Monopoly Crazy Cash Machine Game - £11.49 @ Amazon -   £20 everywhere else

Monopoly Crazy Cash Machine Game - £11.49 @ Amazon - £20 everywhere else

Found 23rd Oct 2010Made hot 24th Oct 2010
The fast dealing property trading game for kids
Crazy board and street names
Featuring card activated electronic cash machine
Mini banking card
4 bigger, brighter movers
24 wacky houses and hotels

Race around the board spending your Monopoly money and build as many wacky houses and hotels as you can. Catch the cash as it flies from the Crazy Cash machine when you use the Monopoly Credit Card.Chance cards give you choices, what will you choose to help you win? Save and spend to become the richest player... AND WIN! For 2-4 players, ages 5 years and over.

Its 20 quid elsewhere


This was 5 quid in Asda a few months back....I'm just saying....

yeah i bought it when it was £5 in asda

great price op - my kids love this game, great for rainy day play or 'i'm bored' days :0)

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