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Found 11th Jan 2009
Hi folks,
I am considering a new contract phone to be taken through
I know they are a part of CPW.
Their website says they got couple of awards, but on scrutiny, those award givers are just a mobile newsletter firm, rather than an industry benchmark !!!
I would much appreciate if u can share your experience with their services , especially the cashback claim system.
Thanks in advance


Hi just got myself a new mobile from them and so far no problems,i went with them because they seemed to be the best of the online retailers and as you pointed out part of the CPW group:thumbsup:

this should be in "misc" not "deals". And as you all ready stated they are owned by CPW and have been trading for 9+ years so yeah there trustworthy....

Don't do it - shower of poo.

Nothing but problems when I dealt with them - Never again!

Wrong forum.

I have the displeasure of ordering from them recently - and cancelled because they are useless, sent a locked phone with a sim I couldn't use, impossible to contact, etc.

Check out other reviews on the net. If you are looking at a cashback deal then avoid. Don't put faith in the fact they are part of the CW - they are run as a separate company with around 10 staff, all of which are brain dead.

I had to chase CW to chase as they don't respond to emails and hang up should you phone them.

Ohhh... Darn, I just ordered a phone from them t'other day, it was supposed to come with a free PS3, but the phone was out of stock. Should I cancel the order?

I looked around on the forum before, seemed to be mostly positive comments about them then

Your choice, but the fact that the phone you've ordered is OOS shows the first problem. You may not get through to their cancellation line, if this is the case ring CW and get them to chase it up and save on your phonebill.

I can personally vouch for Mobiles2yourdoor - part of the Phones4U group. They've been superb, telling you when you need to claim, etc.

Don't forget Quidco.
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