Monin cocktail syrup set - 99p @ B&M Instore

Monin cocktail syrup set - 99p @ B&M Instore

Found 19th Apr 2012
Just jumped in my local BM store, and found this syrup set for 99p. There was some other good deal:
Smirnoff Mojito for £3.99
Smirnoff Caipiroska £3.99
different beers in aluminium bottle for 79p
The smirnoff and beers best before date is April, and May, but the syrup is bb July.
I don't know if it is nationwide or only local deal.
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Do you have more details of the syrup ie flavours, how much in the set, size/volume of bottles etc. I have been looking for some vanilla for making whiskey sours
Just wondered whether you could possibly help me, Is this a cocktail syrup set or one for coffee? The photo looks a bit like one I bought in Lakeland before Christmas, think it had cinnamon, caramel, cookie crisp, gingerbread something like that. If it is that set, then this is a fab deal, as these are very difficult to get hold of. Sure it is great price even if it is for cocktails. Thanks for posting.
Have some heat, I looveee the Peach Tea Monin syrup but its so hard to find at a reasonable price
It is a cocktail syrup set.
Passion Fruit
Mojito Mint
Curacao Bleu

Included: easy to make cocktail recipes. (8 different alcoholic, and non alcoholic)
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