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Huawei P40 Lite 5G 4000mAh Kirin 820 128GB Black Smartphone + Free FreeBuds 3 (Worth £119) £349 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Posted 23 h, 0 m agoPosted 23 h, 0 m ago
Cheapest I can find it from a retailer offering those freebuds 3 headphones Excellent specs on this 5G handset (hampered) by lack of google services. Pre-order a new Huawei P40 L… Read more

That's the way to do it :) 👌


I guess it's not that difficult installing play store.


Probably mate.


Such a good deal and still cold. I don't get it. Only for play store?


(lol) Yup, cold doesn't bother me anymore

Iphone SE 64GB (Refurbished/Customer Return) 15 GB O2 Data - 20pm (27pm before cashback redemption) at Mobile Phones Direct
-196° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
All colours available. Seems to be decent deal. Sim Free Price is 369. Topcashback/Quidco also available. 15GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts Includes £168 cashba… Read more

Horrible dishonest company. Avoid.


cashback offers for mobile phone contracts are don't do well because they are misleading.


Not bad if this is your thing. Voted hot.


369 seems a fair price.


Can’t seem to see any contracts on that page no more has it expired?

P30 pro on O2, £35 a month, 90gb data 24 month contract at Mobile Phones Direct
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
I was looking for a deal on this phone but all the 'cheap' £35 a month contracts are 15gb data a month for 36 months. so all the other 24month contracts i found on mobilesphonedire… Read more

I know - people don't seem to work out the cost of the phone over the contract length to fond out if its a good deal or not.


OK thanks. (y)


Pay monthly deals always go cold. I listed a P30 £25 a month for 100 GB data a while back. I think it went sub 500 when no other deal came close haha.


Is it cold in sybiriya this time of year?


Just the contract. It's a 5g data plan with a 4g phone

iPhone SE (2020) 128gb O2 90gb £35 / 24 Months £0 Upfront £192 Cashback & £42 Quidco Total £840 (£606 Effectively) @ MPD
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
First deal so go easy, I’ve been looking for a deal on the more generous 128gb model. I found this which has no upfront and works out to be £27 per month (after £192 Cashback via r… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

128gb? Good deal for EE speeds and data allowance. My area is rural and o2 is the only one that gets into the house


Lucky you.. I ended up buying from affordable mobiles.. 50GB deal with EE for £25 before quidco


I have the phone in hand it arrived Saturday


I've tried to buy this from them twice now and the order has been cancelled both times, apparently because of a 'data protection problem' which they tell me they can't elaborate on. My credit rating is fine and a quick Google shows that I'm not the only person experiencing this. Feels fishy to me, might just be a fake deal to get you onto their site.


This went cold because the vast majority of people don't like redemption deals....... just another thing to forget and/or worry about. £606 without redemption and folks would be loving it!!

3 sim only deal: Unlimited texts, mins + data - £18/month over 12 months + £36 cashback @ Mobile Phones Direct
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Unlimited MB Data / Minutes / Texts Unlimited Download Speed 12 Month Contract £36 auto cashback from mobile phones direct. Possible Quidco £10 cashback too.

I got my current deal through MPD and have had no problem collecting every cash back on both of the contracts I took out at the time.


I currently have three and am quite happy, but am more weary about mobile phones direct.


2 of the worst companies on HUKD, what could go wrong?


Word of warning regarding these two companies. Signed up for for the £12pm after cashback deal, ended up being charged £46pm. Neither of these so called companies well give me a refund or fix the issue both blaming each other. Three instead have downgraded my sim to PAYG after numerous live chats and terrible customer service/advisors. They are now chasing me for early cancellation fees, even though it was never discussed on live chat. Bit of a horror story but be wary of third party firms and Three (mad)


why is this cold? anyone brought from them before?

Honor 20 Pro 256GB Smartphone + 30GB Data On O2 On 24 Months / £26pm With Zero Upfront - £624 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
£37.50 available at topcashback first and foremost, got to save those pennies guys Very good 24 month contract here in my honest opinion, for £26 Per Month, you get 30GB on O2, … Read more
Msx98 This should work. You might need to play theirs wheel of fortune voucher thingy somewhere on the homepage.


Sorry if I'm being dim, where and how? And thanks.


Yeah this is a better deal than the cex stuff I suggested!


You might be able to get the pro at 288 as some have done so this morning.


If it were me, I'd choose the pro, the bigger battery and better camera is worth it imo

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30GB Data On O2 Apple IPhone SE 64GB - £26 Per Month (24m) £39.99 Upfront Cost + £37 Topcashback - Total - £663.99 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Minus the £419 current sim free price, that makes 30GB of O2 Data, unlimited minutes and texts only £10 per month, factor in the cashback from topcashback , makes it around £8.5… Read more

Sorry on affordable mobiles (same parent company)


Do mobile phones direct allow discount codes?


