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Asda cashback credit card – 1% cashback on Asda spend (as Asda vouchers), 0.5% elsewhere (drops 0.2% 13/04)
Found 20th Feb 2018Found 20th Feb 2018
Asda cashback credit card – 1% cashback on Asda spend (as Asda vouchers), 0.5% elsewhere (drops 0.2% 13/04)
This is a nice little deal for people who regularly shop at Asda. The Asda cashback credit card offers: 1% cashback on all Asda spend, including Asda stores, Living, Grocery Hom… Read more
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WillPS I can see from your image that you apparently get more, but you can see from the above link that this isn't typical. For whatever reason, Some cards are loss leaders, I agree - the Natwest Reward Mastercard is an obvious example of that (they'll lose at least 0.7% every time you use that at a supermarket). There's nowhere near as many today as there were even a couple of years ago though.


Not sure why you insist on 0.25%. OK, about the 1% I cannot access my own statements right now (Nationwide gave me a new card recently due to fraudulent charges and for some reason I can't access the old account history - still waiting to hear back about that), and as I use an Amex for a while now, it may have dropped and I did not notice. But I did log into my wive's account to make sure before I did my previous post and, unless my math is very wrong (which is not), she currently gets 0.5%. And the idea is that cards can lose money on cashback. In fact when I am in the US I get at least 2% on everything and 3-5% on many things and they are certainly losing money on that (as retailers usually pay in the order of 1-2% of transaction fees), but their business model is lure with cashback, make it back from interest/fees etc.


You don't get 1% and your wife doesn't get 0.5%, if you both have the Select Credit Card you both currently earn 0.25% (unless you've signed up since January, in which case you'll get nothing). If you were receiving 1% cashback Nationwide would lose at least 0.7% each and every time you used the card due to the Interchange Cap that started a couple of years ago.


I use it for fuel at asda - hardly shop in the store got enough vouchers for two tank fulls of fuel - I'd say that's worth it


Huh. It is a select card, which gives 1%. My wife's who got it after me gets 0.5%. But you are right, they no longer give this sort of cashback for new signups, the best I see available is 0.5% on an aqua (I also have that), so for ASDA it is indeed the best deal, even at an unspectacular 1% (unspectacular especially compared to the 5% my US cards give me on groceries at the other side of the Atlantic). I stand corrected.

Turkey lira echange rate all time high @  Asda £4.005 to the £1
Found 13th May 2015Found 13th May 2015
Turkey lira echange rate all time high @ Asda £4.005 to the £1
Exchange rate £4.005 to the £1.00 all time high
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Replica merchandise on par with the genuine goods, I don't think so. Maybe your mind tells you that, but the quality will be nowhere near as good.


I noticed that but they do still take lira and at 4 to the £1 I couldn't refuse. I'll just take a mixture.


Great rate


Turkey is outstanding - and a superb place to stock up on "replica" merchandise (which is often on a par with the genuine article quality-wise ;) )


Correct. Generally the banks and Doviz (change shops) will give you just a few kurus less than the market rate. Anywhere between 4.16 - 4.19 to the £1 a couple of days ago, so its cold from me. If you don't have any TL, only change enough to see you through the time before you can change sterling locally. Many ATM's will dispense TL, GBP & EUR - depends on your card issuer what is the best deal. Must have been Antalya province, further west such as Fethiye, Marmaris etc they're more into sterling. Turks always prefer hard currencies to the lira, they know how volatile it can be, but always ask for the TL menu (or price). The rate they use when calculating EUR/GBP to TL does not favour the tourist! TM

