Monster iCarPlay Wireless Plus - In Car iPod FM transmitter - Only £14.67 TKMaxx Next Cheapest £39

Monster iCarPlay Wireless Plus - In Car iPod FM transmitter - Only £14.67 TKMaxx Next Cheapest £39

Found 31st Jul 2009
Take Your iPod® for a Spin on Any FM Radio Station FM Radio Station*
And keep it charged up along the way.
Why fumble with CDs when you can play your iPod in the car on virtually any FM radio station*? Now you can do that and keep your iPod charged at the same timewith iCarPlay Wireless Plus.

Digital FM Tuner for Great Sound Anywhere
Programmable, backlit station presets make it fast and easy to set and change stations on the go. With some other FM transmitters, finding an FM frequency clear enough to play your iPod through can be toughespecially while driving through different areas and terrain. But since you can tune iCarPlay Wireless Plus to almost any FM station*, you have full FM tuning flexibility in getting the best sound, free of interference. Simply tune your car radio to any clear FM station, tune iCarPlay Wireless Plus to the same station, hit play on your iPod and youre ready to roll. Change presets any time you need a clearer station.

Stay Charged for the Whole Trip
For added flexibility and convenience, Monster Smart Digital Charging technology rapidly charges your iPod, then switches to a trickle charge to optimize its performance. It all makes iCarPlay Wireless Plus the best way to enjoy full stereo sound from your iPod in your car, no matter where your travels take you.

3 programmable favorite station preset buttons
Full FM tuning capability for clear sound anywhere*
24k gold contacts for optimum signal transfer and corrosion resistance
Smart Digital Charging for fast charges;maximizes battery life
Compatible with: iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Video, iPod Photo, iPod U2,iPod 4th Gen w/click wheel, iPod 3rd Gen w/dock

* Excluding 87.7MHz and 87.9MHz
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voted hot from me nice
I have had one of these and i must say they are rubbish, get loads of static interference and sound quality is crap, paid £5 for a cheap nasty one off eBay and it works much better than this. Good price for it though. Doesn't live up to the Monster Brand.
try deal extreme for much cheaper alternatives
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