Use code 30off to make it only £9.99 upfront.


Has anyone got this deal? is the phone unlocked?


Thanks man 👨

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G - Three 30GB Data, Unlimited / Texts £41 p/m 24 months £88.99 upfront £1072.99 @ Mobile phones direct
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Snapping high quality images bursting with colour, even when it’s dark, is effortless thanks to the Night Mode, while the Panorama Mode means you can capture … Read more

Firstly, Three is the worst network for mobile and data signal for most people and secondly, you can get the exact same deal for £35 less with O2 and Three with the same company via Uswitch...... or 60gb data with O2 for £20 more or 90gb of data for £30 more.


Looking at getting a S20 on contract, why is this so cold?

All unlimited Three network - £18pm (£216 term) / £15pm (£180 Term) after cashback @ Mobile Phones Direct
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
£15 per month, all unlimited, sim only , Three network at Mobiles Phone Direct Don't forget £10 cashback from Topcashback or Quidco

Your right, I have put in for this sim twice with TCB, and I always get the we need more information on the phone so they don't have to pay. I have an excellent credit rating and never had a problem with any phone or sim deal, just Three, crooks


Just be very careful using TCB with 3, they have recently had some really bad reviews for not paying out. I personally 8 months later are still waiting for my cashback payment and I am not alone over this.


It's like that almost everywhere. Crap


£18 a month is the standard price for this, and it’s posted quite often. I’m on it but every time I go out, I often have to toggle airplane mode just to pick up a signal again.


"Fair usage limit" not just applicable to Three. Check your terms and conditions.

P30 pro on 02 60gb £34 a month plus £240 cash back .Total £816 before cashback at Mobile Phones Direct (£576 after)
-120° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
I know people dont love cask back deals but this is the best deal i can find currently thats not on 3
Get deal*Get deal*

I submitted a claim about a week ago and it not been paid yet.


Anyone receiving response from Mobile Phone Direct, submitted a claim 10 days ago with no response still.


Good point my head over worked, easily forgotten (embarrassed)


A couple of weeks ago Huawei were also offering £120 Cashback on this phone, which made those deals incredible


Yes but just a couple of weeks go these types of deals were HOT HOT HOT?

iPhone 11 Pro 64GB - 30GB, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Minutes + £0 upfront - £46.50/month = £1116 total 24 months @ Mobile Phones Direct
-237° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
iPhone 11 Pro is £1049 if purchased from the apple store. Take that off this deal results to £67. Divide that over 24 months that's £2.79 a month. I expect this to go cold though… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I agree, but Samsung currently sell a dodgy foldable phone for £1500. I’d say that’s more criminal lol


You forgot to mention the monthly cost is 63 pounds. It comes down to 46.50 taking in to account 396 pounds cashback. Maybe that's why it's getting cold


It is a rip off but its a phone, computer and camera in one. (lol)


I know I’ll forget to do the paperwork lol, but for those organised individuals it’s a good deal... voted hot for what it’s worth


I kind of agree to this actually the cashback puts me off a little but if your willing to be patient it's a cracking deal

Huawei p30 pro 100GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts £41pm + £372.00 Cashback on Three at Mobile Phones Direct
-268° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
100GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts £372.00 Cashback £372.00 cashback provided by Mobile Phones Direct reducing the monthly line rental from £41.00 to £25.50
Get deal*Get deal*

Ive order a number of phones from mobile phones direct that include cashback and never had an issue - claimed over £300 just for my last phone.


hi, majorwedgy84 how much was the p30 refurb for thanks


Cool... ok


Yup, however they seem to use an automated system that checks that order number is genuine rather than the invoice (I'm assuming here) prices have gone up a bit since last month. Same phone is £4 a month more after cashback. My p30 was £12 a month before the huawei cashback.


Cool.. question.. did the invoice say refurb on that...?

iPhone SE 2020 64GB for £34pm (£24 a month after cashback + possible £42 Quidco) - £816 (£576 w/ cash back) @ Mobile Phones Direct
-306° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Fantastic price for the iPhone SE 2020 with £0 up front for Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts & 60gb of data on O2. £34 a month contract, it gets reduced to an effective £24 … Read more

No, they’re great. I think they’re linked to CarphoneWarehouse, but that might be It’s just people either not reading properly or just generally hating on Apple.


