy moly that is a lot of data!

iPhone 8 deal Unlimited Mins / Unlimited Texts / 30Gb Of Data On 02 £34pm £99.99 upfront £963 at Mobile Phones Direct
Found 7th JulFound 7th Jul
My daughter was looking around for a new phone contract and found a deal on a iPhone 7 with unlimited mins and texts and 15gb of data for £34.00 per month with a £59.99 upfront pay… Read more

Sorry seems it’s expired........ still think it was a cracking deal


Not coming up when I search for it


Why do bad? I still can’t find a better offer for 30Gb of data with unlimited calls and texts? Yes it’s cheaper if you want only say 20gb but hey please point me in the right direction so I can see how bad a deal it is if your going to vote it cold?


I got mine on EE 2 Years ago for 25 admittedly the phone was a 4s I even got some knocked off a few months back now paying 21.00 unlimited minutes texts 2gb of internet can’t of looked round that much if the phone was ok sim only is far cheaper


Same site for 15gb data is £38 p/m with no upfront cost.

Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Black on o2 - 1000 Mins, Unltd Texts, 3GB Data on 24 month contract £23PM  / S9 £36PM w/ 30GB Data (IN OP) @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
Spotted this and thought it was a pretty great deal once you consider the monthly amount, and total repayable with ZERO upfront to pay! 1000 Minutes Unlimited Texts 3 … Read more
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Thank you. I went for 15gb double data (30 gb) £36 before cashback and £23 after cashback via MPD. I hope I will still get quidco cashback too


Yeah, I went for the cashback option on Quidco. So that makes it a better deal. :)


Did you go for cash back deal?


Don't know if this will help but I picked up this deal myself. Great find, also I used quidco for £40 back. Service was excellent, had text messages and emails keeping me up to date with the delivery. Bought online at 7.30 at night, had the phone by 12 the next day. Good service and heat added. :)


Thank you, Seems there are some deals with cash back with 15gb data for S8. Isn’t it a good offer if you are paying 23£ in the end per month?

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Samsung Galaxy S7 - 30GB Data, Unlimited Minutes & Unlimited Texts £33 / 24mths +£264.00 cashback at MobilePhones Direct
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
I've come across this deal with EE online for the Samsung Galaxy S7, 30GB of data for £22 per month (£33 before cashback) for 24 months. Very good deal for a decent phone with a gr… Read more
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Its already pretty cheap, so I'd get it while it's worth having (the phone that is) otherwise, if you delay it any longer, then the s10 will be out, and you'll end up with a three year old phone, with next to no support from Samsung. I've always found the cashback very reliable, but can't speak for, if you don't want to use the cashback websites, then go through voucher codes, that way, you can use the code I provided above, and get a £40 amazon voucher thrown in, but again I don't know how reliable they are.


Thanks for that, do you reckon that the S8 will be discounted any more in the near future? Also, is cashback usually pretty reliable on these? Cheers :D

TheOak Surely this would be preferential to most, no cashback (pain in the arse anyway) but an s9 vs an s7, and loads of add ons.


£18 per month, £90 upfront, but only 1gb data on Vodafone, total cost £512, but reduce that with cashback, or a tenner off using VC10OFF


@Mrswitch can you find any deals on the S8 for under £20 per month with a low upfront cost? I've looked everywhere, e2save had it on offer for £18 with £20 upfront yesterday, but I missed out :(

LG G7 - £33 a month, free phone, 30GB data, EE - £792 total @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
Been looking out for a good price drop on this, as I'd like a phone with a headphone socket and can't stand Samsung's curved screens. Before this the next cheapest contract with a … Read more
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every LG ive owned has had the bootloop issue, over heating, random resets.


I’d like to add though that OLED for has proven itself to zap battery when showing white images/backgrounds like on webpages or inside apps. Its bad enough to the point where I actually believe top quality lcd panels are more power efficient. I had a note 5 which was supposed to perform really well but in truth needed charging after 8-10 hours in the day. Nothing drastically intensive outside WhatsApp, messaging and the odd bit of web browsing/social media apps. I’m going to say the battery between the two phones (G7 and S9) is going to be about the same. If not towards the G7.


Tbf the S9 is pretty horrendous too. I HATE, and I try to not use the word often, companies that refuse to put big batteries into their smaller flagships?


Personally wouldn't bother. LG phones plummet in prices so worth buying it outright in a couple of months time. Also I've had the LG G6 & the build quality is mediocre. The headphone jack went, SIM tray is flimsy and broke. Also experienced issues with the charging if the phone got wet. Reading on forums I wasn't alone. I'm not a Samsung fanboy, currently using the V20 & have been with LG since the G3. But definitely could improve the reliability. The performance is very good though.


Which one are you waiting for?

Nokia 130 with 1GB data, unlimited calls and texts £18 p/m 24 months £432 - Mobiles phones direct - £336 cashback
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Consider the Nokia as a spare phone, I'm looking to use this tariff with a Xiaomi phone I've bought, so the Nokia as a spare is a bonus. Again, looking for a deal for my eldest, t… Read more

EE is excellent and will not let me go over my data limit, if I run out (happened once when stuck at an airport for 24 hours) it cuts me off and then I have to logon and buy extra data in advance.


