Monopoly Millionaire Board Game £11.86 from £19.99 @ Amazon

Monopoly Millionaire Board Game £11.86 from £19.99 @ Amazon

Found 10th Jan 2013
I am a Monopoly fan and was looking for a new one, this looks cool as sometimes Monopoly can go on for hours, this is a quicker game and a great price.

New quick paced Monopoly, fun thrilling play for all.
First to a million wins
Build your money stacks to make your millions
Features exciting new locations on the board to match the millionaire lifestyle
Ages 8 and up.
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Just saw this in Tesco for £20. This is a good price. Heat added.
It has been £11.86 at Tesco for a while (online for pick up at store)
My son got this for Christmas - it's not the best Monopoly game I've ever played! It can be over very quickly if you finish as soon as someone gets to a milllion as by the 3rd time you pass go you pick up 200k each time, and a lot of the community chest type cards are worth 100-200k. We carried on playing (by setting a finishing time instead of an amount to get to) and bankrupted the bank after about 30 minutes so ended up with a 'bank owes players' list!
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