Monster Hunter Generations 3DS Theme Giveaway @ IGN

Monster Hunter Generations 3DS Theme Giveaway @ IGN

Found 16th Jul 2016
IGN are giving away free Monster Hunter Generations 3DS home themes. Just follow the link and click the "Get theme" button and it will generate your code for you to input in the theme shop in your 3ds.
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Here's what it looks like when downloaded.
None left
OP, they had 5000 codes and started giving them out on 13/7/16, so I don't think there is much chance there would be any left by now!
Thanks for the heads up, but the codes are all away
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Sorry everyone when I posted this they still had some as I received a code, I didn't realize it was so close to being finished.
Why would it be a code instead of just making it available for free? Talk about stingy!
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