Thanks, what a refreshing change to see someone saying something nice on the internet! I’ll likely go for the £5 deal, it’s her first phone and will only be for basic communication other than when at home, at which point out broadband will deal with the data. I assume there would be a message if/when she gets near to her data limit as I have on my phone. If not, then I might need to reconsider.


OP a lot of ignorant comments on here - frankly there is a band on here who hate cashback by redemption & another who can't get their heads around not enough data for me does not mean cold, so this one was always going to struggle. Well done for keeping calm & polite. Clearly we don't know your kids or indeed your financial circumstances, but I would personally look at a larger data allowance - perhaps the recent virgin 6GB for £10 and treat the £6 extra as insurance against a massive bill (what would this cost if they used 6GB one month) and getting you out of 5 or more claims. To me, IF you can afford it, on both fronts, the extra is for me the percentage shot. If a three signal is not an issue, you could consider smarty, even for a short time to evaluate usage.


Thanks, looks good. It says it’s for existing virgin customers but looks like I can still get it.


plenty of sim only deals around, virgin have 2gb data for £5

Huawei P20 lite £23pm (£16 pm after cashback) 24 m @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Huawei P20 lite from mpd. 33 per month but Includes £384 Cashback Which effectively reduces the monthly line rental by £16.00. 30gbp 30 gbpbQuidco also available.

dont like process of mobile phones direct when uploading for cashbacks..lost my last cashbacks for aprox 50 pounds.. ..better from more helpful and friendly with cashbacks..never lost in 3 years with them.


The cash back from mobile phones direct is as good as guaranteed. All you do is upload a copy of you bill every 3 months (after 6 or 9 months I think) and they pay it into your bank after a few days.


Well before the cashback it's the same price as the pro twilight edition.. the pro is a much better phone and cashback is not guaranteed...

Huawei P20 Pro 128GB EE £33pm no upfront = £792 total @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Huawei P20 Pro 128GB Black £33 a month No upfront cost Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 30GB data To buy this phone sim free from Carphone Warehouse is £799.

Done! Posted today by N1Andy Huawei p20 Pro TWILIGHT free (30gb data) - £33/month (total £792) @ MobilePhones Direct


Do these phones come unlocked. I have a three sim with 3 months contract left and would like to port my number over once three sim us finish


Now matched at Affordable Mobiles. £42 TCB too


You go through EE


Stupid question, but how does it work going through a third party? I've only ever gone direct before. If I have an issue with my contract would I call EE or would I need to go through Mobile Phones Direct?

Huawei P20 : EE 4GB data, £49.99 upfront for £22 per month : MobilePhonesDirect
Found 8th JunFound 8th Jun
Not everyone want large phone (screen wise) The Huawei P20 has an impressive 20+12MP rear dual camera capable of taking exceptional quality photos, paired with a front facing came… Read more
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Had this phone since launch and love it, camera amazing and is lightning quick. No headphone jack but that makes little diffeence really once u get used to using bluetooth.


I agree, the phone is fantastic


I'm using the p20 it's a great phone.


P20. There are 3 different models. P20 Lite; P20; and P20 Pro so this is the middle spec


Is this the pro or the lite?

SAMSUNG S9 - 50gb Data, unlmtd txt & calls £41pm ( £192 cashback = £33pm) @ MobilePhonesDirect
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Bargain of a contract deal! Visit the site, change the settings to your preference (7gb+ data etc) - FREE Samsung S9 - 50gb Data - Unlimited text & calls - £33pm

If it was £33pm direct debit I'd be all over this deal like a rash


£41 p.m. before cashback. I'm fine with this but not everyone will be.


O2 network

Samsung S8 Plus £33m unl mins & texts, 30gb Data £78 upfront £870 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
Samsuns S8 Plus Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 30gb data £78 upfront £33 per month Total £870

Sorry cold.,... I went for the p20 pro phone deal that was on here last week. No upfront cost with same contract. The p20 pro is a much newer phone and much better.


Same as being £36.26pm Surely this isn't bad as s9 is just £33


S9 is cheaper else where


I understand some people may want a larger phone but the s9 is available for the same price and same data with 0 up front


Link please

Apple Iphone SE 32GIG on o2 with 30gig data.  £32 reduced to £18 a month via redemption. Mobile Phones direct
Found 28th MayFound 28th May
Apple Iphone SE 32GIG on o2 with 30gig data. £32 reduced to £18 a month via redemption. Yes, redemtion deal, Cold, Yes Iphone, Cold, Yes taken out and beaten. Thought it might be … Read more

I guess this now qualifies for the free netflix deal for 12 months too


I did see the second one, but it sold out straight away. (annoyed)


This was 149 AND via Maths posts not add up but it's an alternative :{


How is that a fair comparison? This is a brand new phone, which is guaranteed to be in pristine condition with perfect battery etc. It’s more luck of the drawer on a refurbished one. Also your maths doesn’t add up as this costs 24x£18 = £432 compared to £582 for your deal. and finally, please provide a link to a genuinely refurbished (not just used but in good condition, which many sellers mislabel as “refurbished”) SE for £150. My girlfriend would like one and that’s a great deal.


