Monster energy drink 45p @ FarmFoods

Monster energy drink 45p @ FarmFoods

LocalFound 10th Oct 2013
monster energy drink at farm foods Hereford
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hot normally around £2 each
i see these last week, the smaller size, but good for 45p!
10p off standard price? It's ok.
Yea there the 250ml. I got a few other day. Just the right size to keep me from jumping off the walls.
Cold, you can get the 500ml cans at 4 for £3 in Premier newsagents.
Just the Jagermeister needed.
500ml cans are normally a quid in Asda, Tesco etc. This isn't that hot for half the size tbh.
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hot normally around £2 each

Meanwhile in London...
They are 2 for £1.80 500ml in Wilkinson.

They are £1 a can 50% of the time in Tesco / Asda etc. (Swapping with Relentless).

(Usually when they are full price they don't stock the 4 packs as well).
Don't really enjoy monster drinks but voted hot due to price
Taste like soap, good price though.

You don't believe that crap do you?
Hot! We had the small ones 3 for a £1 in our local (tredegar). in the garage where I work though their £1.19 a can for the Same size! So heat added from me!

Not quite the same as the worm in tequila but you only live once
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