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Huawei P Smart on o2 - Unlimited Mins and Texts, 10GB £31pm before cashback with 0 upfront (24mo - £170 auto cashback)  @ MPD
23/01/2019Expires on 23/01/2019Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Thought this was a decent offering for the new Huawei P Smart on o2. Unlimited minutes and texts, with a 10GB data allowance for £31 per month on a 24 month contract. Zero upfront… Read more

Flagship price for a mid range phone


Yeah, get that :D


Yea by redemption usually is stronger cashback amounts, but thought this may suit someone who doesn't want the extra work of redeeming and want an o2 sim :)


Bit better here, but £380 by redemption

Sony Xperia XZ1 Black 4GB/64GB Brand New £199 @ Mobile Phones Direct delivered
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
+ £2.50 cashback from TCB/Quidco
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This needs expiring, went up to £219.00 three hours ago.


Thanks (y)


Still not very hot, regrettably

xavierluther Also Vodafone, maybe unlocked, bought another Sony grade A from them, pleased


Any links to any good prices on the XZ1 Compact ? I'd prefer a smaller phone :-)

Huawei P smart 32GB 4GEE - 8GB (24 months) + Unlimited Calls & Text £30pm / £720 (£14.00pm / £336 After cashback) - Mobile Phones Direct
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Disclaimer this is for those looking specifically to buy a 4GEE Max contract sim only, which would otherwise not be possible. For those not aware 4GEE Max over Essentials (regula… Read more

Go incognito or clear cookies. Will not work via a tracking site


I can't seem to find this deal


Mods can you put 4GEE Max in the title please as you removed it


Voted hot for EE Max.


Doesn’t work, tried the price goes up 🙈

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB on o2 - Unlimited Mins / Texts, 10GB Data £31pm (24mo - ZERO upfront) £744 @ MPD
TODAYTODAYFound 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Thought this was a decent price for a Samsung S9 with zero upfront. 10GB and on o2, so all things considered a decent offering for this particular network. Unlimited Minutes and T… Read more

totally average price ,you can constantly find deals lie this or a few pound more for 30gb or few less for 5 gb. As mentioned weeks ago loads better deals ,people are waiting for the black Friday prices again as the phones getting older.


Thanks! Fingers crossed for some good deals on this phone post S10 release but not going to hold my breath.


Its funny you should say that, as there are quite a few people on here who do exactly what you have stated, vote cold because it was cheaper a few weeks back! I think it is expected that once a new model is released, the old model drops in price. The key question is, by how much? I guess I am kind of hoping to see a hefty price drop, but certainly won't hold my breath. I am keen to hear more about the Samsung S10 lite though.


Im hoping for a price drop but its all speculation as to whether that will happen. By that logic, we should also vote on past prices also not what is present. All GPUs would be stone cold (lol)


I would suspect it's down to the imminent release of the S10 and therefore big price drops for the S9.

iPhone XR - £38p/m, £0 up-front cost (total £912) 24mth EE 20GB data, U/L text & calls + BT Sport & Apple Music (QUIDCO) MobilePhonesDirect
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
iPhone XR 64GB (Choice of colour) 24 month contract £0 up-front & £38p/m Only seems to be available via link … Read more

I phoned up a few weeks ago and asked for my PAC code expecting to be offered a good deal but they just gave me the code and said goodbye!


was put through to that team anyway :)


Wow that’s good! Did you ask to be put through to retentions straight away?


With EE, phone and 20gb max plan no upfront cost


With EE? £33.60 for 20gb data and phone?

Galaxy s9 £23pm,no upfront, 3GB data on o2 - £552 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Cracking deal here with total cost at £552 with a contract to boot .

Ahhh right I’ve had 3 contracts with o2 they have never been unlocked very strange


Mine is on its way 🤑


Yes that was the risk.


Ok so I guess there’s a slight risk you won’t receive the cashback


Looks like it has expired

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB - Blue / Purple / Black. £0 upfront. £23p/m 24 months on O2. 1000 minutes,texts and 3GB
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
Effectively £21.23. Topcashback paying £42.42. You’ll pay £552 .00 in total. This is over the period of your 24 month contract. Topcashback paying £42.42.
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Changed it thanks


I can only find 1000 mins for that price?


