Monsters (DVD) - £8.47 @ Amazon
Monsters (DVD) - £8.47 @ Amazon

Monsters (DVD) - £8.47 @ Amazon

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seems cheap for a VERY recent release?


Not that cheap, but the film is dire rubbish, more than 50p would be a rip-off IMO.

I'm glad I rented this as it was a massive let down. Even the romantic nonsense that forms the bulk of the film was absolute garbage. The fact that they fell for each other was more unbelievable than the fact there were alien monsters roaming around

I loved it, excellent film! But if you are expecting Independence Day 2 then yeah you'll probably think it's dire rubbish...

awww...I was so looking forward to this too.:(

I completely loved it too! It was brilliant. The whole thing was perfect.

This film was total shocking, not one bit of action in it. I like how on the front of the box it looks like there getting attacked from mad creatures etc, when basically the films just about the two of them walking about everywhere. Utter p*sh film, shocker!!! (in my opinion) Try it if you want but good luck ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Set the scene really well, then was soooo slow and ponderous

Couldnt wait for it to end... onto the next 'eaty monster' flick
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