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Samsung Galaxy S9 Deal on Vodafone £33 pm 24m £792 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 20 h, 40 m agoFound 20 h, 40 m ago
Samsung Galaxy S9 Deal on Vodafone

Please tell me nobody spends that kind of money on a Samsung

peter1969uk have a better deal, £175 upfront followed by £23 monthly payments. Also cash back from quid or top cash back. £727 before cash back .


More like a lazy post


Minutes? Data?


1gb data is meaningless these days

iPhone 8 64GB, Unlimited Calls and Texts, 25GB Data £40 24/Months o2 at MobilePhones Direct
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
I haven't had my own contract in years, so be gentle. When looking to buy my own phone, I saw this and thought this was sensible package. No upfront cost for iPhone 8 64Gb (Gold, … Read more
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Or go for this deal which has 5GB more data and costs £70 less over the 2 years....


Sure, that's an option and I agree, being locked into a 2 year contract is a drawback on this package. I even did the 0% on a credit card for the iphone 4, when i didn't need a connection. I'm wondering though if you can you get SIMO deal with a substantial amount of data allowance like this on a rolling contract? giff gaff gives you 6gb for £15, which is plenty to me but not really comparable with this package offering 25GB. Looking at your way, if I spent £544 getting a refurbished phone and got a £15 SIMO from Giff Gaff with 6GB data, I would still want to spread the cost of the initial purchase of the phone over the period I kept it. Over 12 months the overall cost is £60 per month @ 18 Months, i'm at £45 @ 24 months, £38 It's quite interesting because I agree with your logic and I was going to do the same. However, by breaking the cost down and seeing where that £40 a month goes it doesn't look too bad in my eyes. For me, the problem is premium phones are so expensive now, that its difficult to justify upgrading every 12 months, even if financially able to. I personally couldn't afford to spend £544 a year on a phone, so whilst 24 months is a long time to go without accidentally smashing my screen, I strangely feel more tied in the cost of purchasing the phone out right than i do the contract.


You’re blowing a lot more than that on the phone and locking yourself in for two years this way. Be better of with a 0% credit card and buying the giff gaff one then


I did think about this, but then a revised or slightly better phone appears 6 months later anyway. So your always chasing the latest thing. I don't disagree with out right purchase either, but not all people have £544 (shoiwing £687 when i looked) to blow on a phone, making this a good way of getting an iPhone without taking one over credit. If you spread cost of the phone over contract term, the connection works out to be £10.84 per month, which I thought was good value.


Or get this which is virtually the same phone but with more memory and save a fortune

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Huawei P20 Black / 25 gb / unl txt and minutes - 24 month contract / £38 a month - O2 £912 @ mobilephonesdirect - £240 cashback
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
my contract vodafone endind soon. find i think good deal. also you can use topcashback for further reduction
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U can get the p20 pro with 30gb for 33 a month


Every month you will pay full price but after every 3 or 4 month( check website)you need send copy bill from your email to claim cashback. And from topcashback you can get nearly 30 pound when you order contract


also is the cashback in full or one of those redemption deals?


A lot of data but I couldnt pay this per month and not think I could have got the pro if I used a bit less data.


Yes but they have not honor 10 in offer oncontract

Huawei P20 Pro - EE 20GB Data Unl Minutes+Texts - BT Sport & Apple Music £38 p/m 24 months £912 ( £144 cashback) @ Mobile phones direct
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
Go to the site link ( and select "Offers" at the top bar and its in there. It doesn't let me link direct to the offer unfortunately (goes to basket). P20 … Read more

Seen it on back order (2-3 weeks) on ee on 3rd party sites. Guess it's being released at the end of the month.


Available direct from voda


They really dropped the ball not bringing the twilight on release, hopefully there will be good deals when they eventually release it in the UK...


