Monopoly Here & Now Electronic Edition £18.94

Monopoly Here & Now Electronic Edition £18.94

Found 20th Oct 2006
Monopoly Here & Now Electronic Edition
Monopoly is the classic property trading board game. Invented in America during the Great Depression, it’s the game about dealing in big money and getting rich quick. Starting from the famous "GO" space, move around the board, buying and selling properties, building apartments and hotels as you go. Watch out for players landing on your property – they owe you rent! And don’t forget to collect £2,000,000 every time you pass "GO"! That’s right, £2MILLION… on your BANK CARD!

The world has changed amazingly over the last 70 years. The rent has rocketed sky high in a much more recognisable London, and now you can wheel and deal without the hassle of carrying loads of cash on you – especially when it’s in millions! ! of pounds! Thing have moved on and, just like in the real world, all you need to do is SWIPE YOUR BANK CARD TO TRANSFER MONEY- it couldn’t be easier! The places have also changed to reflect the real London of today that we all know and love – from Bishopsgate to Kensington Palace Gardens. Choose from a range of new movers including a mobile phone, roller blade, or even a cheeseburger!

Your success depends on wise speculation, smart investments and clever deals. Even if your luck fails, you can still resort to mortgages and deals with other players. If you become the wealthiest player with so much money that you own it all – you win Monopoly!


1 Gameboard

1 Banker Unit (requires 3xAAA batteries - not included)

6 Movers

2 Dice

32 Green Apartments

12 Red Hotels

28 Title Deed Cards

16 Chance Cards

16 Community Chest Cards

6 Monopoly Bank Cards

Game Rules & Instructions

The Game
The idea is to buy and rent or sell properties around the board. Starting from "GO" players move their tokens around the board according to the throw of the dice. When a player’s token lands on a space that’s not already owned, they can buy it from the bank, otherwise it is auctioned off to the highest bidder. The object of owning property is to collect rent from any other player that lands there. Rent is increased by the erection of apartments and hotels, so it is wise to build them on some of your properties. Community Chest and Chance spaces give the draw of a card, instructions on which must be followed. Sometimes players land in Jail! The game is one of shrewd and amusing trading and excitement.
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