Monster GameLink Component Video PS3 14.99 @ Play !
Monster GameLink Component Video PS3 14.99 @  Play !

Monster GameLink Component Video PS3 14.99 @ Play !

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Well, the official Sony component cable is between 17.99 and 19.99. This is for those who do not have HDMI ports or are using a HD PVR and need a component cable that produces great quality.

Monstar and Sony have extremely high reputations, both having extra shielded cables to prevent interference which causes ghosting and loss of quality in picture.


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Almo 45 quid on amazon.
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It's like that is it ? Cold HUH?

Well...you know WHAT ? Sir Cristiano Ronaldo would be ashamed of you guys.

happy back to 1

Mate it's not a bad deal but talking to yourself in your own topic (4 in a row!) will attract negative votes. Post the deal, it will often go cold in the early times then warm up. Sorted ;-)

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I'm still not happy with 7. This is a blockbusting jaw dropping powerhouse deal. Again, it's 45 quid on Amazon ! The official Sony PS3 one is 17.99 and it doesn't feature digital audio like this does.

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Ok. 14...improving. i'm still annoyed with you guys. And when I click checkout, it comes up with error. Does this mean it's a misprice, or anyone else not having this issue ?

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3 ? Are you kidding moi ? I went to a lot of trouble finding this deal. Now everyone here is kicking me, spitting on me, mocking me. Well, I tell you what lads, you can't stop what is an unstoppable force. at the end of the day, I have ordered the cable and consequently, am the winner here.

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-12? You having a laugh, ColdUKdeals?


Stop speaking to yourself you sado.

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NOT till someone enlightens moi as to why this hasn't hit 1000° yet.

Because it's Monster who aren't a very popular company in these parts due to (a) bullying other companies and (b) selling over-priced, over-hyped products.

You're funny :-D

Nice thread here. Monster is overpriced and I don't see audio cables. Better off just buying the official ones which are more or less the same price.
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