Should add 02 into title/description


I know, didn't post a deal with loads of data.


Low data but ok for folk who don't use lots

iPhone XR £38pm with no upfront cost total cost £912 over 24 months @ MPD
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
iPhone XR 64gb on o2. £38 per month total cost £912 Quidco giving £60 Cashback for new o2 contracts. Taking the cost down to £852. The phone is RRP £750 Unlimited minutes unlimi… Read more

Finally the iPhone XR arrived today on the Black Friday deal. (y)


Just ordered for the Mrs


And my deal went cold


Oh - the one I posted was 100GB a month data, too.


I hope that this doesn’t sound stupid, but as a new member of this site, can someone explain when I posted a deal a couple of weeks ago for this exact phone, but £2 a month cheaper, it got voted down heavily? Just wondering if it was something I had, or hadn’t, done?

Sony Xperia XZ Premium - £239 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Sony's beautiful metal-and-glass body of the Xperia XZ comes with a design that is both a callback to the classic Xperia look and a peek to the future. Under the hood, we've got cu… Read more

I have bought this phone recently and I am very pleased with it. The only thing that could be better is the media volume (could be louder) but I don't often listen to music and I can always connect a bluetooth device if I want to. I like the I have bought this phone recently and I am very pleased with it. I like the bezels, even so many people don't. The phone is very fast and the camera very good. For me the battery 🔋 lasts for a day without a problem. The screen is beautiful. Choosing a mobile phone for yourself is always a personal decision because it depends what is important for you, but I would recommend the phone without hesitation.


Heat Added OP .this is the best price atm. I bought this in recent deal for 129.99 . Not used it much but best phone so far .bezels are negative point but smooth touch and very nice .


So why should this be cold, because you got it cheaper on another deal that no longer exists?




Is this not the best price currently?

£340 cash back - Samsung Galaxy S9 £28 on a 24 month contract Mobile Phones Direct
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Amazing deal! Total cost over 24 months works out to £572! 0 upfront cost 20GB data Unlimited calls and texts 6 months free Apple music Free BT sport for entire contract Roam in 5… Read more
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Please read the comments above.


The cashback is £340...£240 through the phone provider and £100 claimed via Samsung Blue.


I know.


After cashback been approved they have upto 30 days to transfer money to your bank account.


Looks a good deal...its cold because people on here HATE cashback are actually paying £38 a month until you claim the cashback but total price is right £572

P20 on o2 - 1000 Mins, Unlimited Texts, 3GB Data £23pm on 24mo contract with ZERO upfront using code @ MPD
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Great offer if you were after a P20 with a decent amount of data. The upfront on this is usually £106.99, but use the above code to waive the upfront, meaning you only pay £23 per … Read more

When you get the contract it won't be £23 but a multiple like £46 or £69 . Cheats and liars . Cold


Where from??


yes, worth the extra £1 p/m for 20gb, free bt sports too !


Thanks for the link.. great deal. Wife wanted this phone,Went for the £31 for 20gb


P20 PRO is on EE for £30 p/m with no upfront cost and 8gb data and unlimited texts/minutes = £720 fr the 24 months. or 20gb for £1.00 p/m more. Free BT sports. Topcashback is £60.00 for new EE contracts.

iPhone XS Max 256GB all colours available £60 p/m 24 months - £125 upfront - £1565 @ O2 Via Mobile Phones Direct
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
£125 upfront cost £60 a month, 24 month contract 100GB Data Unlimited calls and texts Bargain if you ask me

It’s now £315.99 upfront now 😞


When you get the contract it will not be £60 but £120 . Cheats and liars . Cold


£60 Quidco cash back too


I think it will get cold, because of the price.


EE Max Plan 20GB Ultd Free Samsung S9 £38pm MINUS (£240 CashB £100 Samsung CashB +TCB £63 poss £21.20pm)
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Max Plan from EE highest speed plus roaming in extra counties. Approx maths in title. TCB not guaranteed but never failed me Great plan great phone v good price
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I wouldn't touch MPD with a barge pole after the Black Friday debacle. Go to Trust Pilot and read the reviews.


