Monster 2.4M HDMI only £15.99 from 7dayshop
Monster 2.4M HDMI only £15.99 from 7dayshop

Monster 2.4M HDMI only £15.99 from 7dayshop

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The Most Advanced Connection for HDMI Is the Monster® M1000 HDTV HDMI Cable When you want to see and hear every detail, every nuance, without compromise, choose the best: HDMI. This digital audio/video interface does it all, delivering uncompressed 1080p/120 Hz high definition video with 12-bit Deep Color, eight channels of 192/24 digital audio for ultimate 7.1 surround sound, and an integrated control channelall in one cable. HDMI is the only way to fully utilize today's standard in High Definition DVD: Blu-ray Disc. Plus, it eliminates digital-to-analog conversion between your video sources and display for the most accurate high definition picture.


At that length a 2 quid cable should suffice.


seems cheap (!) for Monster.

I have bought a few of these cables from 7dayshop.com recently when they were at £17.99 then at £16.99 and they are well worth it! The quality is excellent and the service from 7dayshop was top notch too! May get cold in here though as some people will say you can get HDMI cables from Poundland for £1 but that's like comparing an Accoustic Solutions TV to a Pioneer Kuro!

You could easily pay £100 for these cables in the likes of Comet thus £15.99 is a bargain and if you have invested in a decent AV set-up then £15.99 is hardly expensive for a quality accessory! Voted HOT HOT HOT!

I thought a HDMI cable was digital and therefore the difference between a cheap cable and expensive quality cable had hardly any different. Not like the SCART days anyway

Not entirely true, big discussion topic!


At that length a 2 quid cable should suffice.

Surprisingly there isn't much of a correlation between length (within reason) and digital data integrity. So whilst it is reasonably common sense to assume increasingly longer cables will have some influence on analogue signals, the length of a digital cable (that you would use in a domestic environment) is less critical than other features such as the coax dielectric and the termination design. So whether it is 300mm long or 10m long it is impedance mismatching in digital cable that is the biggest problem as reflections result in more data errors. This can happen in the shortest of cables.

The problems with very cheap cables is that they are likely to have lower quality terminations and less consistent dielectric throughout the cable length that also has a tendancy to nip and get damaged.

Paying through the nose for Monster products is not the way forward either. However at this price it looks like a good deal to me.

Good deal on the quality but I have enough HDMI cables for £3.50 already, they all seemed fine. Note the reviewers comment on the bulky thick cable pcworld.about.com/mag…htm
Quote from link: "For now, the best strategy is to position the cable carefully so that it applies no stress to the connector. In our tests, we had the most trouble when trying to attach Monster's $300 M1000HDMI cable to the Epson's HDMI port. Easily the thickest, stiffest, heaviest model we reviewed, the Monster cable pulled away from the projector's HDMI port, often causing the screen to go blank."
For those who had those thick cables will know what this means, so this Monster cable may need some ties to relieve too much weight off the small HDMI connector.


...that's like comparing an Accoustic Solutions TV to a Pioneer Kuro!

No it's not. These cables are sending digital signals, ones and zeros, ons and offs. At this length the signal is not affected whether the cable be made and sold for £2 or £102.

Don't believe the hype, the sales pitch or What Hifi.

However if you are one of those who feels better, hear better, see better after having spent more money then this is a definite buy as it is a bargain. A placebo effect is nevertheless still beneficial to the mind and well worth the money.

This is true, never underestimate the smug factor.


These cables are sending digital signals, ones and zeros, ons and offs.

340,000,000 "ons and offs" each second to be precise :geek:

Perhaps that helps some people to understand why the cable needs to be better than the stuff you would use to hook up a doorbell :whistling:

I saw some tests a while back, where they compared monster cables to some el'cheapo ones and some mid ranges. They simulated the bitrate for 720p, 1080p and something above 1080p (they called it future something or other!). The monster cables out performed the others, but not always by much.

EDIT: Ah, was this one: gizmodo.com/268…lly
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