Too heavy/bulky which makes it feel less like a flagship. The front glass is definitely not gorrilla glass and I already have a scratch on mine. The camera is buggy and seems to struggle with close ups. Also as good as the AI camera modes are, they switch on automatically which can be incredibly annoying when trying to take quick pics. As for the camera quality, if you know how to use the manual mode, you'll get great pictures; however the auto mode is nothing special and takes average looking pictures. I've also found that a lot of apps and web browsers crash and bug out on this phone. Chrome is especially buggy. Hopefully future updates will fix the issues.


I got this deal a couple weeks ago and I'm over the moon with this phone. Been with Apple since the 3GS (with a memorable venture into android in the form of the Note 2, which I sold after 2 weeks as it was sluggish and frustrating). The camera is fantastic, the phone in general is just great. My wife has an iPhone 8 plus 256GB and is jealous of the P20 Pro after she used it for a day.

Huawei P20 Pro Black 20GB Data ,Unlimited Minutes & Text, 24 Months Free BT Sports, 6 Months Apple Music, Fastest 4G speed in the UK £912 (£768 after cashback) @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 30th AprFound 30th Apr
£38 before cashback £768 in total after cashback £912 before cashback About cashback This deal benefits from £144.00 cashback which will reduce the standard monthly line rental… Read more
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Text SPORT to 150 and follow the instructions. I can't get it work though - there seems to be an issue with Google Play Services. Very annoying!


Anyone know how to claim BT Sport?


i got from fonehouse and that was locked too. end up paying £23 to unlock as ee wont unlock untill 6 month of contract.


Ordered this for my dad - It says on the delivery sheet that it is "EE" model. Annoying - hope they don't mess with the monthly updates!


Thanks for the confirmation.

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EE Unltd mins/txts, 10GB 4G, £20  (£14/month with £72 cashback) (+£30 cashback Quidco) at MobilePhones Direct
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
I realise there's a Virgin deal going for £15 per month that gives you similar specs with 24GB data, but EE has superfast 4G and is potentially a better network overall, and has wi… Read more
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No no! I wasn't meaning it aimed at you :) Just the general community here, its genuinely a great saving on the plan itself


This was not a critique to your deal, if you feel offended you then I apologise , however I did want to add on some extra information. To help others make a decision.


That's simply not true. They recently discontinued Max speeds on their sim-only plans, but it's available as an addon extra, you only need their sim. Also, was £11.50 per month for 10GB on one of the best networks, with wifi calling, that bad? I'll keep the deals to myself next time I guess!


The virgin network is not the full cell/masts in the UK but a decent enough subset. If you want the full experience and speed then go EE over virgin. As for WiFi calling I thought it's for phones purchased from EE and they incorporate it into the ROM/ firmware of the phone. Normal unlocked phones will not have this so will not work.

Three sim only 30gb with unl mins texts £20 pm 12 months = £240  (£96 cashback poss £12 a month) @mobilephonesdirect
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
30GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 12 Month Contract Three Standard SIM Card £20 monthly £96 cashback works out at £12 a month
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Cashback finished on this deal :(


I got this deal 4 months ago. It's solid!


Yep you have plenty time to claim and it’s all done online now


Very good deal, thanks ;)


<3 Or you could put the date in your phone :o

Three sim only 12gb with unlimited mins + texts £15 p/m 12 months £180 @ mobilephonesdirect (£72 cashback)
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Just come across a Three sim only deal which includes 12gb with unlimited mins and texts for £9 after cashback. This is one hell of a deal. £15 before cashback.
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Or even unlimited data with 30GB hotspot for £12 when Three was feeling more generous recently ;)


How do you receive the £72 cashback?There's no mention of it.


gone, tiz no more


With Three? Including Feel at Home and Go Binge? If so can you please link to this deal because what I am seeing from Three for 30GB costs £20 a month...?


I got this in March. It is a good price if one can remember to submit bills to get cashback. Although this is a regular price.

Samsung S9 £43 per month 30gb data  no upfront cost on o2 -  MobilePhones Direct
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Samsung S9 £43 per month 30gb data no upfront cost ! Works out £1032 at the end It seems like a good deal considering I called around all the networks yesterday and they wouldn’t… Read more
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You’re welcome x


I went with O2


No I thought that but they have the same price without cash back so no hassle of claiming. I spent 20 minutes double checking with the sales chap on the phone


Thankyou x


Scroll down and there's an option for £43 per month without cashback.