Thank you (y)


Yeah I'd avoid MPD based on past experiences


Nice deal, but I prefer to have less cashback and pay less per month. So with the deal below you will pay only 31 £ per month and have 100£ (Samsung) + 30£(automatically discounted) cashback. The phone with the essential plan 20GB will cost you: 714£. Communications&wgexpiry=2011372305&wgu=8497_73902_15448123051184_224efa805b


They're all unlocked

iPhone XR 64GB on O2 - Unlimited Mins / Texts, 25GB Data on 24mo £38pm with ZERO Upfront using code (£912 Total) @ MPD
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Another brilliant O2 offer over at MPD today! iPhone XR 64GB on O2 with Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 25GB of Data for £38pm on a 24 month contract. Upfront is normally £149.99, bu… Read more

Ordered mine on Sunday, awaited credit checks, completed credit checked, contract cancelled randomly today after 2 hours on hold with their customer service line. Avoid!


Ordered mine but no sign of next day delivery as promised at checkout. Credit checks passed in minutes.


Ordered mine to Ordered mine today, how long did it take from when you placed order to recieving it?


(y) Received mine today


Can't see this. Got a link to it?

Samsung S9 on o2 - 1000 mins, Unlimited txts, and 3GB of data for £23pm (0 Upfront with code - 24mo) + £100 CB from Samsung £552 total @ MPD
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Brilliant offer if you had your eyes on a Samsung S9! 1000 Mins, Unlimited Texts and 3GB of data on a 24 month contract for £23 per month. Upfront is normally £50, but you can wai… Read more

Yep they paid up thanks op for this deal I claimed on the 19th Dec paid into my bank today


My £100 payment has arrived too.


Just got my payment thanks for this deal


Didn't the Samsung £100 cb promotion end on 24/12?


Still working just ordered (y) (y) (y)

Google pixel 3 XL on o2 - £174 upfront, £34/month for 24 months. Total cost £990 via
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Unlimited text and minutes, and 15gb data. Seems a pretty good deal. Bit annoyed as I got the £40/month and £189 up front few weeks ago (with 25gb data), and thought that was prett… Read more

i have lost trust with this company after they failed to honor the black friday deals they advertised!


I suspect we won't have to worry about 5g until the pixel 5 or 6 or iPhone 12/13 are released. Looking at the infrastructure requirements of mini transmitters practically on every street corner, means for a very slow roll out I'd guess...


Only in a few cities and 5g phones will be really expensive, oneplus have already said their phones will be at least £300 more with 5g.


Notcho cheese


5g phones next year.

Samsung s9, 15gb data, unlimited calls and texts on o2 £30.46 x 24=£731.04 Samsung cashback=£100 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
As above. Basically as follows... £30.46 x 24=£731.04 Samsung cashback=£100 Quidco=£60 Grand total over 24 months £571.04 Effective cost per month £23.79
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Tbh I have been with companies that use the o2 network since I can remember. O2, tesco or giff gaff. Tried three once but couldn't even get a signal in my own home. O2 seems to be the best coverage and I never normally have any issues. Today has been a ball ache without data though.


If you want an up to date phone with a decent data/mins/texts package though your comments aren't relevant to this deal.


Always go sim only and get a phone yourself. I would get an S6 or a later Sony Xperia, probably though the Pixel 1 128gb I have (or maybe something like an Asus or something more exotic). Beware of phones with dodgy firmware - I have a phone here which is supposed to be fine but has malware in the eprom that a full reset doesn't remove. Worth trying for more DRAM (1.5gb+) and at least 16GB storage depending on the android OS version (6 or at least 5 now).


How much for the same deal with zero data?


Did think this but to be honest never had a problem with o2 and eventualities like this are to be expected nowadays

iPhone XR 64GB - O2 24 month contract -  100GB data + unlimited mins and texts - £39pm (after cashback) at Mobile Phones Direct
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
As per the title: iPhone XR 64GB on a 24 month O2 contract with free phone, 100GB data and unlimited mins and texts for £30 per month after cashback via redemption. Total cost - £… Read more

What area are you


Cold just cos of O2 didn’t even bother reading the deal. No network since morning and now 6pm. Have been out of pocket today!!


Beat me to it (lol)


Is that why they’re making headlines today (:I


I think they have already over done their targets. I guess wait for a month or two possibly another deal drops in.