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Fallout: New California: A full free prequel campaign to New Vegas.
Found 20th Apr 2018Found 20th Apr 2018
Fallout: New California: A full free prequel campaign to New Vegas.
Something for Fallout fans to keep an eye out for! Fan-Created FALLOUT: NEW CALIFORNIA Goes Beta After 9 Years! Via Kotaku and PC Gamer , Fallout: New California now has a B… Read more

Based on the title I really thought this was available now


It's supposed to be in BETA now, but like I say "Something for Fallout fans to keep an eye out for..." So maybe just keep checking in on it periodically, it looks like is will be dropping quite soon, if not imminantly. Fingers Crossed.


So where can I download this? Can't see where.


Hot, hot, hot. All credit to the modders.


NV did have full controller support. I know because I played through the whole game on my laptop using an Xbox controller years ago.

Goldeneye Source
Found 12th Aug 2016Found 12th Aug 2016
Goldeneye Source
Great fan remake of Goldeneye from the N64, been about 5 years in the making and is due for release today - for free! It may appear on steam later, but currently available for prel… Read more
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Actually both R6 Siege and SW BF are both purpose multiplayer games, so they last as long as I enjoy them for. I play with a team of 5 friends on most nights, we have a great laugh and we all have a lot of fun and banter over the mic. Of course these games only exist to extract money, it's called business. But guess what, if it's no good, people won't buy it. I happen to think they are good, nobody is forcing me to buy them. I paid £20 for R6 and I have been playing it solidly for 8 months, I'm happy to part with my money for that return. The "freedom" of Linux unfortunately does not give me enough freedom to play the games I enjoy, with the people I like. Why would I possibly want an operating system that doesn't do what I want it to??? It might be great for you, that's fine. But don't go around insulting folks who hold a different opinion because they have different needs to you. It's intolerable and just makes you look a complete a-hole. Continue replying if you wish, nobody cares really.


I'll give this a go later :)


Of course you don't care, you're a connedsumer. Freedom has a price. You eventually learn that these commercial games only really exist to extract money from you and other malicious things anyway. Especially these days when they only last a few hours and might as well be an interactive movie.


Go back into your command centre and put your tin foil hat on. Spotter. "I want to believe"


I really don't care, you're boring. Also, I can't play R6 siege or Star Wars Battlefront on Linux so.......

The Dawn of the Tiberium Age - Base game not needed! @ ModDb
Found 6th Apr 2015Found 6th Apr 2015
The Dawn of the Tiberium Age - Base game not needed! @ ModDb
Affirmative! Loved C&C, until EA ruined it towards the end. The Dawn of the Tiberium Age is a stand-alone Tiberian Sun to Tiberian Dawn (C&C 95) and Red Alert total conv… Read more
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Yes, you can play online by selecting "CnCNet" in the main menu. You can play 1 vs 1, set up teams and there's also Co-Op missions. I don't have Windows 10 myself, so I can't verify it. I know that it at least runs on Windows 10 however and if the performance isn't optimal, there's several settings you can change to improve this in the options menu (primarily the selected Renderer makes a big difference). Gameplay-wise they're very different and while you can separately play Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert in OpenRA, DTA has merged these two games together so that maps can have features from both TD and RA and different players can play with factions from both games (GDI, Nod, Allies, Soviet) in the same game, at the same time. The goals of DTA and OpenRA are also very different: while DTA is primarily aimed at players, OpenRA is primarily aimed at developers/modders, so the two really can't be compared.


Any major differences between this and Open RA?


@adamguest1985 Yes, works on my 8.1 tablet fine


love c&c, cheers!


Is this win8/10 compatible?

Free Stalker Standalone mod!
Found 28th Apr 2014Found 28th Apr 2014
Free Stalker Standalone mod!
STALKER LOST ALPHA was released on 27/04/2014! It's a stand alone STALKER mod!
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One of my all time favourite games. What a great find! Many thanks


Also just to explain this a re-imagining of the original stalker, with most level expanded and restored. To give an idea the size of the game: The original game have 10 levels, Lost alpha have 20 levels. But beware this game is huge, 6 GB download and once installed it weight about 14GB. Hope this helps!


you dont need the original game, its a standalone :)


Is the base game required to run this, or just the mod files themselves?

UNDERHELL - Full Singleplayer PC Game on Steam
Found 14th Jan 2014Found 14th Jan 2014
UNDERHELL - Full Singleplayer PC Game on Steam
Brilliant episodic full length game. Great story, environments, characters, etc. Chapter 1 was released in September 2013. Instructions... Load Steam. Go to Library/ Tools. Instal… Read more

video: Does this come in Mac flavor? :)


Played this ages ago when I went through a massive source mod time. This, Dear Esther and The Stanley Parable are all amazing mods with the last two being good standalones too.


Wow, this sounds awesome. Will check it out this evening. Thanks!


Thanks james4809.


Excellent reviews... More free Source games available... Some of these require a specific Half-Life 2 game to be owned and installed on Steam. Most of them are available to download from

Crysis Wreckage for PC
Found 15th May 2012Found 15th May 2012
Crysis Wreckage for PC
Crysis Wreckage is a FREE, NO CLIENT, DRM FREE, standalone game. You do not need any Crysis game to play this. "Wreckage offers an action-oriented presentation, professional execu… Read more

MMMM i had no problems with this game apart from the occasional bug like pop up. What do you mean by locking up, is the game crashing the whole pc, crashing to the desktop or does the image just freeze on screen ?


Doesn't work for me? Spoken German with English subs and it keeps locking up after the helicopter lands! Shove it!


Yeah for those with "CRYSIS WARS" you can download just the mod files for "The Harbour", "Rainy Days" and "Wreckage" to get the whole story. Total size for all three 3 mods is just over 500mb. For those without crysis wars "Wreckage" is the only one available just now. They have started making the other ones standalone but there is a lot of bugs to get rid of so id expect it to be a good few months before they release those.


So if you have Crysis you should first play these two earlier maps/mods first.


currently getting 600 kbs/sec download so should be playing soon! thanks

Goldeneye source - Nintendo 64 Goldeneye for the PC
Found 15th Dec 2010Found 15th Dec 2010
Goldeneye source - Nintendo 64 Goldeneye for the PC
** In order to run this mod you must own one valve source game ** Were you a fan of the original Goldeneye on N64? Well this year the Half-Life 2 mod called GoldenEye Source has … Read more

Best Game Ever Made!


Nice find H+


Sounds like you've got the basis for a Left for dead mod there :P


It needs domination maps or team of James Bonds with JB villians and Bond girls vs zombies!! That would be fantastic!