Sony Xperia XZ1 £28.50 per month after cashback, 15gb of data unlimited minutes and texts free bluetooth earphones 2 year contract - £684 total @ MobilePhones Direct
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Come across this contract £36 a month on O2. Becomes £28.50 after cashback for an half decent phone. Unlimited minutes and texts and 15gb of data. Cant find anything close to this … Read more

Can you confirm where? I can't find them.


Yes for £28 a month assuming you get all the cashback. For example you can get a LG V30 or Huawei P20 Pro for less. The XZ1 was a big miss by Sony.


And still has headphone jack vs xz2. I think this is a good deal :)


What 6 months?


That's an old phone bro!

Huawei P20 Pro (Black) - Free Phone on O2, 24 m £52.00 a Month 30GB Data, Unlimited Minutes & Texts- £1248 - £192 Cashback - claim a FREE Bose QC 35 Wireless Headphones II and 5% / Up to £30 cashback on Quidco @ Mobilephones direct
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
I have been shopping around for a deal on this phone after seeing positive reviews online. This is by far the best deal I have located so far. Here are some links to reviews and th… Read more
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Is this a joke? you people have more money than brains. (lol)


Just sold me Mate 10 Pro and got an S8+ but now tempted by this deal if only for the Bose Headphones Hmmm


So it mistake....better then but still room for improvement.. For example... 6200Mah Picture that handset with the P20's SoC and Camera's....


The P20 Pro is 4000 MaH isn't it?


3400 MaH battery still isn't great....I'd rather have a few mm thicker phone and a useful sized battery.

(three advanced plan) Three SIM Only Deal 12GB data, unlimited minutes and texts for £15 per month (£72 cashback by redemption effective cost £9 per month £102) @ mobilephonesdirect
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
12GB Data + Unlimited Minutes + Unlimited Texts + 12 Month finance Three SIM Only Standard SIM Card Which effectively reduces the monthly line rental by £6.00

I got this exact deal about one year ago in 2017. Deal ran out in April which tied me up perfectly with getting the same deal again with Three. My partner just missed out on this deal so trying to gauge how often this deal comes up?


Expired? It doesn't show cashback option.


Could just take it out via TopCashback and it’ll still only be £10.40pm which is what I’ve done.


Really annoyed - I have been trying to order this for the last few days, but kept getting rejected "due to card address not matching" (though it does), and now it's gone! I was trying to order it today and saw all SIM only products removed from MPD, and then it came back. So must have been the last few hours its got pulled.


Deal expired as of today.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 30GB Data on O2 24 Month x £50pm = £1,200 @ MobilePhones Direct
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
£50 per month after cashback for 30GB data, Unlimited Calls and Texts for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on O2. Go through TopCashback for an extra £30 cashback! Best deal I've seen around… Read more
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Take a wild guess


What a bargain. I hear its got a slightly better camera than last year. What a treat. Ive just bought this and now im saving up for next years Samsung 10 which will have a volume setting that goes all the way to 11 and make my Samsung 9 completely useless! Cant wait!


True but these people should not be dropping fifty notes on a phone every month (lol) In all seriousness, samsung do an interest free finance option with their upgrade program, taking that on alongside a SIMO deal featuring less but usable data could be cheaper in the long run, especially with the added bonus of trading in an old handset


Yeah but for people that are looking for the cheapest monthly payment this is the cheapest monthly deal I have seen by far... Some people can't afford the phone outright you numpty


where did you see it for £600? cheapest i see is £730 if you able to do the 12month contract cancelling trick, which come with it own risk and may affect your credit history yes?

Iphone 6 32gb Space Grey 4GB UK Data Unlimited UK Minutes Unlimited UK Texts £23 p/m 24 months £792 - (£240 cashback) @ Mobilephonesdirect
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
So my dad lost his phone and needs a replacement. He's not the most tech savvy person so doesn't require the latest model or a heap of unnecessary data. Anyone any links to any be… Read more
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Heat for the bravery


Better deal. iPhone 6s 32gb with same everything else. Not too bad upfront cost


iPhone 6s’ are this price now :|


Found this one straight away, and so with a bit more digging you could probably get one cheaper..


