Monopoly Crazy Cash Machine Game - £9.95 delivered at Amazon

Monopoly Crazy Cash Machine Game - £9.95 delivered at Amazon

Found 9th Dec 2010
Race around the board spending your Monopoly money and build as many wacky houses and hotels as you can. Catch the cash as it flies from the Crazy Cash machine when you use the Monopoly Credit Card.Chance cards give you choices, what will you choose to help you win? Save and spend to become the richest player... AND WIN! For 2-4 players, ages 5 years and over.

* The fast dealing property trading game for kids
* Crazy board and street names
* Featuring card activated electronic cash machine
* Mini banking card
* 4 bigger, brighter movers
* 24 wacky houses and hotels
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Great price for this just don't know if I could bring myself to play one of these new boards I've still got an original board that was handed down! would feel like I was cheating on it X)
Good deal! Now showing at £8.31
Isn't it £8.31
Prefer the old one with cash.
My daughters have this version and the noise for swiping the credit card gets on my nerves.
Good price though
good spot hot
great game for this price, my little boy is 5 and loves playing it with me
Would rather the old one, been ruined with the credit cards
£15.99 now
I've just been in Toys R Us, and it was the same price in there (well, £9.97). I think it might have been in a 3 for 2 offer as well - didn't look that closely.
Back in at 9.99.
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