Monster Hunter World for Sony PlayStation £39 @ AO

Monster Hunter World for Sony PlayStation £39 @ AO

Found 17th Apr 2018
Key Features
Immersive action role-playing game
For ages 16+ so it’s not suitable for children
Single player and multiplayer game modes
PlayStation Plus subscription required to play online
Released on 26th January 2018
Product Overview
Track, pursue and kill titanic monsters in Capcom’s epic action-RPG, Monster Hunter: World for PlayStation 4. Voyage to a foreign land and quest alongside a diverse cast of characters as you attempt to track down and slay the elder dragons. Learn the behaviour of each beast and their unique weaknesses as you observe them in a range of habitats. Once you have the skills of a true hunter, team up with friends and the Monster Hunter community to combat colossal monsters together, earning rare loot to better equip yourself!

Don’t forget to pick up a PlayStation Plus subscription card to play with your friends online.

Age rating 16

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Well cold.
dan6661 h, 19 m ago

Well cold.

I can feel the ice all the way here sorry lads! My bad
Where's cheapest then please?
Badbear1 h, 36 m ago

Where's cheapest then please?

This probably is the cheapest, but that's not the point. £4 off the RRP on a game that's 3 months old isn't a good price or a "deal."

EDIT: Cheapest is at thegamecollection for £35.…752
Edited by: "tamaru" 17th Apr 2018
Surely any money off is a deal if it's something you want?
Badbear35 m ago

Surely any money off is a deal if it's something you want?

No. There are standards and benchmarks. £39 was considered a decent price for this game when it was a month old. Now that it's been 3 months, it's no longer a decent price, especially when there are other deals already on the site for considerably cheaper.
Edited by: "tamaru" 17th Apr 2018
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