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GLITCH on Worldwide Airfares e.g London to New York £29pp / Singapore £39pp 9 people gives best price but you can book less @ Opodo/Edreams
Found 9th Nov 2018Found 9th Nov 2018
1) You MUST first go through Momodo and enter your dates and destination for 1 Passenger. Make sure you do NOT enter 9 passengers at this stage. 2) Filter the results by provider … Read more
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My cancellation email just came I. At 7pm today... Sad face


Just had the same email.


Booking unsuccessful Dear DAVID, Unfortunately we have not been able to complete your transaction. No funds have been debited from your account and, in the event that a preauthorisation was requested, this has now also been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of this and invite you to make another booking on our website ( or to call us on 0800 026 1621, where we will be happy to help you complete your booking. Please note that some banks may take more time to release a preauthorisation. If required, you can use this email as proof when contacting your bank and they should release the funds without further delay. Should you need any assistance, feel free to contact us on 0800 026 1626. The dream is over !!


hey Dave, no I've not heard anything else since... it's just a waiting game now. however if it gets cancelled then it gets cancelled. it was worth the try. if it gets honoured then respect to Opodo, I'll be leaving great feedback and they will be making my kids really happy for holidays next year!


Reminder emails are auto generated as you have made the reservations at opodo. It’s confirmed only when the carrier confirms the seats to Opodo which is unlikely. Has the money been taken from your card? If not then I would suggest to wait till tomorrow and book a genuine fare before they rise.

London Gatwick to JFK New York going from 1st December to 6th December showing up @ £268pp with Icelandair @ momondo
Found 13th Sep 2018Found 13th Sep 2018
Just searching for flights to New York for 2 adults for a shopping trip pre christmas and this came up on Momondo. £268pp with Icelandair. Great price but the only issue is hand … Read more

Hold this up at the check in, works the other 2 times, the above fails!!! :p


opposite sex might explain a geezer quoting me 1800 AUD for an upgrade to business class :|


You have it on direct that is why its twice the price! (y)



Hmmm, I guess the big smile might be a bit hard for some at 4am (lipstick)

London to Rome for only £18 Return! @ Momondo
Found 6th Aug 2018Found 6th Aug 2018
London to Rome for only £18 Return! @ Momondo
Ryanair Flights from London to ROME for £18 return! Seems super cheap if anyone wants to go? Travel dates: October – December 2018 Some more dates that should work: … Read more
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Good find op. Will cost for me to to Stansted Airport from Leicester lol


Wait until the fines start arriving...


I am seeing prices for over £30+ each. Is that right?


Ciampino airport coach into Rome drops you off by the main station in Rome, Statzione Termini, offers a return price and is definitely more reliable than Ryanair. I always stay at a budget b&b called Hotel Luciani, 3 star rated, less than 5mins walk from drop off point. Luciani is a family run place, parents had it in 2000 when I first went (older kid helped out then), and now their grown children run it. From single bed to family rooms with bunk beds, hotel is well looked after, rooms tended to and most importantly (for me), it's a very clean hotel. Most touristy places are within walking distance Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain etc and if you go to the Vatican, you need to go more than once; if prayers are being offered, some rooms are shut one morning but open next afternoon so there's always a chance you'll see something you missed previously.


Why didn't you file a small claim instead of using CEDR? Ok you'd have to pay the initial court fee, but BA would have to repay that too. Imagine if BA didn't settle... you'd then have £2000 resting on a crappy arbitration body, which if badly decided would surely predjudice the later required court case?!! I'm not sure if this CEDR is similar to adjudicators or ombudsman bodies but I've had bad experiences with both of the latter who make idiotic rulings while they are never held accountable (unless you risk £5k to bring a judicial review.) I'd never risk using them again, filing a small claim has ALWAYS been faster and more effective. At least with a small claim you know its far more independent and you can always appeal with the same no costs rule applicable.

North-East U.S.A. mini-tour September 12th to 22nd - Manchester to Washington D.C. to Boston, to New York City £487 @ Momondo
Found 6th Jul 2018Found 6th Jul 2018
North-East U.S.A. mini-tour September 12th to 22nd - Manchester to Washington D.C. to Boston, to New York City £487 @ Momondo
My friend wanted to takes his Dad away for his 65th birthday this September, and I thought I share the flights just in case anyone else fancies doing something similar. The weather… Read more
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I did this three centre trip in April. 3 days in Boston, 2 in DC and 5 in NYC. On reflection I wish I’d had 2 in Boston and 3 in DC. Amazing cities and highly recommend getting the train (30 mins) from Boston to Salem if you’re going in October so you can experience the Witch Trials at the spookiest time of year.


