Moblin - Free Netbook OS made by Intel
Moblin - Free Netbook OS made by Intel

Moblin - Free Netbook OS made by Intel

Seeing that Netbooks either run ancient Windows XP or really bad versions of Linux, Intel, makers of the Atom chips inside Netbooks decided to create their own operating system that would show the true potential of their Atom hardware.

You can download it for free online, it is getting rave reviews.

Check out this super slick video of it in action: youtube.com/wat…oT8


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Clickable link to video:

Thanks, im gonna try it out on my old laptop.

If anyone's already tried it, can you tell me well it runs flash video?

Reason i ask, its always been laggy on my laptop when i've used Ubuntu.


Windows XP maybe ancient, but it still works perfectly fine, even on netbooks.

There's also another Linux OS called Ubuntu that's been adapted for Netbooks, possibly worth a look as well.


XP is still supported and if you take out the unessential networking stuff will run fine on a netbook. The Atom CPU's are about the same power as a pentium 3 IIRC, so as long as it has the ram (which they all should do) it would still be my OS of choice dependant on price.

Thanks for making me aware of this. Any idea how battery life compares when running moblin? I think historically XP povided better battery life / management than llnux, to my surprise, which was why I never went for linux.

From what I know, the two are pretty much the same re battery life... However, given that all people really use netbooks for is surfing, photos and music, then it doesn't really matter about the OS. That said, Linux is virus free, which in turn means that you don't have the added overhead of running anti-virus/spyware/malware software on your machine, thereby reduced the actual work that you machine has to do and in theory, increasing the battery life...

I have installed linux on a number of machines for various people and whilst it can be a pain to get working sometimes, it is rock solid and runs very quickly. I have the Ubuntu Remix on my netbook and it runs very well.

Just my two penneth
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