Money Monster £9.99 + Quidco

Money Monster £9.99 + Quidco

Found 19th Dec 2007
Can be reserved for pickup or delivered (for 2.99).

This is the cheapest I've found these, still £15+delv at most places, started off at nearly £30 a month or so ago.

A fun way to save money. This Money Monster box talks and encourages you to feed him money. Empty his tummy and he will be very angry.

Accepts Coins
Sucks In Notes
Encourages You To Feed Him Money
Protests If You Take Money Out
Motion Sensor
Ears Wiggle
Eyes Roll And Changes Colour

Quidco 3% pickup.
5% online + addtional 5% using voucher YAW834


Fun for kids BUT a false economy, by saving money youre actually losing £9.99! I guess Im the eternal economiser, old cd cake box or buscuit tin is also an ideal place to save up your money. Im not going to vote on this as I dont know if its a good deal or not - just had to put my thoughts down. ;-)

This is also in Maplin for £9.99 in Pink or Blue
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