Monster Jam - Crush It (XBOX ONE) £9.99 @ Game

Monster Jam - Crush It (XBOX ONE) £9.99 @ Game

Found 3rd Nov 2017
Choose your favourite official Monster Jam trucks such as Grave Digger, Max-D, Monster Mutt and many more. Take your favourite Monster Truck out of the stadium and into all new environment challenges. Exciting physic based challenges include skills, hill jump and stunt modes. All-new tracks that will test your skills to master speed and balance over insane jumps and obstacles or face ultimate destruction. Compete as a single player, versus or log into online leaderboards to earn bragging rights as the best Monster Jam truck driver and much, much more…

21 all new skill-game maps, in all-new forest, desert and polar environments Three modes / challenges for each map: Time, Survive and Stunt. A total of 63 skill challenges and 10 authentic events; Together that’s 73 levels to complete! All the Monster Trucks from the previous versions are upgraded to gen8 visual quality. Powered by industry leading game engine Unreal4 bringing you the highest industry quality visuals Main music produced by Deon Voss 30 Achievements / Trophies
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Not a bad stocking filler, is it any good?
I pre ordered this as my son is a massive monster jam fan. he's 4 and thinks it's great. its pretty easy so some might find it boring but we enjoyed it.
Think it's currently on sale for £6 digital from xbox store
This is on sale at the moment in xbox store. Price i cant mind
leechris827 m ago

This is on sale at the moment in xbox store. Price i cant mind

£6 - 75% off
Coming up at £17 for me
What am I doing wrong
Can’t find it cheap now boo hoo
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