Monkey Shoulder 70cl £20 @ Tesco - A great whisky and at a great price (i think)

Monkey Shoulder 70cl £20 @ Tesco - A great whisky and at a great price (i think)

Found 11th Dec 2012
Was shopping in tesco and noticed they had monkey shoulder for £20 so bought a couple of bottles. Its £25 at waitrose, and £22.50 at asda. Only places i can see it cheaper are some online places, but this can be picked up off the shelf right there and then. Hope it gets someone drunk over Christmas

@ Tesco
- ajm007


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Sorry i forgot to put tesco in description, thanks

It's ok


It's ok

Its ok as in the Whisky is ok, or forgetting Tesco ? Id like to know as I want to purchases a bottle for the father in law.

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its ok as in forgetting teco. the actual whiskey is very nice.…ky/

Thanks, I saw it at Asda when looking around the deals. They have it wrongly down as a straight malt (although call it a triple malt) and not in the blended section.

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it is however made from 3 single malts and blended into something heavenly

Never had this am always a bit unsure if the bottle looks like its been bejazzled, might give this a try if enough people recommend it..

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lol @ bejazzled. Its actually quite a simple bottle with 3 monkeys on it to signify the 3 single malts. Its name its something to do with a illness hops carriers got during their working life.

same price at sainburys i believe

Good price for a very nice whisky. Smooth and caramelly, doubt you'll find it for less than £20
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