Was hoping someone would post something better really.


Lovely hahaha


Not this particular brand no, I think you must have it mixed up with that brand that makes toilet brushes for phones that are only good for scrubbing toilets, yanno what they called.....oh yeh apple


So does it have all that and a long wooden handle with bristles on the end as well?


Totally understand that. Seems like a cracking phone


Tbf mrswitch whatever the price am gonna pay it for the p20 pro, its just gonna be worth it :)

Apple iPhone 8 25GB/mnth - £156 cashback - EE - 64GB  - BTSport - Apple music £48 p/m 24 months - £1152 (£156 cashback) @ Mobile phones direct
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Apple iPhone 8 25GB Data Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts BT Sport for 3 months Apple music for 6 months Currently through EE mobile phones direct are giving £156 cashback. I h… Read more

iPhone works out at less then £600.


I think any iPhones over £800 are gonna get spanked here !!

Samsung S8 free phone, £38 per month, (34.50 after cashback), on EE 24 month MAX plan 20GB - £912 total - Mobile Phones Direct
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Max plans get the fastest speeds up to 90mbps, plus free BT sports for contract (2 years) free 6 months apple music, plus EU roaming and also USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New… Read more
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Thanks, but the EE network is no good for me unfortunately. No coverage where I work.


This is £828 once you factor in the cashback if that helps! 8)


Thank you, let me know how you get on:)


This is a good contract deal but I am being greedy and will hang out for a cheaper one, hopefully, once the S9 is on general release in 2 days. A very similar S8 deal was available just before Christmas and the first week in Feb with the only differences being 15gb of data and, more importantly, £29.99pm with cashback again with mobilephonesdirect. This deal listed runs out 31/3/18 so maybe I'll have to wait a little longer. Quite liberating being out of contract and, due to fortunate circumstances, I can get by with wifi for Whatsapp, Messenger and fb. Would love the BT Sports package though. Heat!...And lets hope it does go down in a couple of weeks


Good first effort, OP, keep them coming. I'm in the market for an S8/S8+ but I'm still not convinced they'll drop massively in price like everyone is expecting, the S7 Edge didn't last year either when the S8 appeared. That being said, I'm currently on a 3 SIM only plan that gives me 30GB/UL txt/2500mins/free foreign use for £16 a month, which finishes its min. term mid April. If I stick to this plan, buy an S8 for the ~£450 mark which can be bought new like we've seen on Amazon (so ~£19/mth over 24 mths) this works out at about £35 a month over 24 months with no contractual tie-in (£834 total 2 yrs). So for me, that's the sort of mark to beat. I'm hoping (but thinking unlikely) that I could get an S8 for around the £400 mark or an S8+ for ~£450 and stay on SIM only. For EE SIM only deals, one could also look at BT and PlusNet SIM only deals, they do come in a lot cheaper than EE but with no bells & whistles.

Samsung galaxy s9 plus Purple - £49pm - Total Term £1176 @
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Before you destroy a good deal for people who cant pay cash for the phone Go to Click on menu Click on offers Scroll down and see offer in picture … Read more
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gutted I missed it as hesitated but it was at the offer you said at the time no longer there gone up to £51 a month


I know I couldn't believe the shipped so quickly, I say nothing.... 1st iPhone I had was the 3GS, wouldn't look back now pure Android man. Plus this phone is a beast.


Iv just got a email saying it has been dispatched and will be with me tomorrow (Friday) at somepoint by DPD (y) iphone lovers wont be happy when we pull out out duel cameras and the payed alot more and apple get there screens and chips for there phones of Samsung (lol) ;( (lol) ;( (lol) ;( (lol)


Cheers op I've gone for this, most appreciated.


To be fair, its going less cold than most of these deals, so kudos to you (lol)