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Samsung Galaxy S9 EE MAX plan, 20GB data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts free phone £28 p/m 24 months - £672 @ Mobile phones direct
Found 16 h, 48 m agoFound 16 h, 48 m ago
Samsung Galaxy S9 EE MAX plan 20GB data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts £240.00 Cashback £240.00 cashback reducing the monthly line rental from £38.00 to £28.00 £28.00 Inc… Read more
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Aye me once as well. Was really straightforward to do as well (annoyed)


Not a proper deal really due to redemption cashback


Yep, they are counting on you forgetting, it works well for them. Works well as a deal if you set reminders and are disciplined.


Cashback is 100% unless you forget about claiming... Like me (twice) so it's not guaranteed (missed reminder).


Perhaps but it was just moderated and reapproved. I didn't know about the cashback in title rule. SIM free s9 also £499 from them

O2 Samsung Galaxy S9 £30 a month no upfront, 16gb data £720 24M @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
£30 per month / 24 months 16GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts no upfront cost

Best offer for S9 yet imo....hoping for better on black Fri as the wife wants the S9 at the end of her current contract


It's a 4x data deal (i.e. normally 4GB thats increased for 2 years). Definitely HOT (they do same phone on 45GB for £32pm but that's after cash back, where as this deal does not require cashback)


great deal considering what sim only would cost - bargain s9


The weather? Yes it’s not brilliant. Only another 7 months to summer 😏


£15 or month for 15GB I have in my mind so tariff wise this costs£360. That means you get the handset for £360 which is great price for a new handset s9. Also on o2 which I like.

Sony Xperia XZ2 64GB All Colours Sim Free @ Mobilephonesdirect
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Good price here for a sim free. £2.52 cashback at topcashback as well... Xperia XZ2 The Xperia XZ2 is packed with the latest Sony technologies to deliver an entertainment experie… Read more

Ohhhhh.... Lol derr me.






Where is he Mrswitch???


Has the the ability to record in 4k HDR to, and ps4 remote pay

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iPhone XR with 3GB data on O2, £23 p/m with £452.99 Upfront - 1000 Minutes / Unlimited Texts £916 @ Mobile Phone Direct + Topcashback
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
£364.00 upfront plus £23 per month for below with O2. Topcashback currently offers £45 so potentially £871 for 2 years. Apple iPhone XR 64GB Black/ 3GB Data 1000 Minutes Unlim… Read more

Unless you don’t need the money extra mins / unlimited calls of course! Was looking at an Xr at Very with 10% off and thinking that i might bite. But then factoring in my £10 / month sim, i end up at the same amount as this deal. Suddenky doesn’t look too bad....relatively speaking!


Cold. If you’re buying an iPhone why would you want the peasant model? That’s what Android is for


Brace yourselves. Winter is coming


For £75 more over 2 years (£3 per month) this seems like a much better deal.

iPhone XR with 50GB data on O2, £45 p/m with no upfront costs  Mobile Phones Direct
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
iPhone XR on o2 with 50GB data, 24months £45 with no upfront cost from mobilephonesdirect. Best deal I can see at the moment. I’m sure there will be non Apple fans that do not … Read more
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This may be your answer: A cashback site here and there, helps heaps towards that too perhaps?. :-)


Can you add any money upfront on this to lower the mo they cost? Happy with the total overall amount but want to pay under £30 pm


Looks like you can get additional £40+ from the usual cash back sites


Received xr on another phone. Lovely but will return it and get this deal. It saves me about 180 thus allowing me not to sell my existing phone and keep as backup


I had a small Windows phone the same size as the iPhone 6S. I too was worried about the size being too big but honestly it fits fine in the pocket of my trousers. I bought a case that includes card holders which then with the added bulk makes it a bit more of a challenge to stuff into my pocket. Best thing to do is try it out in the apple store or a phone shop if you're not sure. When I first got it, I kept asking myself if it's too big but I've done that every time I bought a bigger phone but now I see the XR as a normal size and everyone has a tiny phone ;-)