Best Western Robert Treat. About 10 mins from Penn. around £90 a night in September


Not for his Dad, since he loves planes, and used to fly when he was younger, so he prefers to take the plane or train. I agree if you are happy to drive, we did Boston, Niagara, Toronto, New York all in a people carrier, and upstate New York is beautiful, we made a whole day of trip from Toronto back New York, left at about 6am, and got to NYc just after midnight, even though it is only a seven hour drive, so much to see, and so much fun. :)


done a very similar trip like this, in and out of airports commuting too and from and all that honestly its easier and prob quicker to just drive there. I drove from washington DC to new york too just under 4 hours and was a great drive/experience


Which hotel? Had a quick look and all those near the PATH train in Jersey City are still around the £200+ mark for these dates. You probably could get an Airbnb for that sort of money. Apartment rentals are effectively illegal in Manhattan but OK in Jersey City.

London Stansted to Palma Majorca (Ryanair) - £12 return @ Momondo  (Example dates 1st - 8th July)
Found 13th Jun 2018Found 13th Jun 2018
London Stansted to Palma Majorca (Ryanair) - £12 return @ Momondo (Example dates 1st - 8th July)
Unbeatable price for a return flight to Majorca at this time of year. Limited availability throughout July, but is still well worth checking out other dates too. Credit - Secret … Read more
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Its Ryanair.. not Etihad or any other 'Premier' Airline. Get a grip.. Use them regular,its a bus service! nothing more. Expect potholes people! Have revolutionised European travel for the average Fabulous price n cant get time off..damn heat op (highfive)


Heat. Awesome


It’s £29 now


On the running late and boarding. Just for clarification the delay clock keeps going until the aircraft physically starts taxiing and also as another measure the delay length from when it lands versus its scheduled landed time. So even if you sit on the ground for 4 hours, they still must pay compensation. 3 hours is the magic number. Personally I like Ryanair for one thing. I expect nothing for £12 apart from travel A to B. So if they deliver I can not argue. BA on the other hand will charge 10x this price but normally deliver nothing either so a far worse picture.


bingo! After they did that to me on Monday night they're not getting a cent of my money ever again! Don't do it people, not worth it

Cheap British airways tickets to Tel Aviv from £189
Found 11th Jun 2018Found 11th Jun 2018
Cheap British airways tickets to Tel Aviv from £189
Must be an error fare as momondo kayak and sky scanner are all quoting from £189 for British Airways from Heathrow to Tel Aviv for any dates
ruthlessv00 uh oh




Skyscanner working fine



Travel up still goes through to booking but £196

Non-stop flights from London, UK to Mumbai or Delhi, India from only £324 roundtrip with British Airways - MOMONDO
Found 28th May 2018Found 28th May 2018
Non-stop flights from London, UK to Mumbai or Delhi, India from only £324 roundtrip with British Airways - MOMONDO
From September to October 2018 3rd Sep to 13th Sep is £325 via Momondo which is cheaper than from BA website.

BA in flight customer service is terrible! Worth paying more for a better airline...Emirates or Ethihad to India


I'm not normally fussy about airlines but I flew BA to Peru last month, it's seriously falling behind other major airlines, I'd be reluctant to recommend. That being said, a cheap flight is a cheap flight and if it gets you to where you wanna be for less then go for it.


British airways is worst airline, better going on Turk shed




**wrong thread/forum*

London Heathrow to Mauritius approx - £360/375 pp via Frankfurt at momondo
Found 13th Mar 2018Found 13th Mar 2018
London Heathrow to Mauritius approx - £360/375 pp via Frankfurt at momondo
You can go from Frankfurt to Mauritius for amazingly cheap €275 (approx £242) if you don’t mind these dates (Departure 18th March - Arrival 9th April) So this works out really good… Read more

I was not intending on dissuading anyone from the deal if that is what you are thinking. However, there have been some crazy floods recently so surely fellow HotUKDeal buddies would like to know this before purchasing? It is rainy season yes, a good check on Google weather shows rain everyday for the next few days. Not much point visiting a country known for its yellow sandy beaches and nice blue skies when you won't get to see it. Not having a go but felt it was necessary to defend my original comment...


st8mike: surprise surprise... original post has disappeared ? pasgun & Raseo7: it is a rainy season, so what would you expect? it will be loads of water here and there, but nothing unusual for this island at this time of the year. You either go now and have some rain or wait until May and have significantly less rain. I`m not having a go at anyone in particular, but please be careful what do you guys post in comments in here, especially the "HEARSAY" talk. Thanks in advance. This deal is very good and also great alternative to a route via Dubai, unfortunately it must have been a one off. The cheapest deal from Heathrow is currently from Turkish Airlines via Istanbul.


where exactly does it say anything against travelling to Mauritius on GOV.UK? Could you kindly provide the link? Thanks


En mari paye sa, bizen alle en fois dans to la vie


Departure 18th March - Arrival 9th April You depart Frankfurt on 18th March and land in Mauritius on 9th April? Do you fly via the Bermuda Triangle or something?

