Mongol - The Rise To Power Of Genghis Khan [DVD] £3.48 @Amazon.co.uk
Mongol - The Rise To Power Of Genghis Khan [DVD]  £3.48 @Amazon.co.uk

Mongol - The Rise To Power Of Genghis Khan [DVD] £3.48 @Amazon.co.uk

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Director Sergei Bodrov's sweeping MONGOL focuses on battles physical and emotional as it follows the early ascent of the 'Great King' Genghis Khan in the 12th and 13th centuries. Born Temudgin to a kingly father, the film introduces the nine-year-old (Odnyam Odsuren) making his first fateful decision: going against his father's wishes and choosing the lesser-born Borte as his future wife. When his father is poisoned, Temudgin flees from his father's rivals. Temudgin is saved by a young prince, Jamukha, and the two become blood brothers. That bond of friendship is tested, though, when the grown Temudgin (Tadanobu Asano) wages war--against the Mongol code--to win back the captive Borte. As Temudgin asserts his own power, he must also face Jamukha in all-out battle if he is to secure the safety of his family and his own kingly destiny. Gorgeously shot on location in Kazakhstan and Inner Mongolia, MONGOL represents the first in a proposed trilogy of films that will chronicle the full impact of Genghis Khan's reign. As ambitious in scope as its subject was in life, MONGOL--a 2008 Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film--offers a unique look at the influence of love and loyalty to the life and times of one of history's most enigmatic rulers.



Great film, heat and rep.

Bought it in Asda about a week ago for £3
It's a great film as said previously:thumbsup:

This was such a funny film in places! I loved the drunken throatsinging scene with Jamukha

it was still availiable in my local asda today at £3

Great movie! Haunting musical score too.
Cant wait for the sequel.


Seksi deal

Where there is love there is life.

My liver enjoyed this film. Also, Tadanobu Asano is the ****.

I quite like this film, not sure if it will be everyone's taste though, :viking:

Only thing I didn't like was the historical inaccuracies.. and that there wasn't more of the film to be watched (and waiting for a sequel) !!!

Scenery in the film is beautiful! :w00t:

Fantastic film.



Great movie! Haunting musical score too.Cant wait for the sequel.

any idea what it's called and when it's released?

According to the ever reliable wikipedia:

"The second instalment of the trilogy, provisionally entitled The Great Khan, is currently in pre-production and is slated for release in 2010."

This look goods, thanks

did i fall asleep while watching or does it kinda skip forward and all of a sudden he's got a massive army?

Boring movie!!!

Not available in York Asda for £3 (checked last night) though it's part of a "two for £8 or £5 each" deal. So this Amazon deal is definitely the best price.
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