Modnation Racers PS3 £24.98 online/£24.99 instore Blockbuster
Modnation Racers PS3 £24.98 online/£24.99 instore Blockbuster

Modnation Racers PS3 £24.98 online/£24.99 instore Blockbuster

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Online and Instore. Pick my copy up today at blockbuster clydebank for £24.99


Very poor game

good price
heat added

Nice one!


Very poor game

I bought this game on release. And i have probably played on it for 30 minutes at most. So i'd have to agree with you. Its no Mario Kart rival.

I didn't like the demo as it seemed like PC shareware in the way it controlled. But lots of people seem to love it so what do I know.

I think it's more to do with the mods you can do in the game which appeals to people. The track creator, sharer and downloader is very good! Then you can also mod your character and kart and pretty much everything!

if this is anything like the demo, its ****

Loved the demo , ordered thanks , heat added

Bought it, got bored of waiting on the loading screen for 10 mins every race (even with the patch).

Its an ok game, the community isnt that friendly, you will get pestered online to download peoples stuff which takes ages because theres so much loading going on. Singleplayer will annoy you because the ai cheats.

I give it a 6 out of 10, its a nice try but has nothing on mario kart.

yup. despite the update, loading times are still a pain in the gaand. (indian for 'backside')

awesome game rented it 2 months ago and me and my girl play it online split screen all the time

Got on Rental, the mods are crazy....excellent game....I was waiting for the price to come down, before I would buy it....just imagine if blur or split second had a track editor and creator....

after playing the demo it seems a lot like LBP, if you like making levels you will enjoy it, if you just wanna play then it will be too floaty

excellent game.

The demo was terrible. However my wife bought this for my birthday and it's superb. The actual racing has plenty more depth than mario kart. You essentially have a boost meter which fills up when you drift or pull stunts. This boost meter can then be used to boost or deploy shield. It really adds another level of strategy to races. Also weapons can be upgraded mid race, so again theres a balancing act whereby you either use a weapon which is weak but instant or stick to upgrading with much more power. There are masses of single player and multiplayer modes. Each track in career mode has a series of challenges for you to complete besides the usual race which also adds more depth. Truly great game.
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