Monster Munch Flamin Hot 15p a bag @ Home Bargains !!

Monster Munch Flamin Hot 15p a bag @ Home Bargains !!

Found 12th Oct 2010
I know there will be a lot of flamin hot lovers like myself out there and if you have a local Home Bargins then get down there and grab some only 15p a bag! (40g packets)
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Not sure why cold, its a great price for this size bag !!! Multipack bags are half this size !!!
its cold because its not pickled onion
hott i been paying 50p for these nearly every other day
they have pickled onion in my local 10p ! heat added
There might of been over flavours about but i wasn't in there for long
Wrong Picture, thats beef !
Got some of these the other day for 15p, bargain!
I got a box (30) of these yesterday
seen this deal many times my only problem is the greedy sods in both hull homebargain the first time i got a few of the big bags and the guy putting them out said he has 4 full boxes in the back for himself. they also do it when they have the big bags for 39p hiding them cheeky monkeys applying for a job their soon lol thats how you get the best deals
Flaming Hot!!!
I swear to God, the other day I had a packet of pickled onion Monster Munch and was confronted with just 5, yes FIVE, crisps staring back at me! I counted, which of course didn't take long. To say I felt cheated is an understatement.
mmm yum this is the best flavour!

god cold because you don't like the flavour!? a bit unreasonable and inconsiderate for others who do
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