Modular Dining Set Seven Piece reduced from £249.99 to £79

Modular Dining Set Seven Piece reduced from £249.99 to £79

Found 5th Mar 2008
Modular dining set comprising of table and six chairs. Table has wooden frame and chairs have wooden frame and woven cover.


good discount there

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I agree, good value for money.

Looks cheap to me.
Voted hot


Thanks hippy1 Here's a larger image

Think I know why its reduced.................................... It looks rubbish

This will be great for the kids if they are painting or using play doh..:-D

mm i think its quite Vile and cheap looking, wouldnt want it in my home even if it was free :-D

I agree would not consider that for my garage lol

Looks like super value for money! heat added!

Good offer, voted hot

It's obvious that both table and chairs have a metal frame not wooden - so I wouldn't rely on any of the other info supplied, as it looks like it comes from a different product.

Hot based on price and what you seem to be getting (but not to my taste).

Superb for a rental property / house share.
Lovely find.

At that price throw the chairs at the nearest charity shop and you have then go what appears to be, a pretty good workbench for the workshop. Deeply considering this.

great price, voted hot, but looks cheap really.

Great price if your on a budget,:-D like we were at the time

beware we had a table and chairs with the same metal framework once, all decided to collapse after a few months. The welding is rubbish.

heat added for price:p

wilkingsons some times has quite good stuff its worth a look

Make a nice PC workstation desk .

good price... if it suits your taste
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