Asda Money Cashback Credit Card
Found 4th May 2015Found 4th May 2015
Asda Money Cashback Credit Card
There are only a few cashback credit cards left out there now and I have come across this one from Asda Money so if you was a Capital One Customer it might be worth a look and this… Read more
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Credit score and income mean nothing overall, it's the customer as a whole that the banks look at so the entire package your son offers. It's usually a complex calculation to arrive at a final score set by the bank to figure out things like acceptance and what credit limits to approve. Things now considered include; - level of debt they have elsewhere - What balances are owed on other credit cards, mortgages etc - maximum level of debt they could end up with ie all their credit limits and static debts added together that in theory the customer could max out to and then end up in a financial crisis. - How much is being repaid on other debt elsewhere ie always minimum payments (some banks love this as you never pay off debt and are a constant source of income, others don't want customers like this as they are inherently more risky). - What payment history they see with the credit reference agencies including missed payments, underpayments, overpayments etc - Address histories and how much the bank value that data as a likelihood of him doing a bunk. - Register of electors are they on it or not - Renting, Council tenants, own home, mortgages - all different types of customers that some banks like/dislike - Other factors Therefore it's not necessarily he's a bad repayer of debt but could be likely that the bank doesn't want his type of customer profile as a customer.


my son has over £20.000 income and good credit score asda money credit offered him £300 credit limit.


£24 isn't that much you've paid that with £240 of shopping or £80 of petrol/ diesel


but the Santander 123 credit card has a £24 annual fee.


Think maybe it's cold as you can get better with others like Santander who give you 1% on shopping at any supermarket 2% in department stores 3% fuel at almost any patrol station

Free credit report for life via ASDA MONEY
Found 15th Mar 2015Found 15th Mar 2015
Free credit report for life via ASDA MONEY
I received an email from asda money that they are now offering free credit report for life. It's run via a company called Noddle. I've just signed up to it and it offered a detail… Read more

Just registered and obtained my record - thank you!


Comment They actually give you a credit score, noddle only give an indicator.


Ive been with noddle since they started and find them perfectly suitable for returning my credit file every month for free. I tried experian out of interest and it didnt offer me any more information that what noddle does so do yourselves a favour and save your money, its not worth spending money to get your credit file.


awesome, never knew about this!


I've been with creditexpert from Experian for years now but thought I'd try Noodle last year seeing as it was free. Sorry to say but it's pretty hopeless. It had whole accounts missing for me so it wasn't a true reflection of my credit file at all. Yes it's costly (I pay £9.99 a month) but I much prefer having a really accurate report and being able to track changes to my real credit score with Experian.

ASDA Travel Money Rate Sale Starts 8am Tuesday 4th Feb
Found 3rd Feb 2014Found 3rd Feb 2014
ASDA Travel Money Rate Sale Starts 8am Tuesday 4th Feb
ASDA (who seem to be one of the best rates on the high street when reserving online) are advertising a rate sale starting 8am Tues 4th Feb and ends 8am Fri 7th Feb. Hopefully this… Read more
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I think that very much depends on your circumstances. Go through and get a voucher for Debenhams to collect in store. £1.1856


Best exchange rate at the moment including free delivery is moneycorp at 1.184 google top 10 exchange rate and your transaction is protected by the FSA


Just compared the dollars with Tesco travel money for £300, you get about 2 more dollars at asda


I'm going to France Saturday (if the weather lets me) only for the day. Where's the best place to get about £100 worth of euros?

9.5% off your shopping bill at Asda in November - need Asda credit card
Found 23rd Aug 2013Found 23rd Aug 2013
9.5% off your shopping bill at Asda in November - need Asda credit card
Get 9.5% off of your shopping at Asda ! Load up a Christmas shopping card with your Asda Money credit card this weekend and you'll a save a whopping 9.5% on your shopping later on… Read more
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Portable Mobile Phone Charger - £4 *Instore* @ Asda
Found 19th Mar 2011Found 19th Mar 2011
Portable Mobile Phone Charger, uses 4 AAA batteries (LR03, AAA 1.5V) Pack includes Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Mini & Micro USB, Nokia Small and Big connector. It also includes no… Read more

I'll stick to poundland :)


The BIG problem is you cannot use Rechargeable AAA batteries as this needs 1.5V batteries and ALL NiMH AAA batteries are 1.2V. I tried my AAA 1.2V and it did not charge any of the phones but supplied 1.5V batteries worked with all phones as above.


