Monster Energy Drink Can 500 ml (Pack of 24) £15 (Prime) / £19.75 (non-Prime) @ Amazon

Monster Energy Drink Can 500 ml (Pack of 24) £15 (Prime) / £19.75 (non-Prime) @ Amazon

Found 28th Jul 2017
OOS - But dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks.
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Nice little saving if you are an addict like me but I drink sugar free only.

Let's see how long before someone comments how bad these are for you whilst ignoring their tea/coffee/fag addiction or someone post some story of a 8 year-old who drank 4 as an example of how dangerous they age.
Is this drink same as Red Bull ir different I never unknowingly tried it before
No 8 year old story from me.

However, I did see a 4 year old down 8 in toys R Us once before being thrown out for smoking.

Ordered as a good deal and I had to use a £5 off voucher before my prime trial ended.
Asda and home bargains have had 8 packs of monster for £5 if you dont want to wait 2-4 weeks
I vote cold! Only a barbarian drinks monster hot....
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