Cairo to New York (JFK) RETURN Business Class Meridiana - £420 via Momondo
Found 4th Mar 2018Found 4th Mar 2018
Cairo to New York (JFK) RETURN Business Class Meridiana - £420 via Momondo
Cairo to New York JFK Outbound 12/07/18 Return 20/07/18. Meridiana Airlines new business class, excellent value. Date specific.
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Is that called a "good deal"?


So many good deals from Cairo, I recently booked a first class seat from Cairo to Guangzhou with Emirates for £2200!!


Suppose if I happened to be passing through Cairo, wanted to go to New York and then return to Cairo this would be a good deal


more dates available: 2nd-9th Jul 2nd-10th Jul 2nd-13th Jul 2nd-14th Jul 2nd-16th Jul 3rd-10th Jul 3rd-13th Jul 3rd-14th Jul 3rd-16th Jul 5th-17th Jul 7th-14th Jul 7th-21st Jul 9th-16th Jul 9th-17th Jul 9th-20th Jul 10th-21st Jul 10th-23rd Jul 10th-24th Jul 16th-30th Jul 17th-24th Jul 21st-31st Jul 21st Jul – 3rd Aug 21st Jul – 4th Aug 23rd-30th Jul 23rd-31st Jul 24th-31st Jul 24th Jul – 3rd Aug 28th Jul – 11th Aug 30th Jul – 6th Aug 31st Jul – 11th Aug 31st Jul – 13th Aug 2nd-11th Aug 2nd-13th Aug 4th-11th Aug 4th-13th Aug source:


This will operate by A330 Air Italy new airlines by Qatar Airways. Italian carrier Meridiana is rebranding itself as Air Italy, part of an ambitious plan to overtake perennially troubled Alitalia as Italy’s top global carrier. Meridiana’s rebranding and growth strategy is being helped by Qatar Airways, which bought a 49% stake in the Italian carrier airline last year. The effort to become Italy’s top carrier comes as Alitalia, long Italy's biggest player in aviation, is yet again facing an uncertain future as it reorganizes under bankruptcy protection.

£237pp - London To Dubai (Direct) 5-10 Feb 2018 @ Qantas Airways @ Momondo
Found 24th Jan 2018Found 24th Jan 2018
£237pp - London To Dubai (Direct) 5-10 Feb 2018 @ Qantas Airways @ Momondo

Its even gone down now, its only £214 per person. I checked for 3 people so that total price of 641


perfectly safe. most of the stories are BS.


Is Dubai safe to go to? Fairly sure I have seen a lot in the news recently of tourists who were thrown in jail for picking their nose or similar offences.


code share it looks likely but I quite liked flying with them.


Cracking price - heat.

Dublin - Las vegas return flights around £215 various airlines @ Momondo
Found 23rd Jan 2018Found 23rd Jan 2018
Dublin - Las vegas return flights around £215 various airlines @ Momondo
loads of cheap flights from Dublin to Las Vegas (or to LAX) apart from the Summer months there are loads of dates that work at around that price Flights from the UK to Dublin… Read more
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Find me a business virgin class seat for £1800 between the months of may-august please.


U really think we believe you are paying £1500 per seat for prem econ ?? It half that if you put 30 minutes of your time to it. I can get a business seat for £1800 so who would pay £1500 for prem econ ?? Try again ha ha


Whats funny about that


£1500 for prem econ ???? LOL


ill stick with my gatwick to vegas, virgin premuim economy for £1500, thanks

Huge amount of error fares to USA and Canada from Europe, eg Oslo to Washington £102, Stockholm to NYC £126 via Momondo
Found 3rd Jan 2018Found 3rd Jan 2018
Huge amount of error fares to USA and Canada from Europe, eg Oslo to Washington £102, Stockholm to NYC £126 via Momondo
Absolutely vast amounts of error fares right now among Star Alliance airline members (SAS, Air Canada, Lufthansa, United, Swiss and more) on transatlantic routes. Best examples, i… Read more
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Hot if the airline honours the tickets.


On your inbound, there’s nothing against it unless you check in luggage.


Nope. It would be cancelled.


It is called skiplagged, and is still going.


