Monkey nuts 14 x 350g @ home bargains £11.06

Monkey nuts 14 x 350g @ home bargains £11.06

Found 18th Dec 2017
You can either buy 1 pack in store for 79p or order 14 packs online for £11.06. Works out the same price per pack. Imo pretty good value
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That's a lotta nuts
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optrex1010 m ago

That's a lotta nuts

14 packs is 2 months supply in our house
Used to love growing monkey nuts as a kid.
i seem to remember planting a nut and then only ever getting one nut to grow underground. A bit pointless really but still fun when your 6
to shame no deal at Morrissons 2 for 1£...500 gr. packs
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