Monster Cables Beats Headphones by Dr. Dre £201.25 @ Dabs
Monster Cables Beats Headphones by Dr. Dre £201.25 @ Dabs

Monster Cables Beats Headphones by Dr. Dre £201.25 @ Dabs

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Great Set of headphones at a much reduced price. These wont last long I have been waiting for them to be in stock for a while now.

remember to use quidco

£201.25 - less with quidco



100 quid off rrp for these fashion headphones, can't argue with that. HOT.

wonder if dre sat in the sweat shop making all these personally?

has dr dre taking a postgraduate degree in acoustic engineering?
or maybe they just threw him a bit of cash to stick his name on some nondescript existing headphones.

Keeps ya heads ringing!

People it's HOT HOT!
Review ]here

Original Poster

Sure Dre just tested them and put his name to them. Monster are the people behind them. I work in a recording studio and they are very impressive to listen to finished mixes on. I know plenty of ppl that have bought them. I much prefer them against my bose.
They come with a inline button so you can use them with iphone and touch too.

This is a good deal -about £25 less than anywhere else I could find.

But, I'd rather buy a pair a Shure 530's with this money.

Hmm general Consensus from head fi - overpriced/overhyped and not all that great. I.e poor group separation, hissing, overemphasized bass, needs batteries to run (Coming from Monster, I'm not surprised). For that amount you can pick up the Sennheiser HD650 which are truely high end and would blow them out of the water. Unless you need them for travelling and hate IEM's I would spend money elsewhere.

By the way, saying a pair of headphones are better than Bose is not a big feat as their products pale in comparison to what true audio companies are offering for perfomance>price. Best thing you can do is try them yourselves in the shop before making your purchase to see what you are really missing out on.
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