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Mode rectangular black glass backed hydro massage shower cabin 1200 x 800 - £849 delivered @ Victoria Plum

£849£2,84970% off
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4mm door and 5mm back panel British Standard safety glass
Comes complete with shower tray
Includes 10 hydro-massage body jets
Overhead rain shower
Riser rail with shower head
Thermostatic temperature controls
Glass shelf
Mode rectangular black glass backed hydro massage shower cabin 1200 x 800
Victoria Plum More details at Victoria Plum
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    I have this exact shower, paid less than £600 for it in August from VP... this type of price gouging is absolutely criminal!

    It is a nice shower unit, but this isn't a 'deal' and the side jets are just a bit of a novelty tbh
    How much did you pay for fitting?
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    49368934-oaONJ.jpgDo a Google search and £2849 looks rather unrealistic!
    I can see the same one there for £807 with code
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    4mm is quite thin.
    Agree, 4mm really is too thin. 6mm minimum I'd recommend but ideally aim for 8mm +.
    You'll definitely feel the difference in quality and will last longer.
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    Few years back I bought a shower pod from this lot,when the mixer cartridge blocked up and the sliding door shattered in the middle of the night they were absolutely zero help in obtaining spares The assortment of girls answering calls have no knowledge or interest in the products and most of their stuff is Far East origin and often job lots Once it’s gone it’s gone Please if you must use them think ahead and buy spares
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    Any idea how much it would cost to get installed roughly?
    Better to get it installed carefully.
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    Resolution is a bit low at 1200 x 800.
    For this money I want 4K HDR with dolby atmos.
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    The RRP is absolutely laughable
    It's like when people go on Dragon's Den and value their business at 10 mil.
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    In Black my hard water would turn it white on a week
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    Is this for children? Only 1200 high 🤷‍♂️
    Width Depth not height ;-)
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    I think everyone has convinced me that this will not be the shower I go for. Anyone got a steam shower?
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    Sceptical. How good quality is this?
    If considering watch the specific tolerances for water pressure.
    I ha e the Insignia version and they great. Just like a normal shower for water pressure etc but easily contained with radio, Bluetooth, lightning, easy to keep clean. So glad I got one rather than just a screen and taps which would have cost more with shower tray, tiling, silicone mold and whatever
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    Costco do a lovely bar mixer. Personally I would get that and buy the door, wall panels and base yourself. Obv that is if you have a week and diy skills to do it yourself!
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    You need to make sure you have decent water pressure to make use of them for the few weeks that it's a novelty.
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    The door looks like it will be flimsy 4mm ain't thick enough
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    Looks cheap