Why is this deal getting voted down ?? I get that the SE isn’t groundbreaking new tech but it’s a phone that suits a lot of people, me included. I prefer the smaller size and a physical home button. o2 are doing the same deal for £42.67 a month so even without the cash back you’re saving £8.67 a month (£208.08 over 24 months). What’s not to like ?? Are Mobile Phones Direct a dodgy company or something ???


For anyone looking at the higher capacity iPhone SE (256GB) and am hesitant over doing the cashback redemption, Mobile Phones Direct also have the following deal on O2: £26 a month over 2 years. £183.99 upfront for 30GB data, unlimited mins and texts. From my calculation, total cost works out to be £808 and taking into account cost of phone (£569), the tariff works out to be £9.95 per month which isn't bad in my books - especially when you get the O2 inclusive travel zone perk included.


Ah that’s allright I guess didn’t notice it can’t with that


Fair enough, but for many people 64GB is plenty including myself, I still have around 34GB free

Huawei P30 Pro - 100gb Data - £43 per month (Possible £396 cashback) - £1032 @ Mobile Phones Direct
-395° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
£26.50 per month after cash back seems a good deal for what is still a decent phone, especially with 100gb of data, unlimited calls and texts. Text seems to indicate it's the prope… Read more

My worst rated "DEAL" ever hahah!


Thanks - that's a shame as the O2 direct prices are ridiculous :)


No sorry. Direct from o2 shop only.


Does anyone know if the Huawei promotions - free buds & free band would work if you purchased from Mobilephonesdirect on an O2 contract rather than direct from o2?


Its not working, but it's the top deal on the page you added your link to. Wife got that deal last week. Also had £42 quidco track. So if it all works out = 34x24 -42 - 240 = £534

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB on 3 with 100GB data £42/24months (+£396 cashback claim) Mobile Phones Direct
-331° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
mobilephonesdirect are offering the S10 on 3 with 100GB for what is effectively £25 a month or £600 total. Actual monthly price is £42 however they'll pay you £395 cashback in ins… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

3 weeks ago, only for one weekend, the deal was 100gb on Three network, £24/month. S10e was on the same deal a week before. its crises for everyone, why wont u wait?check also


Heat. Got two cash back deals with mpd running at the moment on a s9 and S10. Claiming cash back is easy and all been paid within 1 week of claim being confirmed.


Full gear on here


Anyone got a coat?

iPhone SE for £34pm (possibly £22.50 a month after cash back + £42 Quidco) - £816 (possibly £498 w/ cash back) @ Mobile Phones Direct
-330° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Good price for the new iPhone SE with £0 up front for Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts & 30gb of data. Originally a £39 a month contract, it gets reduced to an effective £22… Read more

Due to reception, EE & O2 are my only options. After all the cash backs, it’s £4.75 more than I’m currently paying for just a Sim which makes it a stellar deal in my mind. The company also looks to have good reviews and online redemption so I’m really looking at going for it and keeping that phone as a backup/giving it away to someone.


great deal.


This is one good deal. Don't know how it went cold.


Probably Cold because the title says it’s £816


Why is this cold? Looks great to me

3 Sim Only Deal - Unlimited Data/Minutes/Calls 12 months Contract £18 (£15/month after cashback) Term £216/180 @ Mobile Phones Direct
12° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Unlimited Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts Unlimited download speed 12 months contract Three Standard Sim Card £18 before cash back £36 cash back making it £15 per mont… Read more

Not bad price, heat added


Good find a good one and stop posting crap. Enjoy your day. All good fun (y)


Yeh I can see the work your doing m8 Hahahaha besides I never said it’s the best deal around. Anyway keep up the good work... My breaks done & I’m going back on the frontline 8) (highfive) <3


Yes stafo tasty conversation with someone defending his crap deal i am loving the argument wind up merchant. (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Yeah no problem enjoy your success will get you a lot. Still this deal is better and yours isnt. I never said it was my deal. I said there were better deals out there which is true proof is below. Go and find a new one mate. I have work to do may be you dont if you are on furlough (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (y) (y)

Doro 5516 on O2 with 1GB Data £17pm for 24 months (£408) via Mobile Phones Direct (Potential £396 Cashback - Effective 50p/pm)
-424° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Mobile phones direct are offering a Doro phone on 02 with 1GB Data, Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts. The cost is £17.00 per month or £0.50 per month after cashback. (Bills need … Read more

Cashback is not guaranteed its hit and miss


I have two of them got them from O2 £5 each on payg and unlocked for any sim so i wouldn't be paying £18 a month. the only thing i would say is they are good phones and battery life ain't bad but just a basic 3G phone with a camera.


All this trouble (it’s actually easy) for a free contract and a crap phone you can sell for £20-£30 as a bonus.


crap mobile phone


All that trouble for this rubbish phone ?