Monster DVD £1.94 (With Voucher Code) + Free Delivery @ PowerPlay Direct

Monster DVD £1.94 (With Voucher Code) + Free Delivery @ PowerPlay Direct

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Found 16th Jun 2009Made hot 1st Sep 2009
Both shocking and deeply moving, Charlize Theron gives a blistering, multi-award winning performance as Aileen Wuornos - America's first female serial killer - in a film that burrows deep beneath the tabloid-sized headline stories to the abusive neglect, doomed romance and lost opportunities that plagued Aileen's life.

Nearing suicidal despair, fate brings her together with kindred spirit Selby, a young woman throwing off the shackles of her oppressive upbringing. Desperate to keep their relationship alive, Aileen maintains her only means of income - a disastrous lifestyle of prostitution. Fuelled by an escalating fury, Aileen's life spirals into tragic circumstances, prompting a string of ill-fated killings, which leads America's media to designate their first female serial killer a true monster.


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