Definately has one as I managed to charge my San Francisco with it.


[image missing]Uploaded with


I seen this as Asda an hour ago, im sure it didn't have a MICRO USB bit???

Discovery Money saving box £5 @ Asda
Found 8th Jan 2011Found 8th Jan 2011
Discovery Money saving box £5 @ Asda
Discovery money saving box for £5.00 instore Asda.

Better off saving your money by not buying this! :p

Disney Bolt £5 @ Asda in store
Found 5th Dec 2010Found 5th Dec 2010
Disney Bolt £5 @ Asda in store
picked it up yesterday as saw it cheap in Asda :) was marked up as £5 not a scanning error so i'd guess it's nationwide :) worth a look as good movie and would make a great xmas g… Read more
Asda Car Breakdown Cover for only £6.16 a month
Found 15th Aug 2010Found 15th Aug 2010
I noticed Asda are doing Car Breakdown Cover for £73.92 or £6.16 per month. It seems a good price compared with the RAC and AA for the level of cover included. Has anyone used Asd… Read more
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I have been with Asda Breakdown cover a few years and used their service a few times I have found them to be very efficient they've never let me down. I would recommend them


[/quote]yep used numerous times, always turn up within the hour, ive been towed from manchester back to blackpool, no charge, a punctured tire and they fitted my spare etc.[/quote] I read somewhere that there was an excess of £40 per breakdown, do you know if this is true


yep used numerous times, always turn up within the hour, ive been towed from manchester back to blackpool, no charge, a punctured tire and they fitted my spare etc.


never had a problem with AA...hic


Just get AA or RAC through Quidco or Topcashback. It'll cost around £45ish a year for you and your partner driving any car for Roadside and Relay. More for homestart. Yes, yes I know, cashback is not guaranteed blah blah. Never had a problem getting it from AA.

Asda Travel Insurance – Kids Go Free! + 15% discount if booked online
Found 21st Jul 2010Found 21st Jul 2010
Get your holiday insurance from Asda from as little as £5! Choose the holiday insurance cover that most suits your needs - and your budget. With Asda Travel Insurance, you’ll get … Read more

just looked, its triple the rest of the quotes ive been getting


Overall, it depends what the cost is, after whatever discount they're offering. It's worth reviewing the moneysavingexpert site's section on travel insurance, as there are some massive differences in costs. A year's cover from £14 is their headline.


have never found asda insurance to be that good value, and lots of firms offer free kids insurance. We arer currently with direct travel insurance, cheap, decent cover (ski trip was covered) and 14% quidco. Can't go wrong!

Found 4th Jun 2010Found 4th Jun 2010
Asda are currently offering pet insurance from £3.92 a month (for cats) . As a pet owner i can honestly say that this is 1 of the cheapest offers around. Had a look and can't see… Read more

No worries, glad to help :)


Wow for me E&L are much cheaper then Asda. Thanks!


E&L insurance, got their quote through

seanmc172 give some really good quotes and a good level of cover


Who are you with? We have just acquired a 12 month old rescue Labradoodle - looking to insure him before he eats something that doesn't come out the other end!

RAC Breakdown Cover through Asda
Found 23rd May 2008Found 23rd May 2008
RAC Breakdown Cover through Asda
Just Ordered This seems a good deal. Just £6.16 per month Direct Debit. You are covered in the first 24hours as well for Roadside assistance. What's Included? Roadside assista… Read more
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so what did people do ? Do we still think its a good deal ? Need breakdown cover v v soon. thanks


No it is not exactly RAC cover, try filling forms for both and you will realise ASDA is vehicle based, where as RAC person based cover...


I've personally voted this cold. I think it's overpriced, and you can't use Quidco. I'm with AutoAid, and have full cover for £32 per year.


I think here this is just RAC cover though, which you are getting via ASDA.


I mean that with RAC cover, you ar covered even if you are driving another car, where as with this asda cover you are covered only if you driving specific vehicle...hope it answers the question