Monitor LG 29UM68-P - Monitor de 29" Ultrawide (2560 x 1080p, IPS, 300 cd/m2, 5 ms, HDMI, 1000:1, FreeSync)  ~£190 + £7 P&P @

Monitor LG 29UM68-P - Monitor de 29" Ultrawide (2560 x 1080p, IPS, 300 cd/m2, 5 ms, HDMI, 1000:1, FreeSync) ~£190 + £7 P&P @

Found 6th Jul 2017 daily deal, so will only be available for 12h...

Productos: EUR 215,21
Envío: EUR 9,80
Importe total: EUR 225,01
El total del pedido incluye el IVA. Ver detalles.

TOTAL Price sent to UK: ~197.539

Also, for 25ish EUR u get 2years worldwide warranty
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What if you need to return?

What if you need to return?

Dont know mate, I guess it will cost you the savings from buying it from (currently £249.97)
True, I was not sure if could be returned to amazon uk
So what is the P&P then?
I just ordered an Asus pq348q in used-like new costing £744 from amazon warehouse.... wondering now if I should have gone smaller....and saved money
It has to be returned to Amazon Spain. If it's faulty they'll refund you the cost to send it back to them, but yeah it's more hassle.

So what is the P&P then?

reading this on this actual monitor. I bought mine used about a year ago for £140 after my work demanded i return my Dell Ultra wide 29" (i had resigned). It was far cheaper than the dell yet i haven't noticed a difference in terms of screen quality (gaming). However one difference are the internal speakers - far better on the LG!

i would buy new for this price - HOT
mines coming to £204 after postage?
I want to bite, but with Prime Day round the corner I'd be kicking myself if the UK price got close to this. I wouldn't want to take any risks with having to return this, especially given the issues that a lot of monitors have with light bleed, dead pixels etc. It can sometimes be a lottery on what panel would turn up!
I have this and love it. By best display. Only wish non-PC devices started supporting the format, plus not all PC games support 21:9 natively. Chrome has an extension that works well with Netflix however effectively lower res.

4K blurays at 21:9 (e.g. Mad Max) are glorious on this!
Have this one and love it, just make sure you have enough space on your desk, unless you have seen an ultrawide on person you will underestimate how wide it is.
Barely fits on my desk with my speakers.

Oh and regarding games, I have only had issues with old games (10 + years). Gameplay at 21:9 works on most games newer than that but it is common for even new games to display, menus, loading screens & cut-scenes in 16:9.
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Yep, I have this too... paid £230 for mine when I bought it, and well worth the price in my opinion. Haven't encountered any problems at all. I use the onscreen control program quite a lot when switching which config I need at that time, mostly use 1:1 screen split when doing productivity tasks, and sometimes use 2 inputs config when I need to use my PC and another PC/raspberry pi etc concurrently. Very easy to switch selections you need. Only wish it supported onscreen control for switching to use 2 inputs instead of the push button menu.
I have this monitor bought it about 4 months back from amazon UK and its been a great monitor it replaced a 23inch ips LG which served me well for 4+ years. I paid around £230 so this is a descent saving but after buying something from Amazon Italy and having to return it i can tell you it had me pulling my hair out. First off finding a company to use but by far the most frustrating part was getting Amazon to understand i needed a name and contact number to put on the parcel as all courier companies want contact details for the recipient the other issue was understanding the address to put in the couriers website as there addresses are different from ours. It was a decent saving but was a real mare and id question if id do it again, its not like ive never sent a parcel before i like to think i know what im doing and am also computer savvy but trying to make Amazon Italy understand what i needed took many emails and chats to get the correct details. I know this is Spain but i doubt it will be any different as English isnt there first language also its expensive to send something back and i know amazon should refund the costs but its not always that simple and with a parcel this large expect shipping well over £30 if you have to return it. You may be able to use LG UK if it needs a repair or replacement so might get away with a return if its faulty.
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