Get a 32gb refurb for ~£150/200 and a virgin 45gb SIM for £18. 150 24x18 - 432 Total 582 Saving 213 on this deal and no faffing around on the redemption deal. (ninja)

Samsung Galaxy S9 with Unlimited minutes/texts and 30GB of data on O2 @ MobilesPhoneDirect £34pm + £49up front
Found 27th MayFound 27th May
Potential £31.50 through TopCashBack, makes it a fantastic offer. To find this deal: - Follow the above link. - Select S9 deals. - Filter it down to 02 network, up to £50 upfront… Read more
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If you're not too fussed with the data amount (I rarely use the 4gb I have a month) this option is available on £110 upfront £23 a month, total cost of £662


I don't see it has it expired


I had a Z5 Premium but moved to a OnePlus 3 and now a OnePlus 5. I personally prefer these phones over the Sony phones.


The thing about the Xperia Z3 was it already had a 4K camers, HDR (not the display, just the camera). 3GB of ram compared to 2GB of ram on most other premium phones released at the same time. IP67 which few phones had when the Z3 was released. 540 nits screen. Excellent camera. And a battery that outclassed every other phone at the time. Sony dropped the ball big time on design. A bit like Nokia after the iphone was released. The only people who don't really know how good the Z3 and Z5 were the people who never owned them.


Definitely depends on what you use the phone for, I personally felt a huge upgrade from the s7 edge.

EE SIM Only £4pm (poss £3.17 / £3.67pm w/ cashback) *UNLIMITED* Mins and Texts 500MB / 1GB data with 6 months Apple Music / 3 months BT sport  at MobilePhonesDirect £96/ £76
Found 27th MayFound 27th May
If you buy the Nokia 130 and claim cashback then you have effectively got a SIM Only from EE for £4 with 500MB data or £4.50 with 1GB. Very useful for people who just need minutes … Read more
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Because you have to send in your bills at specific times and most times they try their best to disqualify your cashback claim through loopholes wherever they can find one!.. I got stung many of times before back when smartphones were not a thing yet...


The cashback is a hassle for some and also for not mentioning it in title


A great way to share data with your current EE contract on a tablet, or a child/teenager - mind bar premium if you are giving it to a kid/alledged adult ;)




could you use this sim in an iphone, and just store the phone as an emergency backup?

Huawei p20 /ee / 30gb / unlimited minutes and txt £23 p/m (aftercashback)24 months £792 @ Mobile phones direct - £240 cashback
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Find on mobilephonedirect Ee/30 GB/unlimited txt and minutes Also 3 month BT Sport 33 a month but cashback reduce to 23 a month and extra topcashback 30 pound so generally contract… Read more
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cannot understand some donkeys in HUDLs votes same offer for 33 hot which went over 350hot !!!!but this for 24 is cold????


Am I missing something here? This is an absolute steal?!


£23pm after cashback for phone and 30GB? Sounds good. Being generous and saying the 30GB is even £15pm (that's really generous)… that's £360. Meaning the phone is £192. I have no use for 30GB though, but even if we say £10pm (which is almost my 15GB deal) .. £240… the phone would be £312 which is still a deal.


Yes but sometimes after 3 months trial they offer for half price BT sport


BT Sports useless to me since it's the end of the season lol

Samsung S9 on EE w/ 8GB Data + Unlimited Calls/Texts + £79.99 upfront Just £30 per month - £799.99 @ Mobile phones direct
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
A great deal on the Samsung S9 phone to be had with Mobilephonesdirect. EE sim with 8GB Data + Unlimited Calls/Texts + £79.99 upfront then £30 per month. Also £30 quidco! Total co… Read more

It says the upfront cost if £89.99 am I looking in the right place or have they changed the price?


Yes, ask your current company for a PAC code. If you'e with EE it's a longer process


If I go for this plan and phone, can I transfer my number onto this contract?


They just cancelled my order. Didn't give specifics but said it could be something to do with credit history.


Does that happen just for the phone plan or do you have to pay everything? If you have to pay for everything I might as well pay in instalments

Samsung Galaxy S9+  £45/Month 24 months contract £0 upfront with 50GB Data - £1080 @ Mobile phones direct
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
I have been looking for this phone and so far I came across this bargin deal thought I will share. Don't forget to trade in your old phone. It will bring down overall contract val… Read more

The cheapest simo plan with 45GB data I found is available with three - 18 months contract @£18


Was looking at this deal yesterday. Considering its 50GB of data that can be used, not just in europe, but in most other countries, especially USA and Australia, this has to be a cracking deal. How much would the sim only cost on this tarrif? Heat added.


Not bad, first decent big data contract I've seen for this.


Amazing deal! I'd pay a couple of quid more for the other networks given O2's issues...