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iPhone 6s @ mobile phones direct 4gb of data unltd mins and texts - No upfront cost £22 pm on EE (Term- £528)
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
iPhones 6s - £22 pm on EE 4gb of data unltd mins and texts 24 month contract !
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In wonder if you can get the 20% EE discount on top of this...( via employer)


No it is not. Since O2 bought all of Band 40 they are much better. I have O2 SIM and it works very well. Also it is not speed we are talking about, it is priority on the network. If you work from home etc it works fine. EE network is oversold . Data just stops working on EE Essentials, Virgin and Plusnet , in preference to EE Max and BT customers in crowded places. Like on a highly overbooked aeroplane/ train only the first class passengers only get the seats and the third class are booted out.


Is it much slower then iPhone 7?


EE essentials is still faster than o2 and voda and has better coverage in uk. I agree though if it was a max plan it’d be worth £10-£12 a month just for the plan and a good deal.



Samsung Galaxy Note 8  - O2 24M £34/M - 24 months - 15GB Unlimited Mins - Unlimited Txts -  Handset Free £816 @ Mobile phones direct
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
Thought this was a great deal for the Samung Note 8. Was ready to buy the Huawei P20 Pro from Carphone Warehouse until I seen this. Now i don't know which to buy.
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Basing a deal on everyone thinking the 20gb data is worth that is part of the problem. If you have that exact data requirement it is interesting if not...


£34 for a phone that is over a year old isn't a deal when your taped into 24 months with it.


Maybe because you can get a 24gb simo for 15 pounds/month -> making the phone 456 (with 9gb less data monthly), which is not a great price for note 8.


May be because its a old phone ... ? I voted hot


Why is this cold? Cause it's not Chinese? O2 Sim only £20 x 24 = £480 Technically paying £336 for the Samunsg Note. Also on a O2, not dodgey EE essential.

FREE Huawei Mate 20 Lite, EE 9GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts!!! £28 p/m 24 months @ Mobile phone direct - £240.00 cashback
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
A great deal + You can get £48 cashback through topcashback which makes the monthly price £16 , in my opinion this is a bargain if you can live without a "Flagship". EE 9GB Dat… Read more

Best thing to do mate is post your deals and move on. Somebody may have benefited from it, but it makes no difference to you whether they did or not. So if you have any issues, take it up with the mods.


There never was a question asked to begin with.


I did not read it as I have no need for a new contract. I was merely pointing out the fact that cash back never gets taken into account with final prices on here. Regardless of its topcashback or auto cash back. You can put the price after cashback in the title. The final price must always be the total of the contract term before any cashback. I don't make the rules, merely answering a question.


That is just extra to get £48, the £240 come direct from Mobile Phones Direct. You just proved my point of people not reading at all.


There is topcashback involved. That is never guaranteed

LG G7 ThinQ Sim Free  - £379 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Refreshed 15th NovRefreshed 15th Nov
Aurora Black or Platinum Grey 6.1 Quad HD+ 19.5:9 FullVision Gorilla Glass Display Super fast Snapdragon 845 Octa Core Processor + 4GB of RAM Android 8.0 Oreo 64GB Storage + … Read more

Yeah that's why they're so tempting to me.


Hopefully not. I see the G7 is a longer narrower tray. So maybe LG realised their error.


Sadly with LG updates take so long to appear and their customer service isn't great either. Still got my LGG4 as a backup, never bootlooped either!


Yup G4 was the best phone I ever had even now 3 years on it's specs still rival a lot of new phones


Apparently It's only the UK versions as apart from one security update that was installed when I switched it on there hasn't been any more since I've owned it. On the flip side my 2 Year old S7Edge was getting updates every Month and as I wouldn't say I'm a heavy user (1 hour screen time per day with nearly all notifications off) a S9s smaller battery would be fine. Yep but Samsungs and Pixels also hold their value too. Oh and at the rate the Chinese are flooding the market phones like the Pocophone will be £100 in a Year, and we might even see a massive crash in the phone market.

