MONOPOLY £11.97 delivered @ Tesco Ent (PS3 + 360)
MONOPOLY £11.97 delivered @ Tesco Ent (PS3 + 360)

MONOPOLY £11.97 delivered @ Tesco Ent (PS3 + 360)

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same price @ amazon but 2-5 weeks for delivery

EA gives players a new spin on an old classic in the digital version of Monopoly, with gameplay for players of any skill.

Monopoly is one of the most well-known board games on the planet, and this title transfers the business-minded gameplay of the cardboard version to the computer realm with a number of new tweaks and improvements alongside. Up to four players can play the classic game at one time, allowing players to help one another and progress no matter their knowledge of the game. This also speeds up gameplay and removes any downtime waiting for players turns. Recognisable locations from around the glove fill up the crisp 3D board, with slick animations that still retain the Monopoly feel many have grown up with.

As well as the classic Monopoly board, players can try to fill up their passport to unlock entirely original game boards to play on. These new features extend to mini-games, where players can challenge others to break out of jail or try to escape with their stolen money.

The world of Monopoly has successfully made its move onto consoles, with a number of improvements and additions keeping the classic board game fresh.

Also 8% Quidco makes it £1 cheaper
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Original Poster SuperEd

cheapest about and cold?

Hot deal for a pretty poor version of the game (though I picked this up for less than a tenner at WHSmith 6 months ago)


cheapest about and cold?

"Heat" from me for the price. I cannot comment on the game-play (but that isn't the point of voting hot or cold anyway).



I bought this for £15 from HMV and I actually think it's great.

Very good version of the monopoly game with various board types. I was particuarly impressed with the amount of options you can tweak on the game rules.

Heat from me.

Bought, Thanks for posting

I just cancelled the one I hard on order from the Hut for 12.73 and ordered it from Tesco. The Hut was the cheapest one I could find a few days ago; of course I checked everywhere but Tesco! (Amazon must have dropped it's price in the last few days, because the cheapest had been 14.xx). Since the hut had mine down not to be dispatched until the middle of next week (!), there was time to cancel. This is a great price as I was looking everywhere for one of these before Christmas, and they were all over 30 quid.

heated, thanks

Heat added but seriously, i draw a line at board games on consoles .. . . .

Game isn't even online, and to be honest this should have been part of Hasbro Game Night.

Still, never mind. Heat added.

good price - voted hot.

Beware this game is SLOW - after using the orignal (not 360) xbox version , this version is so frustrating as it takes longer than a real game.

In the original you can skip animations and generally speed up play. No such luck here. Avoid unless you have plenty of time to burn.




No, No trophies!


Game isn't even online, and to be honest this should have been part of … Game isn't even online, and to be honest this should have been part of Hasbro Game Night.Still, never mind. Heat added.

not online surley a must for a game like this


I was going to post this earlier lol wouldn't let me submit it though - i already ordered a couple of days ago, expecting it to come today - but it didn't - hopefully it will arrive Monday
Also - did you get 8% quidco

not that price any more


not that price any more

I clicked the "expire" link for you.


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