Monster high fusion frenzy doll £1.00 @ B&M instore

Monster high fusion frenzy doll £1.00 @ B&M instore

Found 27th Sep 2015
Went into local B&M (Charlton, London) and see this for ONLY £1.00!
My daughter loves these so from experience I know they are £9+ and thought this was an amazing price. Lady at checkout said all deals were nationwide but phone your local to make sure.
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Sorry about the picture I'm new to iPhones and the picture I took was too small so I zoomed out and screen shotted lol
Checking my local tomorrow thank you! Bargains to put away for Xmas gifts
Still 12.99 in Ipswich copdock today
Well I'm headed that way tomorrow and if they've got any ill pick up a few

Still 12.99 in Ipswich copdock today

I see a few different prices for the dolls but this one "fusion frenzy" was £1 I'm not sure why though as its very well made and dare u admit (pretty cool)...for a toy anyways...not that implant with toys...m better shut up as in digging myself a deeper hole here =\
good find, doubt there will be any left in my local mind.
Heat added! Going to nip to my local this morning but they never seem to have these deals- my daughter would love them
none in uttoxeter
Got one in Shipley today for £1
I got two for £2.99 in there a month or so ago and thought that was good!
None in Leicester, but thanks for sharing. Heat added ☺️
best to get item scanned ,the tills seem to know more than the staff !!
None in Crewe branch
They didn't have anymore but said they were clearing out the warehouse so check back tomorrow. This is from the same shop that has labels on their shelves where to put toys for example a sticker note saying "ugly old dolls" was posted below the steffi dolls
They are £6.99 in my local (Newtownabbey), just bought 8 of them @ lunch time!
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