Huawei P20 pro. EE max plan, 8GB, unlimited. calls. £30 a month , no upfront cost at Mobile Phones Direct
07/11/2019Expires on 07/11/2019Found 7th NovFound 7th Nov
Whilst the newer Huawei mate 20 has been released , the p20 pro is still one of the best mobile phones you can buy. Hugely impressive camera with good battery being just some of it… Read more
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If this is a Max plan then it should be for the duration of the contract. If you click or hover over the BT Sport icon shown in the deal (I’m on an iPad so tapped it) it confirms it’s the duration. The 20GB plan for an extra pound is on Essentials and you only get 3 months BT Sport, and lower max data speed


Cheapest I have seen them is for £499 , grade A, slight seconds. From appliance direct


Where are they selling these sim free at £450?


Seen this deal last week. Was tempted as I'm not a heavy data user and I use wifi more. Hoping a better deal will come around for black Friday


Hmmm tempted. This or the mate 20 (non pro)?

EE - Huawei P Smart 4GB data Unlimited Calls and Text £12 (£22 b4 cashback) @ MobilePhonesDirect
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
At Mobile Phones Direct 32gb of storage and 3gb or ram, fingerprint reader, good size screen, Android 8.0 and all for only around £4/m more than a sim only deal (after claiming th… Read more

Haha, thanks bud, it was me or someone else who was bound to point this out, so I took the opportunity. Oh, the glory... :p :p :p . I'm typing this from my P-smart just now, which costs about £18 a month all in, very decent wee phone that seems to be standing the test of time.


Thanks bluehedgehog: amended to say "Android 8.0" rather than "the latest verion of Android"


Smoking hot if the cashback process is easy to process? What's your experience guys?


Oreo isn't the latest available version of Android as far as I'm aware, but good deal as long as CB all works out.

Apple Iphone XR 64GB O2 Black 100GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts £45 p/m 24 months £49 upfront - £1129 @ Mobile phones direct
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
Apple iPhone XR 64GB Black 100GB Data 50GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 24 Month Contract O2 Multi SIM Card
Avatardeleted1069395Get dealGet deal

It’s a good deal, as above works out at £15 a month for the 100gb plan, do all 02 plans by default come with refresh ?


Whys that please? If your buying this phone anyway doesnt an effective price of £15.83 per month seem pretty good for 100gb data plan?


£900 with sky £30 month for 30 months - sim free and 128g - red looks good :)


£1129-£749 = £380 . The sim data on O2 is alone is more than £600 . So it makes this a good deal .


Voted hot

Samsung Galaxy S9 EE 20gb data, unlimited mins and texts, no upfront fee £30.17/month @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 3rd NovFound 3rd Nov
Just had an still from mobile phones direct offering this, seems a good deal to me.
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This or the OP6T deal? (Same price and plan)


That just makes your narrow mindedness even more gulling, that you have no empathy for others suffering.


Sorry mate been a refugee & don't have more time to listen to your nonsense. Sorry. Bye-bye.


Seems like you're only talking about your personal experiences, try seeing a broader horizon, speak to a refugee, a veteran or someone that has actually seen the world past their Facebook feeds and package holidays. Perhaps try volunteering with a charity that's helping those less fortunate.


We're a bit more fortunate than previous generations, didn't have to go through both world many of our grandparents. Add to that, the fact that poverty levels are rock bottom in world history. Asia & much of Africa making big progress at last. Extremism, both right & left-wing, at historic low levels (prosperity being its biggest enemy). Still strong in Middle East, parts of Africa where growth is elusive. You can always see a glass half-empty, but healthier people usually see it half-full.

64GB Iphone XS 100GB Data on O2 £60 x 24 months No upfront costs £1440 (possible £42 cashback from Quidco) at MobilePhonesDirect
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
I am android guy but just saw this advertised on Techradar and thought it might be worth posting here for people interested in the new Iphone XS.

Algum brasileiro?


Give it a year and £3k iPhone packages or sim free will be the norm. After that you'll need to give them a kidney too for the latest and greatest.


Not too bad given there's no upfront costs. Cheaper deals to be had if you don't need 100GB though

Huawei Mate 20 Pro £46 a month 100gb unlimted calls and texts 02 x 24 Months - £1,104 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 27th OctFound 27th Oct
Handset will set you back only £49.99 i went for the 30 gig plan for 42 a month saw this after i took deal out always the way lol
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is there way to go with upgrade rather than new account?


