Modern Epics: The Guns Of Navarone / The Man Who Would Be King / The Bridge On The River Kwai / Lord Jim [4 DVD Box Set] - £4.85 @ Zavvi !

Modern Epics: The Guns Of Navarone / The Man Who Would Be King / The Bridge On The River Kwai / Lord Jim [4 DVD Box Set] - £4.85 @ Zavvi !

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The Guns Of Navarone (Dir. J. Lee Thompson): One of the most exciting action films ever made! It's W.W. II, and concealed deep within the solid rock of a cliff, impregnable to assault by sea or air, are the German Army's mighty guns of Navarone. Because they control a strategic channel in the Aegean Sea, it's imperative that the guns are destroyed. A specialised commando team is assembled. Included are mountaineer Keith Mallory, explosive expert Corporal Miller, Greek resistance fighter Andrea Stravos, and British Major Franklin. Led by Mallory, the team's goal is to reach Navarone and sabotage the colossal guns. The tense, down-to-the-wire ending is spellbinding.

The Man Who Would Be King (Dir. John Huston): Two soldiers of fortune in 19th Century India carry out a plan to become rulers in the small isolated land of Kafiristan.

The Bridge On The River Kwai (Dir. David Lean): Set in Burma during World War II, the story tells of British P.O.Ws who are forced to build a large bridge for the Japanese, while a British Commando team is sent to destroy it. Winner of seven Academy Awards.

Lord Jim (Dir. Richard Brooks): Peter O'Toole stars in Joseph Conrad's compelling tale of an idealistic Marine officer betrayed by his own overactive imagination. Based on Joseph Conrad's classic novel, Jim serves an apprenticeship on a tramp liner and graduates to first officer, on a ship which is mercilessly lashed by a hurricane. In a moment of desperation, the idealistic Jim abandons the ship and leaves its passengers to their fate. To redeem himself, he agrees to take a shipment of dynamite and deliver it to a tribe who are located in uncharted territory.


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[size=2]Great films but not exactly sure what qualifies them to be MODERN epics?

Navarone is almost 50 years old. Kwai's even older at 52. Jim's quite the youngster as 42 and King is certainly the baby at a mere 34 years old.[/size]

Set in modern(ish) times rather than Roman times etc.

Great selection of films.
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