You have to board at the departure airport but if you were hand luggage only, there’s nothing stopping you from “missing” the last leg of the return flight. You would struggle to get away with it with hold luggage though as that would continue to the final destination. There’s a whole website in the US (or at least there was, might have been shut down) dedicated to finding these kind of deals, it’s called skiplagging. The airlines tried to shut it down but I don’t know if they succeeded.

ERROR Fares from LHR - MEL return from £416 at  momondo
Found 7th Dec 2017Found 7th Dec 2017
ERROR Fares from LHR - MEL return from £416 at momondo
*THESE SHOULD BE TREATED AS AN ERROR FARE, SO PLEASE, PLEASE, DON'T CONTACT THE COMPANY!* So I was having a look around Momondo last night for flights to Australia from mid March … Read more
plebbygiraffe aggregates them.


Most of your posts are flight related. Wait, they all are. Just quote your sources dude


You say YOU spotted this? Really? 🤥


Could do the dishes at a travel agent?


Flynous also is decent

£11 Return Flight -  London To Stockholm - Sweden - Jan/Feb @Momondo via Gotogate
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
£11 Return Flight - London To Stockholm - Sweden - Jan/Feb @Momondo via Gotogate
Hand luggage is included in the price. Here are some example dates: Jan 14 – 17 Jan 15 – 17 Momondo is a price comparison site similar to skyscanner or Kayak where different… Read more

You so clever. That is an ultra specific group of students offered a discount 99.99% of the population of Europe will not have access to. 15% off 8 one way flights if you study abroad for a semester or two But you still cannot get a cheaper price anywhere than booking with Ryanair directly. These Erasmus students would not get their 15% off if they booked through Momongo, booking has to be made directly though Ryanair. So if they booked through Momongo, they'd lose the 15% discount AND pay more for the flight because of Moremongo's fees (y)


Apart from the Erasmus discount of course.


Ryanair Cabin Baggage Policy "Bags. Made Simple. From January 2018 we will be implementing our new cabin bags policy. Only customers who have purchased Priority Boarding, Plus, Flexi Plus, or Family Plus will be permitted to bring two cabin bags on board. All other customers will only be permitted to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board the aircraft, while their second larger wheelie bag must be placed in the hold at the boarding gate (free of charge). "Your small bag must not exceed 35x20x20cm and should easily fit under the seat in front of you."


Best App!


1000% correct. Ryanair don't give discounts and you cannot get a cheaper price anywhere than booking with them directly. You can only pay more, hence why I call this a scam. If you want to pay £40 for £20 flights, go right ahead and book through Momondo. HUKD is becoming swamped with shills and conmen and people who attack those who point out scams. Keep it coming shills and scammers, I don't give a (poo) (y)

£210 - Return Flight (London - New York) Flight In Jan/Feb 2018 (Indirect) via Austrian Airlines @ Momondo
Found 29th Nov 2017Found 29th Nov 2017
£210 - Return Flight (London - New York) Flight In Jan/Feb 2018 (Indirect) via Austrian Airlines @ Momondo
Example dates: 15th-26th Feb 25th Jan – 5th Feb Slight better flight time but costs £20 more than the first one.

Cold, can be done much cheaper with the purchase of wood and materials to fashion a canoe with, the short walk to a west facing beach (max 100 miles, c'mon people) and a relatively short 6 month paddle to New York and you get to see the statue of Liberty close-up, result ! 6 month paddle back and a leisurely jog home over another week. Only over a year return, but look at the saving! Seriously though, New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Also one of the best to visit, so why would you give up an extra 34 hours of your life sitting in an airport lounge rather than flying directly and also being k-nackered from the schedule. Colder than a cold iceberg (which you also get to see on my canoe trip) ! Oh and just realised 2nd 'offer' leaves Stansted, returns LHR, why would you?


Not that much extra, about £50 a day. Works out to about £3.30 per hour it saves if it's 44 hours total vs 14 hours. Plus you've got to have two whole days off for travel. Anyone earning over £3.30 per hour it wouldn't be worth waiting.


Rather pay extra and fly direct than spend almost 24 hours Vs 7 hours. Very cold.


Nice price despite the overnight layover. Only pity is that the first flight leaves from Stansted is not with Austrian (but Eurowings).


It's probably not worth you time for anyone earning over £50 a day.

Non-Stop London to Oakland (San Francisco) Round Trip - £249
Found 23rd Oct 2017Found 23rd Oct 2017
Non-Stop London to Oakland (San Francisco) Round Trip - £249
Non-stop flights from London, UK to Oakland (San Francisco), USA for only £249 roundtrip. Dates: Availability from January to March 2018 The Norwegian website conveniently pr… Read more

The Tories have been holding out on it, Trump will be using it one way exit, I hope his weave isn’t damaged when he does ;)


I'm avoiding the whole country, due to a decision while under the previous administration. Not my decision, of course but that's the way the "land of the free works"....