I left ee for 02 last week so far so good. My phone came before release so far loving the handset. Put my claim in for the free watch and wireless charger as well


Nah, you don't get me with your ridiculous advertising for this small company! I went with the EE offer to guarantee I received my phone when they said they'd deliver. Anyone would be a fool to trust anything but the biggest network provider in the UK! STILL HAVEN'T GOT MY BL00DY PHONE AND WON'T UNTIL AT LEAST 5TH OF NOVEMBER!! BL00DY Kevin Bacon! (mad) (mad) (mad)


My 2nd phone with them, ordered this on 24th they posted on 25th got it on release date 26th lunch time, no problem at all they are very good. And in business for over 25 years.


One of the major players. Bought several phones via them

Huawei mate 20 pro, cheapest no upfront fee contract. £46 month. EE 30GB allowance - £1104 @ Mobile Phones Direct
24/11/2018Expires on 24/11/2018Found 24th OctFound 24th Oct
Get the latest and arguably the finest mobile phone money can buy. SIM free price is £899. This deal is with EE and not the undesirable Vodaohone, O2 etc £46 a month, data has been… Read more
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It's built in 128GB will suffice for most


Cold due to proprietary NM card not microsd


2 deals, one hot one cold. Very similar deals. One is slightly more expensive, £42 more over 24 months but no upfront cost. Fickle folk are aplenty.


That would be great! Also, I know it's not a Pixel but I think even monthly security updates for two years and one major OS upgrade would help enormously with Huawei. There seems to be a difference with how different models get updates. The unbranded UK Mate 10 Pros seemed to get left behind, 3 branded phones got more regular updates and the EU models have gotten the most regular updates to where people are rebranding their UK models to them. The Mate 20 Pro looks insanely good in so many ways. Happy with my Note 9 but I'll be looking at how updates go with this one and how the price may fall.


Agree with most of the above. I purchased a mate 8 for £220 No one had ever heard of Huawei. In a relatively short time they have ascended at a meteoric rate, the cost of the devices also have shot up. With regards to software I'm not the biggest fan of the Huawei skin but think things will get better. Imagine a Huawei mate 20 pro with pure android skin.

Huawei mate 20 pro 30gb unlimited mins texts plus free watch and wireless charger £42 a month 24 months £50 upfront at Mobile Phones Direct
Found 24th OctFound 24th Oct
My first post ordered this myself thought it was best deal out there huawie mate 20 pro £50 upfront £42 a month 24 month contract O2 30 GB data unlimited mins and texts plus free w… Read more

Got mine today, thanks for posting this deal. Loving the phone!!


Cold due to proprietary NM card slot not microsd.


Roryk07 managed to order last night Good job i ordered with o2 mobilephnesdirect (as on other thread people saying EE is not sending for 2-3 weeks) and got 3 emails and 3 text to update whats going on (brilliant customer service) on and just got msg from DPD they are delivering my order tmrw wohooolll


My apologies yes it's gone off now try again tomorrow as it did this for me other day before I ordered ( thought it may have been a error in deal ) but it came back next day maybe they have a quota on that deal


All I do is click on mobilephonesdirect and then the mate 20 pro first one comes up £46 next one is £42 with £50 upfront still there just looked now

Huawei P20 Pro 128GB (Twilight) - £599 Sim-Free @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 23rd OctFound 23rd Oct
Been keeping an eye on the price of these. Thought it was a good deal for a new one. Thanks to light fusion technology, hybrid zoom and a stunning low-light performance, you can … Read more

thats the one,not sold by amazon,but it is fulfilled,its even cheaper now aswell,i'd prefer to buy direct from amazon,but they've put the price all the way back to the full £700!!i got it for £500 from them 7 months ago,still think £ for £ it's one of the best bargains if you're after a flagship phone.


Dubrovnik, Croatia (strong)


Can you send me the details of this place place? looks amazing!

WJR1986 That one?


I’ll just sell it for what I paid. Might get another Nokia 8.