Monster Cable 2m RF/Aerial Flylead £7.50 @ Comet *instore*

Monster Cable 2m RF/Aerial Flylead £7.50 @ Comet *instore*

Found 8th Mar 2010
My first post and not everyones idea of a deal but here goes.

Reduced from £15 to £7.50 for Genuine Monster cable RF (Tv to VCR etc). Considering they and Maplins sell the own brand stuff at £6.99 ish, I thought it was a bargain.

No doubt it may sparka debate about it being a waste of money etc but hey!

This was in clearance bin near tills at Comet in Blackpool, and marked end of line. Pristine packaged etc. Not sure on availabilty elsewhere as its not listed online anywhere that I could see.


Genuine Monster eh?

Must be worth at least a quid...

Eh? Surely 'Monster' means high quality and great value?

Hahahahaha, only kidding ;-)

High end RF cable is like using silken dustbin liners. expensive way to achieve the exact same result.
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