Monopoly Championship Edition - half price - £9.95 delivered @ Amazon
Monopoly Championship Edition - half price - £9.95 delivered @ Amazon

Monopoly Championship Edition - half price - £9.95 delivered @ Amazon

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* World famous property trading board game
* Now you can play a genuine Monopoly championship in your own home
* Move around the board buying and selling properties
* For 2--6 players



good price! hot!

Also this price at Tesco.

If you want the Monopoly Classic it is £10 at ASDA or £12.79 at Argos.


Also this version contains the SPEED DICE, these make the game go quicker - with special rules, making a game last about 45mins and more fun...

Here's a transcription (with a little formatting) from the above photo:

To speed up your game, just follow these steps.

1 At the start of the game, each player takes an extra $1000.

2 Do not use the Speed Die until you pass Go for the first time.

3 When using the Speed Die, roll it with the two white dice on your turn. Then do the following, depending on what you rolled.

1, 2, or 3 Add this to the roll of the two white dice.

Bus, You can choose to move the value of one or both of the white dice. So if you rolled a 1 and a 5, you could move 1 space, 5 spaces or 6 spaces.

Mr. Monopoly: Move the sum of the white dice as normal and take the action for the space you land on. Then advance to the next unowned property and either buy it or put it up for auction. If there is no unowned properties left, advance to the next property owned by another player and pay rent.

1 Only the white dice are counted when rolling doubles.

2 If you roll three-of-a-kind (each die shows the same number), you can move your token to any space on the board.

3 If you are sent to Jail during your move, your turn ends and you do not use the result of the speed die.

4 Only roll the white dice when attempting to get out of Jail

5 Roll all 3 dice to determine the rent for a utility. The Bus and Mr. Monopoly count as zero.


What is the difference between this and normal monopoly ? ?
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