Moet champagne down to £16.46 when you buy 6 or more bottles of any wine or champagne at tesco

Moet champagne down to £16.46 when you buy 6 or more bottles of any wine or champagne at tesco

Found 1st Jul 2008
Moet champagne is on offer for £4 off which brings it to £21.95. Then the 25% off when you buy any 6 or more bottles of wine and champagne brings it to £16.46. Super price in my opinion.
Plus, there are some money saving tesco grocery vouchers and I got £9 off a £90 spend. Covered delivery and £5 extra off.
Plus some people have £5 off £30 instore spend from the news of the world which could be put towards it.


Why cold, tell me where you can get it cheaper than £16.46 a bottle?

Absolute bargain. Hot for me.

Scortching hot deal - love the stuff.

pretty good for people having a wedding soon! Strange... it's not too cold at least

Cold from me, not so much because of this price, but because of the way Tesco 'play' with their prices to con us. I'd been watching the price of Canard Duchene Champagne over several months as I was buying for a function and it kept shooting up to around the £154 for 6 only to then, a few days later be on offer 50% or 25% or 1/3 off. At the moment it is £96.84 (down from £153.84) but a few weeks ago I bought at £85.44. The same happens with their wines. All I'm saying is don't be taken in by the big banners offering super savings because they aren't always the best deal. Oh and if you buy from Tesco's wine club instead of from the groceries your Moet is actually £15.64 + del (free if you spend over £99) plus you can add some extra free points vouchers.

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I posted this as I thought it was a super deal, granted Tescos may play their prices at times just like other retailers, but not only is this a good price, it is available at most stores. By buying through Tesco grocery you don't have to buy it in cases of 6 which I prefer.
Nowhere I know can you buy Moet this cheap. Plus free delivery and a bit extra money off.
Plus buying from Tesco grocery instead of wine club you get the 5p off a litre of petrol voucher when you spend £50+. The voucher I got today is valid until 3rd August!
I am confused that it is so cold - the price is very good and it has lots of availability.
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