Monopoly Essex Edition - £12 in store at Woolworths!

Monopoly Essex Edition - £12 in store at Woolworths!

Found 26th Nov 2008
I've been looking for this everywhere since i saw it in tesco in Chelmsford a couple of weeks ago. Went in Woolworths in Lakeside today and they had loads (several full shelves). It was priced as £20 (reduced from £24.95) but scanned in the till as £15. Also used the 20% off voucher to get it for only £12! Less than half what everywhere else is charging! The 20% vouchers are also now valid until Sunday.

20% voucher can be found here:…us/


Link doesnt work, cant find any games at all

Have they swoped the boot for a stilleto/uggs?:whistling:

you can buy all of woolies for less than "old kent road"...


You can by Wigan monopoly for £10 in Wigan Asda

I wouldnt be ordering anything from woolies just now, as you probably wouldnt get your order.

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Thanks for the comments, very amusing! :-D

Woolworths have suspended sales of toys and games online, hence why i said 'in store'.

Not sure if they would sell it online anyway as its a pretty localised thing.
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