Modern Warfare 2 PS3 @ tesco direct pre-order £35.97
Modern Warfare 2 PS3  @ tesco direct pre-order £35.97

Modern Warfare 2 PS3 @ tesco direct pre-order £35.97

Buy forBuy forBuy for£35.97
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Modern Warfare 2 PS3 and xbox 360 avalible for pre-order again i think is the cheapest iv seen but could be wrong. and i cant remember how to do a picture sorry


This has already been posted a few times

Heat from me, anyone know anywhere cheaper? Otherwise I will order from here!

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was posted before but ran out of pre-orders for the ps3 thats why i posted it again when the ps3 item showed pre-order again .

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cheers for whoever put the picture up

XBOX version has been posted before but not the PS3.. title amended

Some people reported Tesco have taken the money straight away for these,even though its not out until November.Its a really good price but thought it was worth mentioning.

Thanks for posting. I had this on email alert for when this came back into pre order stock & they havent emailed me!


First post. Links to PS3 and Xbox. Think that one needs to be ammended.

Sorry to OP but bored to death of seeing this linked. 20th time in the last 2 weeks.


XBOX version has been posted before but not the PS3.. title amended

Correct. Surprised it wasnt posted earlier.

And again, in case folk aren't aware, Tesco Direct charges up-front for pre-orders (probably not a huge deal on this as it is out shortly) unlike most shops.

i guess taking our money earlier is better because i guess its over and done with

heat added, I pre-ordered 2 days ago best offer I've seen!

Me too, got the 360 version. Great price which expires on 31/8/09. Judging by Modern Warfare 1 it wont come down to this price for ages

Very bad practice taking the money up front for a preorder. I am sure that other offers will come up between now and release day, and would not want to be commited to this pre-order price.

I'm tempted but I hardly every buy new and wait till it's cheaper. I just know that this isn't gonna drop the price any time soon though....

if everyone could just wait one week after release to buy this, it would teach that douche Bobby Kotick a lesson. If you're a gamer at heart, do the community a favour and don't buy it on release week


I kinda understand why they take the money when you place an order though. Say they take the money when its dispatched and people end up with bank charges. They would crack off on one! lol

Only cheaper place ive found is ebay.

soz to say, but it was posted along with a full list of every other pre-order item on offer for all formats. I even managef to get the picture link to work. But for some reason best known to the mods it was deleted. Still a hot deal though, I ordered cod6 and bioshock 2. They do take the money straight away, but as long as you have it at the time, its not like you have to cough up twice.
don't forget you clubcard and quidco too !!

order this and fifa 10, do they deliver on release day or before?

For those waiting for a possible cheaper price, the RRP this year for MW2 is £54.99 :w00t: therefore, after quidco, this is not a bad deal at all :thumbsup:

[COLOR="Red"]Word of Warning[/COLOR]

I will NEVER EVER preorder any games/dvds from tesco direct again.

I preordered GTA 4 from them last year and it did not arrive. I rang every two days for two weeks and got a bunch of different excuses, some even saying it had been posted which was not true.

It got to the point where I could walk in the shop and buy it, but could still not get it delivered. I'm presuming they just take too many orders and don't distribute them on a first come first serve basis.

Money was refunded in the end... but you just don't expect this to happen when you preorder!

Never used Tesco Direct since.

£5 Delivery charge?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!????????????????????

preordered ages ago

I didn't mind them taking the money up front, at least when it comes to release, if I'm skint, its all paid for

however if they can't meet demand it will take time for you to receive your money back

Yeah but... £5 DELIVERY CHARGE????


Yeah but... £5 DELIVERY CHARGE????

"Free Delivery on all Pre-Order Releases"


Great deal - pre-ordered for £30 as I used some of my clubcard points - BARGAIN! Heat and Rep added

Super hot price, and 10% staff discount for me on top. IMO This price WON'T be beaten.

By the way, I know Tesco take money when you order. So what happens if you want to cancel the order - they refund you just as quick I assume? And not heard many reviews about their preorder despatches - there's a bad experience posted in this thread - anyone got any good experiences they would like to share??


Its a bit of a risk ,it could be £25 in asda like a few new games have been in the past

Just ordered but forgot about Quidco, oh well it would only be about 90p.

I bought GTA4 from Asda on release day and that was £34.99 but they sold out within 2 hours.

So you could wait and see if they sell it cheaper but then you would have to queue at midnite to make sure you get a copy.

Got [email protected] for £25 from ASDA on release day but don't think MW2 will be that cheap so took a gamble as this is the cheapest i've seen online. Can always get it from ASDA and return this one if needed.

damn it missed out.

anyone know of anywhere else for similar price?? 360 or PS3

Yep its been bumped up to £44.99. Glad I got it on time.


As this is expired what is the cheapest at the moment or is it best to wait when the game comes out for the cheapest price ?
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