Monsoon Sale 50% off Womens, Men and Childrens Clothes

Monsoon Sale 50% off Womens, Men and Childrens Clothes

Found 29th Sep 2009
Half price sale online and instore at monsoon, some lovely clothes - just been having a browse
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Some great stuff here. Hot!
jus kiddies stuff?
Cracking post thanks a lot....:thumbsup:
GREAT!!! just done loads of overtime and now the Mrs has an ever better excuse to go and spend it

Key words - UP TO.
Oh no. Don't tell the wife!
rubbish for men,,, had a look and nothing that nice and not that cheap either!

cold from me im afraid
They need to take 50% off to bring them down to the price they should be. I think this shop is soooo expensive, nice clothes but at a price:)
Thanks pinkkitty2007, some lovely kiddies clothes :thumbsup:
Not a lot of decent items in the sale.
Monsoon sale! Maybe I should treat the other half??
If you have a large Monsoon near you, the sales tend to be better in store.

Key words - UP TO.

Having looked at the mens clothes, most of it is actually 50% off :whistling:
I would hang fire.......they always go to 70% off just depends how much you want a certain item.
I got a couple of swimsuits for my daughter, Ive had trouble finding swimsuits for her as its not summer anymore and winter ranges dont seem to have swimsuits yet she has swimming lessons at the pool 3 times a week so she needs em whether the summers past or not!
Anyone have any ideas when their 70% sale will be???:whistling:
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