I fly to San Francisco almost every 2 years to visit my family. Been to both San Francisco airport and Oakland airport. No problem whatsoever. Oakland may not be an attractive city, but why stay in Oakland if you could just travel to SF under an hour. I have just booked a ticket from Norweigian for June 2018. Costs £350, but compare with others are still cheap. Will give it a go.


If a deal for a red car is hot (hot = a good price, lower than normal or cheaper than similar items) then it's hot regardless of whether or not you like red. Otherwise, in this instance, I could vote cold simply because Norway has far too many fjords (which it does). That would make me a nincompoop. Just saying.


well, no but thats why they are a lot cheaper sherlock.Norwegian planes are vastly superior to any of ba planes i have been on. newer, bigger windows, more modern etc

Christmas flights to USA at £323 return - many cities included @ Momondo
Found 2nd Oct 2017Found 2nd Oct 2017
Christmas flights to USA at £323 return - many cities included @ Momondo
Found vi Jack's Flight Club: a big big fare drop on United Airlines flights from London to all over USA during Christmas and New Year holiday season. Here are the others: Return… Read more

Haven't looked for NYC myself as I'm thinking of going elsewhere, but looks like 17th - 27th works in December and has some sweet non-stops on BA at £347 on momondo. Looks like all the other destinations are much easier to find, with post-NYE dates on the return.


What dates did you find those NYC fares?

London to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) - £337 (en route to Cambodia) @ Momondo
Found 15th Sep 2017Found 15th Sep 2017
London to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) - £337 (en route to Cambodia) @ Momondo
I was planning on going back to the Philippines 358 (Air China), but i opted to go to Vietnam for 337 (<900 for 2 adults and a child) for a change. I booked through momondo and … Read more

Palawan is great, i would advise you to visit it sooner rather than later - big companies and bought lots of land and they will sadly spoil places like El Nido. I have wanted to visit Port Barton... a lot less commercial. Vietnam is nice, but out of all S.E Asia, it has to be the Philippines and Burma for me. 30+ times is a crazy number i know, but i get around a lot :p (just counted 61 countries). Good luck finding the right open jaw tickets, but if you only have 2 weeks then - it's really not enough time for the Philippines let alone another country (unless it's just BKK / HKG / KUL / SIN for 2 nights)


30+ times?! That's insane. I'm going to have to drop you a line if I can make it happen soon! Palawan has been on the list for a few years now, I've just been keen to find any open jaw flights where I could cram as much as possible for my annual leave, Vietnam being one of those countries too!


Been to the Philippines 30+ times, have a condo / family in the PI - so ask away if you want any advice for travelling... Regarding Vietnam to the Philippines, i find the flights expensive even for low cost carriers - so it's normally cheaper to flight straight to MNL or to HKG then to MNL. BTW Don't stay in MNL for long, unless you know the place as you will basically think it is a slum, but it's really a great place, once you know the hidden places..


Lol, great isn't it. You get used to it, so much so that you forget you can't do that here in the UK when you return!!


I visited Mui Ne a couple of years ago. It's ok, not much going on really. Lots of hotels, guest houses, restaurants etc. The beach is mostly kite surfing at one end and very difficult to navigate as a result but it is beautiful.

Paris to Montreal return flights 19/11/17-27/11/17 - £129 via Momondo
Found 1st Sep 2017Found 1st Sep 2017
Paris to Montreal return flights 19/11/17-27/11/17 - £129 via Momondo
Found on momondo. Works out slightly more expensive at £158 for 22/11-6/12. Or for £181 for 15/11/17-22/11/17

Hope it's not on air transat


prices starts now from £326. Momondo showing cheaper but there is no way to book for this price . Cheapest one is opodo £335.




Smoking HOT!!! :o

Business class flight to Athens. March 2018. Only £132.00 one way. Aegean Air @ Momondo
Found 26th Aug 2017Found 26th Aug 2017
Business class flight to Athens. March 2018. Only £132.00 one way. Aegean Air @ Momondo
Aegean are opening a route from Gatwick to Athens next year. Combined with a very limited dates 40% off deal ( no need for code it's included in prices already) and slow uptake as … Read more
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Voted hot because this is a hot deal.


Like throwing an ice cube in a volcano


Weird comment. Desperate for what exactly? Have HUKD started paying deal posters or something?


OP seems pretty desperate so I'll vote cold.