Monopoly (Worcester Geographical edition) - £6.24 (£9.47 delivered) @ Amazon

Monopoly (Worcester Geographical edition) - £6.24 (£9.47 delivered) @ Amazon

Found 23rd Aug 2007
£6.24 (£9.47 delivered) or free delivery if ordering over £15 worth of stuff.
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All the other regions/cities are at full price - £24.99ish. Does this mean everybody has moved out of Worcester..?
Does anyone even play Monopoly any more? Actually, I don't think Worcester has a racetrack anymore. It floated away and is now a resevoir LOL
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] item is £23.96 … ] item is £23.96 not as OP posts

The price has gone up since last night vinylandtrinkets. Either that or I saw £23.96 on Amazon and divided by 3.8397435
The new Monopoly 2008 will include some ammendments to the game

Get out of jail early card.
Collect £200 pounds in benefits for passing go.
A new mug someone on the street with a knife option.
And a new favourite, man selling bootleg dvd's on the corner of Leicester Square!
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